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24 Sep 2017


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By Gracie Carroll

Give To SickKids This Holiday at The Vaughan Mills Love Lock Wall

By Gracie Carroll

Gracie Carroll - Vaughan Mills Love Lock Wall for SickKids

My commitment to supporting SickKids comes from a very personal place. One that involves the loss of my baby cousin to a brain tumour nearly twenty years ago. As you can imagine, it was devastating to my family, and it’s still hard to think about it now as I work through the emotions, understanding and empathy I have as grown woman, rather than a little girl.

I feel very lucky that I haven’t had to spend time at SickKids for any friends or family members since then, and I’m always so grateful for the health and wellness of everyone I love.

When I opened up an email about the Vaughan Mills Love Lock Wall in support of SickKids, I was surprised to see a couple of familiar faces in the campaign video. It was two friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, sharing their story about their little baby Willa, and experience with SickKids.

Gracie Carroll - Vaughan Mills Love Lock Wall for SickKids

As you can imagine, I felt even more compelled to learn about the holiday initiative at Vaughan Mills that’s encouraging their mall visitors to ‘lock in their love’ and dedicate a donation to the SickKids Foundation.

I was so happy to reconnect with my friend Hilary – now one of the ambassadors for SickKids – and meet her healthy, happy and beautiful baby girl, Willa, at the media event for the Love Lock Wall. Willa was born two months early, but looking at this strong and smiley baby now, you’d never know that she had to spend so much of her early life at SickKids.

Gracie Carroll - Vaughan Mills Love Lock Wall for SickKids

So how does the Love Lock Wall at Vaughan Mills work? You can find it at the Sport Court (Entry 4A) where you can purchase a padlock and dedicate a message on it before hanging it on the wall. You can give back to SickKids at Vaughan Mills by purchasing a padlock (1 for $15 or 2 for $25), and as a thank you, you will receive a commemorative ‘Keypsake‘ necklace that you can wear or give to a special someone as a symbol of the heartfelt donation you made.

Gracie Carroll - Vaughan Mills Love Lock Wall for SickKids

The Love Lock Wall for SickKids will be at Vaughan Mills until December 24th, 2016, so if you’re heading out to do your holiday shopping, be sure to stop by and support a wonderful cause, and help Vaughan Mills reach their fundraising goal of $150,000. For more information please http://bit.ly/vmlockinyourlove




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