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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Giveaway Alert!! Fall In Love with Danier Leather!

By Gracie Carroll


Do you remember the first time you fell in love with Danier? For me it was when my friend Brooke showed up with silky smooth, real leather leggings that she’d scored at one of their sample sales back when we were in Fashion School at Ryerson. I had never before been so envious of two strips of leather.

But it was last year that I fell completely head over heals for the brand when they asked me to design my very own custom leather jacket. From start to finish the experience was truly one of a kind and my little blue jacket and I are now practically inseparable. See more of my #StyleShapers experience HERE.

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with Danier? Share your story about your first Danier memory, your first item, or your first in-store shopping experience in a comment below for your chance to win a $100 Danier gift card!

Once you’ve shared your story in a comment below, tweet: “I shared my @Danier_Leather love story for a chance to win a $100 gift card from @GracieCarroll! Read my story here http://graciecarroll.com/?p=8659

Contest opens February 3rd, winners will be chosen on the day of love, February 14th, 2014!

Good Luck!!




  1. My cousin visits your shop every year when she comes in from Europe and I end up driving her …..and the fetsish has begun….please don’t ask how many pieces I own as its now our tradition for the past 5 years….twice a year by the way 🙂

  2. The first item that I bought at Danier was a lovely ocean blue leather change purse. It squishes down when empty and expands when full. I have received many positive comments from salesclerks when I bring it out at the checkout counter.

  3. The first item that i bought @ Danier was a beautiful black leather jacket. It was such a beautiful soft leather jacket. Many people gave me so many beautiful comments.

  4. I fell in love with Danier a few years ago when I came upon a contest they were having for their leather bags. They were absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Many moons ago, my boyfriend (now husband) wanted a “biker” jacket.. hunted high and low for one, then enter Danier for the first time. I was scared as I figured it would be way out of my price range. I fell in love with a beautiful jacket! Low and behold we were both very happy that year.

  6. I fell in love with Danier when I was in high school and my mom bought me my first leather jacket from there. I felt like a grown-up!

  7. My first Danier experience was a few years ago when I visited the Danier store in the Sarnia mall. I was impressed with how many gorgeous leather products they had in their tiny store! Leather in all colours that was buttery soft. I knew these products would last a good long time based on how well they are made. They truly are quality made products. Although I didn’t buy anything my first visit, I got a good idea of what I wanted to add to my wish list!

    Tweet~ http://twitter.com/glogirl3/status/430544852515041280

  8. When I was in my teens I got a job working as a secret shopper. I could not believe how many gorgeous leather jackets there was. It was hard for me to keep at task from all the beautiful soft leather. I ended up buying my first black lamb fitted leather jacket 🙂

  9. I remember going to Danier while in high school, over 20 years ago. I saw an awesome leather jacket but didn’t have enough money to buy it. My mom was with me on that shopping trip and took note of the jacket I wanted. She SURPRISED me with it on my birthday the following month! I can’t believe I still have that jacket!!! I just love my mom.

    Tweet: https://twitter.com/loucheryl/status/430559594088505344

  10. To be quite honest, I cannot remember the first time I walked into a Danier store, nor can I recall the first time I slid my arms into a perfectly fitted jacket that – unlike any other jacket before it – made me fall in love. As a recent graduate, I have floated in and out of Danier stores simply browsing and brushing the soft leather as I longed to move from a student-budget to a working-girl salary so I could begin to pamper myself with coats, handbags and more. On a typical “I wish” shop through the Barrie, ON holiday stock, I stopped in my tracks when I saw the most perfect pair of gloves imaginable to a woman – I.Had.To.Have.Them. I remember picking them up, trying them on and admiring my hands in the soft, butter-like leather that encased them; slowly holding them up to show my favourite shopping partner (my mom) who’s eyes too lit up at their beauty. Not quite done Christmas shopping and on a new-grad budget, I parted ways with these gloves – the most perfect gloves I had ever seen – and dropped not-so-subtle hints to my loved ones. I think by now you know where this story is going…Christmas day came, and almost went, by the time I was given the final box under the Christmas tree that contained these perfect gloves. Everyday since, before leaving my house on the cold winter mornings, I slide my hands into my perfect gloves and exit the house with confidence and style. Oh and since then? I found it within my new-grad budget to add a hat, wallet and scarf to my collection: I cannot get enough!

  11. First Danier product I owned was a brown leather wallet that my cousin got for me for my birthday. I love the leathery texture and smell of my new wallet and I’m still using it till this day. Danier produces high quality and stylish products and I love shopping there!

