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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Cookbooks To Dive Into This Fall Season

By Blair Stutz

If you ask me, there’s nothing better than cracking open a brand new cookbook. Whether it’s a long-awaited cookbook from a fave foodie author or a bargain buy from the thrift store, the thrill is real. Every year, when the fall season hits, new cookbooks are released. And while it’s always exciting, there’s something that feels different about the batch coming out this season. No matter if you’re more into cooking or baking, there are a few new fall cookbooks out there for you. Plus, there are even some vegan and zero-waste options, too!

Looking for some new and exciting recipes to try? Keep reading to see our list of most-awaited cookbooks this fall!

Conveniently Delicious

Conveniently Delicious cookbook

Coming to you from the founder of This Is Crumb and celebrated foodie and trained chef Devin Connell, Conveniently Delicious is all about cooking with spontaneity. A large chunk of cookbooks these days gives pages and pages of advice on meal prepping, but Devin wants to be free of a plan, and cook what she feels like eating right away. In her debut book, Devin will teach you how to have a well-stocked pantry and a kitchen filled with fresh produce, so that your options are virtually endless. 

Maman: The Cookbook

maman cookbook

If you’re a cafe lover, then it’s pretty likely that you’ve paid a visit to Maman in Toronto, Montreal, or NYC. As a freelancer, I’ve certainly spent some time camped out in the Toronto location. It’s a great place for not only catching up on some work but also digging into some casual light bites. Now, the Maman team has finally put out a cookbook so you can tuck into the bakery’s famous dishes and try out some new ones. In addition to the 100 recipes, founders Elisa and Benjamin also share some table-setting tips and entertaining ideas. 

Cravings: All Together

fall cookbooks release: cravings all together by chrissy teigen

She’s back! After two mega-successful cookbooks, Chrissy is back again with number three, and I cannot contain my excitement. Celebrity cookbook authors are fun and all, but I often find that the recipes sometimes lack in, well, everything. Not here and definitely not with Chrissy. She teamed up once again with Adeena Sussman — a cookbook veteran and chef in her own right. Chrissy’s recipes are comforting, inventive, and, most importantly, straightforward and easy to follow. Expect to fall hard for recipes like PB&J Stuffed French Toast and her mom Pepper’s Thai-Style Sloppy Joes!

Cook More, Waste Less

fall cookbooks release: cook more waste less

Canadian culinary icon and food stylist Christine Tizzard has long been passionate about reducing food waste. Her new book, Cook More, Waste Less, is packed full of tips on how to live gentler while still enjoying delicious recipes that hit the spot. Christine shares that implementing zero-waste techniques isn’t an all-or-nothing approach; it’s making small but impactful steps to start doing your part. 

That Sounds So Good

fall cookbooks: that sounds so good carla lalli music

Celebrated foodie and Bon Appetit queen, Carla, is back with her second soon-to-be best-selling cookbook. One can only imagine why it’s called That Sounds So Good is because that’s what you’ll be saying to yourself as you turn each page. While each recipe is a standout on its own, Carla’s keen to work with you; she’s provided ingredient swaps, so you don’t have to run out to the store mid-dinner rush. 

Vegan Comfort Cooking

fall cookbooks: vegan comfort cooking

If you’re someone who likens vegan cooking with no flavour and being boring, then prepare yourself for Vegan Comfort Cooking from best-selling author Jean Philippe Cyr of The Buddhist Chef. No matter if you lead a plant-based lifestyle or just want to eat less meat and dairy, these 75 recipes have you covered for bright, exciting, and filling meals every day of the week. 

Earth To Table Bakes

photo from Earth to Table Bakes cookbook

Ever wish you could bake with the guidance of a pastry chef? Well, once you crack open Earth To Table Bakes, you won’t have just one helping you along, but two. Longtime pastry chefs Bettina Schormann and Erin Schiestel are gifting readers recipes, which are designed for everyday baking at home, from real bakers. Get ready for tasty treats, like Salted Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies, Wild Blueberry Ginger Lattice Bars, and Strawberry Glazed Chai Cake Doughnuts to name a few. 

Cook Once Dinner Fix

fall cookbooks: cook once dinner fix

As someone who loves to cook, I’m seriously guilty of having far too many leftovers, but also not knowing what to do with them. Not anymore, because Cook Once Dinner Fix is next on my cookbook to-buy list. The 120 recipes in the book are thoughtfully designed to use leftovers from one recipe. The result is a book that answers the daily question of what’s for dinner in exciting and flavourful ways. 



(Story by Contributing Editor, Blair Stutz)

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