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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#FounderFiles: Meet The Women Behind Organic Bedding Company, Tuck

By Gracie Carroll

Tuck Bedding co-founders

It’s no secret that sleep is the key to your health, but getting a good night’s sleep can take work.  It’s a commitment to sticking to good nighttime habits (going to bed early, less screen time, etc.) and working hard to fight off those bad habits (mindless scrolling, late night wine, Netflix binges, and so on.) As someone who, admittedly, has never been a good sleeper, and generally has pretty terrible bed-time habits, I have been putting more effort into making my bed an irresistible place that I want to spend as much time in as possible… and encourage myself to sleep, more. One thing that has made a huge difference in my life, has been investing in the best sheets I can find, and afford. Soft, breathable, luxurious sheets are such a game-changer and really do make a difference when you sleep. Plus, the right sheets can make your bed look incredibly beautiful too. When I came across the new Canadian organic bedding company, Tuck, I knew I need to try their sheets, and lear more about the founders behind the brand!

Keep reading to know more about Julia and Hallie, friends and cofounders of Tuck Bedding!

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Business Name: Tuck Bedding

Name and Title: Julia Reid and Hallie Gould, Co-Founders

Age: 37 and 36, respectively

Location: Toronto

Education: Both university-educated. Queen’s University (Julia); Bishop’s University (Hallie)

two women wrapped in bedding

Edit Seven: How or why did you get the idea for your business and what inspired you to start?

Julia Reid: It was something I decided to explore while I was on maternity leave with my second child. I was already rethinking my career [in finance] and decided to take on a project. I love bedding, so it was pretty fun to dream up and, in all honesty, I only half-thought I was actually going to pursue it. When things started to get serious, I called Hallie for her expertise.

Hallie Gould: Yes! Julia texted me one day with her ideaI was immediately intrigued. Those initial conversations turned into what you see today.

E7: Tell us more about tuck and your products. What makes you different or unique?

JR & HG: All of our beddings are made with a proprietary blend of sustainably sourced GOTS-certified organic cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell. This blend enhances the functionality and texture of our bedding, including improved colour retention, breathability, fabric strength, and, of course, is super soft. 

E7: What is your company goal and mission? 

JR & HG: Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality, sustainably manufactured bedding that’s super soft but also breathable.

E7: Why do you love what you do? 

JR: Honestly, it is such a departure from everything I’ve done, that I’m sincerely enjoying learning everything and tackling the challenges that come with it. I’m also really proud that we’ve created a beautiful product our customers seem to love as much as we do.  

HG: [I love] getting to be creative. Because it’s just me and Julia, we get to come up and execute any idea that we think of. It’s been so fun to see the enthusiasm we are met with when pitching our ideas to people or brands. It’s also interesting to see what works and what doesn’t.

tuck bedding

E7: What do you love most about the products you have created?  

JR: We’ve poured our heart and soul into these products. Every detail was consciously designed with our customers in mind.      

HG: The fiber blend we created for our bedding is proprietary to Tuck. I love that we are using sustainable materials (GOTS-certified organic cotton and TENCEL Lyocell).

E7: Does Tuck currently incorporate any community support or sustainability initiatives that we should know about?  

JR: We should highlight TENCEL™ because it’s the less well-known of the fibers we use in all products (the other being organic cotton). TENCEL™ is a fiber, lauded by the eco-textile industry for its botanic origin and sustainable manufacturing processes. It uses a closed-loop production process that recycles and reuses more than 99 percent of the process water and solvent it uses.

HG: We’re also looking into how we can effectively offset our carbon footprintstarting with shipping here in Canada. With Earth month right around the corner, we’re hoping to announce soon.

E7: What have been some of the biggest lessons and challenges you’ve encountered and learned from while running your business so far?

JR & HG: Time. Everything takes a lot longer than you expect, and it can get frustrating.

E7: What is your one piece of advice to someone in your industry who’s just starting out?

JR: I mean we’re still pretty fresh ourselves, but I would say just go for it. Get organized, write a business plan (it doesn’t have to be perfect), talk to everyone, and just start.  

HG: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I find that most people are very eager to help or connect you with someone who can, at any stage of the game.

tuck bedding in topdown view

E7: Do you practice a daily or regular ritual that you love?  

JR: I would love to say yes, but honestly not really. I have two small kids at home so they take up a lot of time outside of work. I do try to exercise regularly and get to bed at a reasonable time, but nothing particularly inspirational at the moment!

HG: Every morning I walk to the coffee shop at the end of my street for my morning drink. I realized recently I’ve been going there for almost eight years. It gets me out of the house and some fresh air in my lungs before I have to dig into any work. Lately, I’ve been trying to leave my phone at home during this time…but I haven’t perfected that part yet. 

E7: How do you stay balanced, organized, and motivated?  

JR: I think being able to prioritize is critical, because there will always be a never-ending list of to-dos. At the same time, knowing that you can’t do everything is also key. You need to feel good about crossing tasks off your list, even if it’s just one.

HG: Making a list each morning is my way of organizing my mind for the day. As Julia said, not everything will get done, but at least you don’t need to worry that you might forget about somethingit’s all there, and if things get pushed to the next day, so be it.


Julia and Hallie were kind enough to give Edit Seven readers 15% off all Tuck Bedding products! Make sure to enter discount code EDITSEVEN15 upon purchasing. This discount lasts for two weeks, so don’t miss your chance to get quality beddings for a discounted price!



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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