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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

The Elderflower Frosé and Tequila Frosé Recipes You Need In Your Life

By Gracie Carroll

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Seeing ‘Rosé All Day‘ printed on a t-shirt, phone case, pillow or wine glass might make you gag a little, but, let’s face it: there are elements of living your best #basic life that are just too good to deny. The main one being, of course, the physical action of taking part in the ‘Rosé All Day’ lifestyle because it’s undeniably tasty af. And because sometimes it’s just plain fun to revel in being basic af with your girlfriends, we can’t think of anything better to make this weekend than some DIY homemade frosé recipes that you can enjoy together. 

Since we weren’t really sure if making frosé at home involved more than just sticking a bottle of rosé into the freezer, we turned to Montecito Restaurant‘s Sommelier, Heather McDougall, to share two killer frosé recipes with all of us. Keep reading for how to make Heather’s Strawberry Elderflower Frosé and Tequila Peach Frosé recipes!


Strawberry Elderflower Frosé

Serves 4

2 slushy cubes
6 oz. rosé wine
1 cup frozen strawberries
½ cup ice cubes
1 bottle of elderflower soda

For slushy cubes:
In a large cube ice tray, divide one bottle of rosé. Freeze overnight.


Add slushy cubes, rosé wine, ice cubes and frozen strawberries to your Vitamix, blend until almost smooth, and then slowly pour in the elderflower soda. Divide the mixture into your favourite rocks glasses, and garnish with fresh strawberries.


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Tequila Peach Frosé

Serves 4


2 slushy cubes

2 oz. reposado tequila

6 oz. rosé

1 cup frozen peaches

½ cup ice cubes

1 can of club soda

Slushy Cubes Recipe:
In a large cube ice tray, divide one bottle of rose. Freeze overnight.

Add slushy cubes, rosé, reposado tequila, ice cubes and frozen peaches to your Vitamix, blend until almost smooth, and then slowly pour in the can of club soda. Divide the mixture 

Happy Long Weekend!



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)


  1. I am always looking for new techniques to mix fruit with tequila as it tastes good. This is the reason I have been looking at these recipes on the internet to make this drink.

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