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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Feeling Stressed AF? 7 Stress-Reducing Skin Care Products To Try

By Ainsley Smith

edit seven beauty products for no stress

It’s just one of those days: a horrible day at work, a stressful commute, a blowout with your bestie, or maybe it’s just stressing out about what’s going to go down on the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The bottom line is, it’s no secret that our lives can get stressful.

To help you feel a little more zen regardless of what’s stressing you out, we rounded up our favourite stress-reducing skin care products that will have you feeling more relaxed and calm almost instantly. This includes soothing oils, mists that will brighten your mood and a  number of quick-fix products that will help you relax and promote healthy, glowing skin in the process.

So light your favourite candle (or four), put on a face mask, spritz that cozy fragrance, and take some time to de-stress and unwind with at least one of these 7 skin care products for when you’re feeling stressed AF.


This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray edit seven beauty products for no stress

For those nights when you go to bed much later than usual, or after a stressful day, spritz this mist from This Works on your pillows and its natural, aromatherapeutic super blend of lavender, chamomile, and vetiver will calm both your mind and body. Overall this secret weapon will help reduce sleep-associated anxiety, improve your sleep quality and it will help you literally sleep like a baby #bless.

Edit Seven Pro Tip: Not falling asleep any time soon? Spritz this aromatic spray on your pulse points and the soothing scent of lavender will help calm your nerves.


Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion edit seven beauty products for no stress

Had a stressful night? This Sleepy Body Lotion from Lush is infused with calming lavender and tonka perfume, cocoa butter, and almond oil, so it lulls you to sleep as it deeply hydrates skin. Slather this all over before bed, and you’ll feel instantly relaxed and ready to drift off to la la land. Plus, you’ll wake up with soft, supple and hydrated skin.


Kora Organics Calming Lavender Mist

Kora Organics Calming Lavender Mist edit seven beauty products for no stress

Leave it to the effortlessly flawless Miranda Kerr to develop a product that will have you feeling as cool as a cucumber in under ten seconds. The Kora Organics Calming Lavender Mist will help you feel calm and at ease thanks to its delicate scent of lavender which is not only insanely relaxing, it also soothes tired skin. If that wasn’t enough reasons to stop what you’re doing and purchase this baby right now, it’s also certified organic, not tested on animals, vegan, fragrance-free, and is energized with Rose Quartz, which is believed to carry a soothing energy.


Herbivore Jade Facial Roller

herbivore botanicals jade roller edit seven beauty products for no stress

Pamper yourself after a long day by using a Jade Facial Roller. Rolling is a centuries-old technique used to de-puff, boost circulation and redefine the contours of your face, and this Jade roller from Herbivore Botanicals will take your skin firming game to the next level, not to mention rolling is highly effective at increasing oxygen levels in the skin, eliminating toxins and promoting facial relaxation.

Edit Seven Pro Tip: Try storing your roller in the fridge for a lovely cooling sensation.


Goop The Martini

Goop The Martini edit seven beauty products for no stress

There’s nothing quite like unwinding after a stressful day than with a hot, steamy bath. We recommend taking your bath from mediocre to meditation-ready with Goop’s The Martini, emotional detoxifying salts infused with three spiritually anointing oils, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood. When these three powerful ingredients fuse together, they will instantly take the edge off after a crazy day, help center your body and spirit and relax your neck and shoulders, where stress tends to build up the most.


Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist

Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist edit seven beauty products for no stress

For those work days that never seem to end, or for when your feeling stressed because you have a million things to do, this energy boosting spray from Origins will be your BFF. Not only is this spray ultra-refreshing, but it’s also infused with energizing coffee beans and Panax ginseng plus nutrient-rich pomegranate, meaning it helps optimize cell energy to keep you looking vibrant for longer – aka it’s the perfect pick-me-up for skin throughout the day.


Rodin Lavender Absolute Face Oil

rodin lavendar face oil edit seven beauty products for no stress

Melt away your stress and nourish stressed-out skin with this healing face oil from Rodin. Powered with natural ingredients like lavender, Vitamin C, and antioxidants, this soothing oil is ideal for evening or anytime you need to unwind. Not only will it help to relax the senses, it deeply nourishes the skin thanks to its combination of vitamins and oils leaving you with a supple and illuminated complexion.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Ainsley Smith)

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