  12. It was the year 2000. I had met Mr.Right, and wow, he was right! One of the first gifts he gave me, being the perfect man, was a matching skirt and jacket made of suede and leather. The dusty rose set, perfectly fit, was so soft and smelled so good, I was positive it was brand new. Come to find out, he had won it in a silent auction at the Salvation Army store! The puffed sleeves, the bodice fitted. It was stunning on me and everywhere I wore it, I was complimented and felt so beautiful!
    In 2002, on New Year’s Day with many more Danier items having flowed into our household and dozens more since, we married. I am living my happily ever after with my Prince Charming, and my wedding pictures of that blustery winter wedding day were perfect. I didn’t wear a white dress ……I wore my perfect dusty rose Danier leather skirt suit and never felt more beautiful!! I still wear it today, and it is timeless and as stunning now as it was then. My love for Danier is life long, and like my marriage to Mr.Right is stronger than ever!!!!

  13. Wow it was a long time ago when I really wanted a burgundy/wine colour leather jacket. So I would say about 20 yrs or so I made my dream a reality and walked into a Danier Store. Since then I bought 8 Leather jackets for me, 5 leather jackets for my husband , black leather pants, grey leather pants and at least 40 handbags. I was picked to help Danier with doing surveys , going to main office to give me opinion on new lines coming out which I use to love doing. Once they handed me a survey and sent me to a room full of handbags to tell them what I thought. I checked all of them, stitching, zippers etc, it was wonderful. I love Danier products all good and stylish,

  14. One year while desperately looking for a Christmas gift for my mom (the year I got my first job) I popped in to Danier to get her a wallet. Instead, I fell in love with a pair of bold, red, fitted leather gloves. I got her Christmas gift. I borrow it every fall. No, it’s not a wallet. 😉

  15. I fell in love with Danier when I bought my first leather jacket. Classic black and form-fitted, I still pull it out every Spring and Summer!

  16. My Danier love story starts with a black leather jacket I had my eye on forever! My mom finally caved and bought it for my 16th birthday and I never took it off.

  17. It’s true what they say — a cool leather jacket really does change your life. I had my eye on a fabulous brown leather biker jacket when I was younger, however, on a high-school student budget it’s hard to grab that cool leather jacket that you desire, especially a butter soft Danier jacket. Lucky for me I was spoiled enough to receive it for my 17th birthday from my mom – I was on top of the world and I wore it everywhere! Of course I still wear it to this day!

  18. My first experience with Danier was a handbag that my mom purchased for me for Christmas when in my early 20s. It was my first ever handbag. I loved it, great quality.

  19. My first experience was when i first started dating my hubby he had a leather jacket from Danier! Not sure but he may still have it 😛

  20. My first experience happened not long ago. My friend pulled me into Danier and I immediately fell in love with the softest and warmest beige scarf, which I immediately scooped up for my boyfriend. I liked it so much that I constantly “borrow” it from him 😉

  21. I bought my first leather jacket there. I found it on the clearance rack and had it for years. it had those hook and eye things in the front instead of buttons or zippers but it was a beautiful jacket.

  22. I fell in love and bought my first Danier Leather Jacket in my first year of college!! It was a black soft lamb leather jacket with a zipper on each of the sleeves! It was stunning! I don’t fit into it anymore so I gave it to my sister (which she wears all the time and adores!) Nobody can pass up a Danier Leather Jacket!!! I look forward to getting another one soon! Leather is so fab and ALWAYS in style!

  23. I got my first piece of danier when I was graduating high school. My parents bought me my first jacket, as I always wanted it but could never afford it.

  24. My first Danier leather experience was opening my birthday gift from my aunt!! She bought me a dark chocolate brown V-neck Danier leather jacket! Its adorable and I still wear it to this day. Its stunning and I can wear it in the spring, summer and fall. After that Danier birthday present I’ve been obsessed with Danier Leather and I truly have fallen in love with all their jackets, purses and accessories!

  25. I fell in love with Danier Leather when I bought my first slim fit BRIGHT red leather jacket!! I was actually just browsing not intending on buying a new jacket but as soon as I saw my first love hanging on the rack I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. It was GORGEOUS! I got complements from my friends, and coworkers. I never really thought that the colour red went well with my skin tone, but it really does! Ever since then Ive loved Danier great quality, and selection!!

