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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Gifts To Give Your Best Friend Just Because

By Carmela Valencia

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We all have that one person who we turn to for anything and everything. Whether you need someone to air out all your grievances to, share your weird antics with, help you with trivial to significant decisions, or even just talk and laugh about nothing with, your BFF is the person for that. No matter if you talk every day or once a month, you know you’re both there for each other, no questions asked, and can comfortably pick up where you left off.

Because we’re so familiar with our best friends, and them being always there for us seems so normal, we may tend to forget or overlook their importance in our lives. Have you recently told them how grateful you are that they’re in your life? Share your appreciation for them the best way you know how. And, especially if your love language is through gifts, what better way to show them than giving your BFF something special?

There’s no need to have a special reason for you to gift something to your BFF; you can simply have a gift delivered to their doorstep just because. But, there is a need for your gift to be something special. And by that I mean it has to be something personal and unlike any other gift you’ve given to other people in your life. Special doesn’t have to mean over the top, though. A special gift can be something mundane yet holds a special meaning or memory to both of you.

Still having trouble looking for gifts that fit the description? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. I rounded up seven gifts, perfect to give your best friend. And, honestly, I would love to receive from mine!

Scented candle

scented candle gift bundle for your BFF

Perfect gift for: BFF who loves scents, relaxation, or the perfect ambiance

Who doesn’t love a good scented candle? It’s even better if the scent would remind your best friend of a memory you once shared together. Perhaps from a trip your whole gang went to when you were younger? A favourite hangout spot? You know your BFF best, and whether a scented candle takes them down memory lane or simply offers a pleasing ambiance, it would definitely be a special gift.

Matching sunnies

best friends modeling their sunnies from Bonlook

via @bonlook

Perfect gift for: BFF who collects sunglasses, loves the beach, or looks good in sunnies

I love it when my best friend and I are twinning, whether we’re wearing a similar top or shoes. But sometimes wearing the same outfit at the same time can be a bit of a fashion faux pas, too. One thing that you can wear at the same time and get away with? Matching sunnies!

Engraved friendship bracelet

engraved friendship bracelet from bluboho

Perfect gift for: soul sisters

Nothing says BFF deeper than a friendship bracelet. But gone are the days when we can pass off wearing handmade plastic beaded bracelets and, quite honestly, it won’t last. A 14-carat gold friendship bracelet will, though. It’s not just any other jewelry, though, you get to engrave and customize it, too!


activewear set from Knix to gift your best friend

Image via Knix

Perfect gift for: BFF who’s athletic, loves to exercise, or is planning to

Have a friend who’s planning to start exercising, but always gives excuses? Nothing says “I support your fitness journey” and “You can do it!” better than a set of pretty activewear. A friend gifted me once a set for my birthday, and I honestly loved it and it’s one of the reasons why I was motivated to start exercising again.

Sleepwear set

KIP. sleepwear set to gift your BFF

Perfect gift for: BFF who did sleepovers or still does, loves sleep, or elegant nightwear

Remember those times when you and your friends do sleepovers? Those are just the best. You get to do at-home spa and talk about anything and everything, then you realize it’s 4 am but you can’t seem to run out of conversation. It would be so nice to reminisce that time with your BFF. Let her know you miss those moments by giving her a set of sleepwear as a gift.

Clutch bag

clutch bag from Ela handbags

Perfect gift for: essentialist BFF, who loves to go on a night out, or loves fashion

You can never go wrong with giving your BFF a little black clutch. It’s elegant, functional, and versatile enough to go with both day and night looks, and even formal occasions!

Customized mini pillow

customized mini pillow from KIP.

Perfect gift for: BFF who loves sleep and home decor

Send your BFF to dreamland with this custom phrase mini pillow. Have your own catchphrase? An inside joke or phrase? A short message you want to give them?


Bonus: Your BFF into wines? Give her an amazing gift with more than just wine!



(Story by Assistant Editor, Carmela Valencia)

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