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24 Sep 2017


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By Gracie Carroll

Gift Your Toronto Love with Tonic Blooms x The Chic Canuck for V Day!

By Gracie Carroll

The countdown is on, and there’s only two more sleeps until the arrival of Valentine’s Day 2017. Even though everyone makes fun of me for it, Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favourite days to celebrate, even when I was single. I think it was because my mom would always surprise us with fun Valentine’s Day presents when we were growing up (and she still does now!), so the day always symbolized celebrating those you love, including your friends, family and lovers.

I’ve never been one for big, cheesy gifts, and a heart-shaped box of generic chocolates or a stuffed animal aren’t things I consider to be romantic gifts. To me, gifts should be meaningful, and thoughtful, and, of course, LOCAL when possible!

One thing I do always love getting on Valentine’s is a bouquet of beautiful fresh roses, which is why I’m so excited to announce that The Chic Canuck has partnered with Tonic Blooms to offer our all natural and multi-purpose #ChicBalm in their ‘Rosie‘ bundle that comes with gorgeous pink roses and a pack of squish candy.

So if time is running out and you’re still wondering what to get your Valentine, hurry up and get your order in for this exclusive package that’s only available from February 13 to 14, 2017! Everything will be delivered together on demand within Toronto and the GTA.

Click HERE to shop now.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!




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