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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Equinox Toronto’s Justine Keyserlingk Shares Her Go-To Workout Playlist

By Gracie Carroll

Justine Keyserlingk Equinox toronto

Have you ever been in a workout class you just can’t get into because of the music? I certainly have, but that’s never been the case in one of Justine Keyselingk’s classes at Equinox Toronto. In fact, her music selection is so good all I can ever think about is “Oh My God! I love this song!!” or “Holy crap, this music is SO good!!” while spinning to the beat and dripping with sweat. While in many other spin classes (and I’ve been to a lot over the past 15 years of spinning) I’m prone to watching the clock tick by, Justine’s classes whip by thanks to her amazing music selection combined with challenging and dynamic programs. I’m serious. Every time I take one of Justine’s spin classes at the Equinox Bay Street location, I notice the amount of calories I burn in her class is so much higher than in any other.

I decided to reach out to Justine to find out more about her love for music and fitness, and got her to share her favourite go-to workout playlist for all of us to enjoy! See below for more from Justine:

equinox toronto

Equinox Toronto image via BlogTO

GC: The music you play during class is always amazing! Where did your love of music come from? Do you have a background in music?

JK: I’ve always used music to motivate me through my own workouts, or even just to get shit done. There is nothing like the perfect song to push you that extra mile, or to that next level you didn’t think you could get to.

GC: Who are some of your all time favourite artists and why?

JK: I definitely have a soft spot for Major Lazer and DJ Snake because they’ve always managed to keep their sound fresh and innovative. They’ve also made some killer remixes. Anything from Jax Jones has such a catchy beat that’s perfect for working out. Speaking of, Rihanna is the queen of catchy pop songs and has so many good ones that could fill an entire playlist. I’m a big remix junkie (as most of my clients know) so anything pop that’s been remixed with a great beat – I’m all over it!

GC: How do you determine what makes a good song for working out/your classes?

JK: First off, the song has to have a strong beat. Everyone can relate to that song that they can shake their head back and forth or tap their foot to. When I hear that perfect drop or steady pump in a song (depending on the kind of mood I’m trying to set) I know I’ve got a winner! Indoor cycling is probably my favourite class to teach because the music is such an integral part of setting the mood. It can help take you somewhere else, zone out, focus in… whatever it is for the individual that makes them want to work harder. I can see it in people’s faces and bodies – as soon as that beat drops, everyone automatically pushes harder. It’s pretty amazing what music can do for us, it’s very psychological in the best way!

GC: What song always gets you super pumped to workout?

JK: All the songs in my Go-To Workout Playlist pretty much all get me going. They are some of my go-tos for pushing myself and others through a tough workout.

GC: What can someone expect when they take one of your classes at equinox?

JK: They can expect to work hard – because I do teach challenging classes and encourage my participants to push themselves outside of their comfort zones. However I strive to make everyone feel successful in the end. My goal is to reach out to both the athlete in the room as well as the first timer who may have hesitated to come to class that day.

Whether it’s your first or 1000th class, hopefully you’ll be looking forward to the next one because of how much more amazing you feel compared to when you came in. Fitness plays such a huge part in our overall well-being, happiness and quality of life and it’s sort of my job to share this especially since teaching and fitness are my passions!

In a nutshell, they’ll be in for an upbeat, energetic class with positive vibes and killer music playing in the background. And even though I’m kicking your butt, I always do it in the nicest way, with a big smile on my face! Most of my participants and clients can attest to this I think.

Listen to Justine’s Go-To Workout Playlist below or click HERE to get it on Spotify!

Follow Justine on Instagram at @JustGetFit



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