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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#EditorPicks: 7 Gifts That Are Sustainable, Give Back and Reduce Waste

By Blair Stutz

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Holiday shopping always seems to sneak up on us and now with less than 20 days ‘till Christmas, it’s time to get our gifting rear in gear! Instead of giving a regular ol’ prezzie, why not gift your friends and fam with a gift that’s no waste, sustainable or gives back to an amazing cause? This month’s Editors Picks has our amazing team sharing what gifts they’ll be giving that focus on sustainability, giving back or reducing waste. Keep reading to see what tops our list this year!

Gracie Carroll, Editor-In-Chief

allbirds shoes light runners wool edit seven gift guide

“I often joke that over the past few year’s my shoe collection has gone from designer-filled to dad zone. Why? Because I now own a few pairs of shoes that are the exact same styles and brands that my dad owns too. Concerned? A little. But I also kind of love it. With our mutual interest in cozy comfort and sustainability, I knew the next shoe that would enter our coordinated collections would be from allbirds—the world’s most comfortable shoes that are also made with natural materials. This Christmas I’ve gifted him a matching pair of my favourite style – the super soft Wool Runners in Natural Black (with black sole) – but I would also recommend allbirds’ new Tree Tropper style that includes all three of their natural material innovations (soft Wool knit, a lighter Tree fiber fabric, and SweetFoam, the world’s first Sugarcane EVA foam) that retail for $165 CAD and can be purchased at allbirds.ca” @GracieCarroll

Blair Stutz, Assistant Editor

ardene starlight children's foundation ward and robes

Want to give the gift of comfort, joy and self expression this holiday season? This year, Ardene is donating a percentage of proceeds from slipper sales to Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada’s Ward + Robes who work to create unique hospital gowns for hospitalized teens who are unable to spend Christmas at home. Us fashion girls wouldn’t be caught dead in the same outfit over and over so why should a teen have to wear the same hospital gown as everyone else? Being able to show your individuality can make all the difference in self-esteem when your life is overcome with treatments, therapies and appointments. Even better, Ardene is pledging to raise $350,000 in slipper sales and $1 donations at checkout so this might just be the year to gift literally everyone you know with a new pair of fuzzy slips!” – @BlairAlex

Shaeleigh Afton, Head of Design

chic made consciously valencia gift guide edit seven

“IMO the only true sustainable choice is one that doesn’t contribute to producing more waste. No matter how eco friendly your fabrics are. So when I see brands that up-cycle and recycle materials that otherwise would have been left for dust they stand out. Toronto’s Chic Made Consciously released their latest collection of jewellery re-purposed from brass of unexploded landmines and bullet casings. My favourite piece for gifting (and myself TBH) would be the VALERIA $65. The simple design will carry through for years and will work with almost anyone’s personal style. Who doesn’t love a little neckline bling? The piece could look great solo but also as a layer stacked with more chains. Obviously the best part is the story, the team at CMC makes all of their products sustainably and ethically making it the perfect gift for the eco conscious men and women in your life.” – @ShaeleighAfton

Nina Gilmour, Contributing Editor

fairechid edit seven sustainable gifting

Faire Child is the future of fashion, not just because they make clothes for the next generation but because their outerwear is made of 100% recycled polyester and is 100% recyclable!!! Cute anoraks, rain pants, knapsacks and rain hats. Everything is waterproof, machine washable and Canadian made. If you want to give back to the planet this year get a little one in your life something from Faire Child and teach them about the value of taking care of our planet not just for ourselves but for centuries to come.” – @NinaGilmour

Kiki Athanas, Contributing Editor

alwaysxalways palm leaf yoga mat edit seven gift guide1

“Give the gift of palm leaf patterned ZEN this year with the gorgeous – and functional – yoga mat from ALWAYS X ALWAYS. It’s super thick and plush, which makes doing your headstands and crow poses (or let’s be real – savasana!) extra enjoyable and easy on your joints and feet. It also just so happens to be pretty enough to double as a rug in your boho cosmo pad, and spruce up your space. Of course, if you’re a traveller yogi and like to hit up the studios instead, feel free to take it with you – it even comes with a strap! As attractive to your eyes as it is to the environment with a 100% natural rubber base (so no slipping here!), it’s recyclable, renewable, biodegradable, and absolutely no PVC.” – @MeByKiki

Dana Dallal, Contributing Editor

bunz toronto giftit reduce waste edit seven

Reducing waste is something that’s always on my mind, but especially around the holidays. Thanks to Gracie posting about Bunz, it’s become my new go-to for a more sustainable way to source gifts this holiday season! Right now, BUNZ has the hashtag #GiftIt that’s being used to promote new and unused items available for trade that are ready to be gifted this holiday. What’s better than reducing waste and saving money? Plus, if you’re a Grinch like I am at Christmas, Bunz will help you avoid mall mayhem at this time of year, and you can use BTZ to shop at local businesses instead.” – @Mondays_Child_

Ama Scriver, Contributing Editor

allume daily grind edit seven cannabis gift guide

Allume is Quebec’s first pot-centric brand specifically catered to women. While they are fairly well known for their Chill Boxes, which are sent out monthly and packed full of 5-8 high-quality lifestyle cannabis goodies from established and emerging brands including rolling papers, pouches, ashtrays and more. But this Holiday, you need to add one of their “Daily Grind” Grinder Cards to your list. The company donates 10% of sales from the grinder cards to Cannabis Amnesty, and if that doesn’t lift your spirits – we don’t know what will!” – @AmaScriver

Happy Gifting!



(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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