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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Starting 2022 Right? Here Are 7 Of Our Fave Planners And Journals For The New Year!

By Carmela Valencia

woman writing down on her journal

As a bujo and planner enthusiast, I love a good planner and journal that can help me feel like I’m on top of every aspect of my life. Planners aren’t just for putting down your daily schedules and tasks, it’s actually more than that. Now it’s used for mental wellness and even budgeting, too! It’s a catch-all for all of the aspects in your life you need to be on top of. And now that 2022 is about to start, and we’re now more busier than last year, we need planners now more than ever!

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Now since there aren’t that many planners that are efficient, has good design, and quality and introspective prompts, I took it upon myself to scour the web for the best planners and journals to start 2022 with!

Ready to start the new year with a fresh and organized perspective? Check out these 2022 planners and journals on our list!

MSTRPLN 2022 Dated Budget Planner

MSTRPLN 2022 planner by Aja Dang

via @mstrpln.co

For 2022, we love planners and journals that let us keep track of every aspect of our lives, especially our finances. If you don’t already know, MSTRPLN is from the mind of influencer and financial Youtuber Aja Dang, who shared her story of overcoming being broke and paying off debt. MSTRPLN is that planner for both your money AND life management needs. What I love about this is that it’s minimalistic and easy to navigated. Aside from the monthly and weekly budget sheets as well as monthly and weekly planning layouts, you’re also given weekly thought prompts for journaling, space for vision boarding, 20 more blank pages for anything you may want to write, and more!

Want a more flexible planner that still gives the same features? Check out MSTRPLN’s undated planner.

Artist of Life Workbook

2022 planners and journals - Artist of Life workbook by Lavendaire

The 2022 Artist of Life Workbook is a guided journal that helps you create an intentional year. While this is not a planner, it’s a great journal to use in conjunction with your planning system (whether it be a paper or digital planner). Serving as a “big picture” guide to help you envision and organize your plans for the year, this journal includes questions and exercises for self-discovery, self-love, goal setting, and so much more.

Weekly Reset Planner by Lavendaire

2022 planners and journals - Lavendaire Weekly Planner

If you’re familiar with weekly resets and are interested to do it this 2022, then the Lavendaire Weekly Reset Planner would be a great purchase even before the new year begins. This undated weekly planner is a tool that will best help you design a full and balanced life. What I love about this planner is that it has sections for you to prioritize your most important tasks, self-care, and habit tracking. At the end of each week, there’s also a reflection page with prompts for you to look back and assess the things that have happened, so you can start a fresh new week.

The Happy Planner Mini Dashboard Planner

2022 planners - mini dashboard planner from The Happy Planner

A small planner you can take anywhere and everywhere with you is a practical buy for the woman who’s always on the go. That’s why we can’t not mention The Happy Planner’s Mini Dashboard Planner. This dated 12-month planner has monthly calendars and weekly spreads, as well as a dashboard layout for each week for you to easily see all the important tasks and notes. Not to mention, we love the classic design of the planner’s monthly dividers! Oh, and the best part? You can refill and add pages, and reuse the planner for the next year too!

Wild Styled Classic Guided Journal

Wild Styled Classic journal

This classic guided journal from The Happy Planner is another great tool to help you prioritize yourself and your mental wellness. If you don’t know how to braindump but want to start, this has helpful daily and weekly prompts to get you started. With different prompts each day, journaling and self-reflection won’t be a bore.

Hemlock & Oak 2022 Signature Planner

Hemlock & Oak's 2022 Signature Planner

Hemlock & Oak is the only sustainable Canadian-made stationery company in Canada. After launching a successful Kickstarter in October 2020, the Signature Planner sold out in just two months! And with good reason. This planner looks very classic and minimal, yet it’s very effective. Inside is a joint weekly and daily spread, a monthly overview, a monthly planning prompt, end of the month reviews, pages for goals creation, self-reflection to start the year, and so many others! Oh, and a calendar for all the important dates happening in Canada and the US.

Looking for a more flexible planner? Check out Hemlock & Oak’s Undated Signature Planner!

Passion Planner Daily Undated Planner

sakura-coloured Passion Planner

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone regret purchasing a Passion Planner. Maybe it’s because its founder gets it — not having the right tool to take control of your life. What I love about the Passion Planner is that its planners has sections to help you prioritize and focus on what really matters. Like every other planner from this brand, this Daily Undated Planner has a Passion Roadmap page to help you define your goals and break them down to actionable steps; and a self check-in section per month with structured questions to guide you in assessing your progress and plan for the future. Another thing I love is that its daily layout has a separate section for work and personal to-do, so you don’t put your personal needs in the back burner.



(Story by Assistant Editor, Carmela Valencia)

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