  26. I honestly cannot remember a Danier moment!.I don`t think I have ever owned any ,or shopped at a store 🙁

  27. Years ago, Danier put a few items up for auction on ebay and I was thrilled when I won a stunning leather coat. I had to travel all over Toronto to get it but was absolutely thrilled when I picked it up at the Danier warehouse. I still have the piece and it has held up beautifully!

  28. I enjoy Danier’s service a lot, even though I live in Taiwan, 12100km away from their headquarter. My wife and I have purchased five Danier coats and jackets through Internet, my American colleagues and Canadian friends. Our first Danier merchandise was an Alyah (SKU103030074), color Sahara jacket in 2005. Danier offered overseas shipping at that moment and we were surprised to their incredible good service including faulty exchange. Addition to the jacket, the agency was so kind to send me lotion cream for leather maintenance. Thus I became one of Danier’s fans because of their great quality and service. I wish Danier could consider restarting overseas service, I also wish to visit Danier store myself in the near future!

  29. I enjoy Danier’s service a lot, even though I live in Taiwan, 12000km away from their headquarter. My wife and I have purchased five Danier coats and jackets through Internet, my American colleagues and Canadian friends. Our first Danier merchandise was an Alyah (SKU103030074), color Sahara jacket in 2005. Danier offered overseas shipping at that moment and we were surprised to their incredible good service including faulty exchange. Addition to the jacket, the agency was so kind to send me lotion cream for leather maintenance. Thus I became one of Danier’s fans because of their great quality and service. I wish Danier could consider restarting overseas service, I also wish to visit Danier store myself in the near future!

  30. My first Danier experience was last Christmas when I purchased a Danier gift card for my sister. She is a huge fan of Danier and leather in general so it was a great gift! She end up getting a lovely leather jacket!

    I tweeted!

  31. The first item I ever owned was a sweet leather jacket that my mom got me when I was a teen! Every since then, I love y cute leather jackets and Danier!

  32. My first Danier experience was when my grandma gave me a cute mini coin holder from Danier! I am still using it today and love it! =)

  33. I fell in love with my first leather jacket at Danier, about 15 years ago! I still have the jacket, which is perfect to dress up with or wear with jeans. It has never gone out of style and Danier is my go to store for leather!

  34. I was about 12 years old or so and my Mom surprised me with a Danier leather jacket as a gift. I wore that jacket almost every day for over 5 years. I am now in my mid twenties and I don’t have the opportunity of shopping often as I am an unemployed student living on a budget. If I were to win a gift card from Danier Leather I would purchase this jacket (style # 104030572) I could really use a new leather jacket in my wardrobe for future job interviews.
    Thanks Gracie Carroll + Danier Leather for this giveaway!
    Good Luck to all!
    Twitter: @MsJC_

  35. My first item from Danier was a brown leather jacket! I bought it a few years ago and I still wear it today! It fits me perfectly and is so comfortable! I absolutely love it and can’t wait to buy another jacket from Danier again!

  36. My mother always bought Danier purses which were amazing and fabulous and I loved when she let them tote them around the house. So when I was older, I went to Danier to look for a purse. Instead, I fell in love with this amazing turquoise blazer that I had to have. I had just started my first real job and dropped half my paycheque on it. I still wear it and it’s still one of my go-to pieces.

  37. About 8 years ago I told my husband I would love a pair of leather pants for Christmas, the sweet man bought me the pants, a leather jacket and leather mitts, I still have all those pieces ( that I wear separately from each other) and since then I have added quite the collection of jackets in lots of different colours

  38. I lost 50 pounds after the births of my two kids, and rewarded myself with my first leather jacket from Danier – alligator print! I still have it, and can still wear it, and am always complimented on it when I do! Needless to say, I have quite the Danier collection now! Happiness…. 🙂

  39. When I bought it (many years ago), my beautiful black leather jacket from Danier was the most expensive piece of clothing I had ever purchased for myself – and it was worth every penny.

  40. my first danier experience came from my boyfriend, who got me a leather jacket. first leather jacket I owned and it was from danier. isn’t that special? it kept me warm and looked nice

  41. When the store opened in Ajax, I fell in love with all the jackets and purses. The colour choices are amazing.

  42. My first leather jacket was from Danier and it was love at first sight. Danier has an amazing collection and always make its so hard to just want one item. I adore their colours and styles.

  43. My first Danier experience was when I went shopping with my girlfriend at the time (now my wife), who took me into the store and bought some leather products for herself. That same year, she got me a wallet from Danier.

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