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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Find Out How To Join The Adidas Movement in Toronto! #HereToCreate

By Gracie Carroll

GracieCarroll Adidas Toronto #HereToCreate

Although it was just over a year ago when I started to openly write about my personal #GCfit challenge to get myself back into great shape, fitness has always played a big part in my life. I definitely owe it to my parents for always making exercise a regular part of my routine, and one that always seemed fun and never like a chore. In fact I was just three years old when I put on my first pair of skis (which later resulted in a passion for skiing and snowboarding so strong that I considered moving to Quebec to ski professionally when I was a teenager) and I can only assume that’s when my love for extreme sports was triggered. From that early age, my life included everything from skiing, swimming, snowboarding, gymnastics, soccer, and even playing on the Field Hockey team in my Junior and Senior years of high school.

GracieCarroll Adidas Toronto #HereToCreate

As an adult, participating in team sports isn’t a part of my life anymore, but I make up for it by dedicating time in my jam-packed schedule to get my sweat on in inspiring group fitness classes throughout Toronto. Aside from the physical health benefits, I greatly rely on daily exercise for my mental health. It really doesn’t matter if I’m in a relaxing yoga class or a challenging bootcamp, exercise can help me focus, de-stress, feel happier and much more alert – which is why I regularly try to encourage my friends and followers to add any bit of exercise they can into even the busiest of days.

GracieCarroll Adidas Toronto #HereToCreate

Considering I am a mere fitness enthusiast and by no means a fitness expert, it makes me incredibly excited to get to make exercise a real part of my job. I can’t tell you how honoured I am to be named one of Adidas Canada‘s four Ambassadors for their #HereToCreate program and cannot wait to begin the weekly training program in Toronto this summer that you can join too!

Starting on May 12th 2016, Adidas will be hosting a weekly workout at Totum Life Science on King West in Downtown Toronto, every Thursday evening at 7pm. Although the first class has already filled up, be sure to put in a calendar reminder every Thursday to sign up for the following week’s class through HereToCreate.ca website because registration opens a week in advance.

You’ll be sure to see me there alongside fellow Ambassadors, Catriona Smart of Coco & Cowe, Jessica Mulroney and Christina Menssen of The Athletarian, sweating it out while #HereToCreate Adidas Head Coach, Julian Ho, puts us all through a dynamic workout each week. Trust me, you won’t want to miss these amazing FREE sessions that are happening all summer long!

GracieCarroll Adidas Toronto #HereToCreate

This week I’m looking forward to participating in the very first #HereToCreate training session to kick off the program with a private media preview. Be sure to follow along through my @GracieCarroll instagram and Twitter accounts – and by using the #HereToCreate + #GCfit hashtags – for the fastest updates, and I’ll be reporting back next week with what you can expect from the new Adidas workout series in Toronto!





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