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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#GranniesGoneWild: The Punta Cana Edition at AlSol Del Mar Cap Cana

By Gracie Carroll

Gracie Carroll - Sunwing Vacations - Punta Cana AlSol Del Mar Cap Cana

Would it be wrong to admit that I might actually enjoy travelling with my BFF more than my boyfriend? Don’t get me wrong, I love my man, and I really love when we actually get to go away together (it’s kinda rare), but, I think my girl Catherine Sugrue might be my travel soulmate.

Our travel love affair started last fall when Catherine asked if I’d be interested in joining her on a sailing trip in Maine. A little forward, perhaps, for our very first “travel date”, but my answer was a very quick “hell yeah”.

As we stepped onto the plane to head on our first adventure, we determined that we needed to come up with a suitable hashtag for our adventure; hence the birth of #GranniesGoneWild. Since then, our travels have taken us to Boston, Maine, Prince Edward County, and, most recently, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic with Sunwing Vacations.

Gracie Carroll - Sunwing Vacations - Punta Cana AlSol Del Mar Cap Cana

Our #GranniesGoneWild tag has received a healthy mix of reactions that mainly include, “You’re too young to be grannies!” and “OMG I want in on the next #GranniesGoneWild adventure”. In case you’re wondering, we chose this name to symbolize our interests while travelling which are: eating, sleeping and shopping. Y’all have lost your damn marbles if you think we would have any interest in partying at this point in our lives.

A last minute winter vacation down to Punta Cana courtesy of our friends at Sunwing Vacations was truly the cherry on top of the whirlwind of travel we experienced together at the end of 2017. In our true #GranniesGoneWild fashion, we were most excited about the opportunity to do absolutely nothing except eat, sleep and lay in the sun for five days straight, even if we were heading down to celebrate my #Dirty30 birthday.

For this trip we were booked in to AlSol Del Mar Cap Cana; a small and quiet all-inclusive resort that was absolutely perfect for what we wanted which was a week of quiet relaxation. If you are looking for a big resort with lots of entertainment, multiple pools, a gym, fun for your kids and a range of restaurants, I’ll tell ya right now that AlSol Del Mar isn’t going to be for you. If you are, however, looking for somewhere small, simple and quiet, then keep on reading.

Gracie Carroll - Sunwing Vacations - Punta Cana Alsol Del Mar Cap Cana

In my opinion, AlSol Del Mar Cap Cana is a perfect resort to book into for a last minute, quickie vacation if you’re in need of some serious R&R in the sun and heat. My favourite things about this resort were the pool (it’s fantastic), the staff (they make you feel like family), and the food (it’s fresh, and delicious). With not much to do at the resort, or in the surrounding areas (within a walkable distance), Catherine and I at first wondered what we would do to fill our days, but soon settled in very comfortably to the art of doing nothing when in paradise.

In fact, I would argue that booking into this type of resort is one of the best ways to actually relax on vacation, because it removes the distractions and the ability to busy yourself with activities that can end up taking away from your time to truly unwind and unplug. There’s no brain power used to decide which restaurant you should try that night because there is only one to choose from; no fomo when it comes to taking part in the evening entertainment because there is none. Of course, should you have the desire to adventure off the resort, the staff is always ready to help you book in for dinner at one of their sister properties, or book you in for any type of Sunwing Excursion your heart desires.

Gracie Carroll - Sunwing Vacations - Punta Cana AlSol Del Mar Cap Cana

So what exactly did we do in Punta Cana for five days straight? We swam, we tanned, we napped, we enjoyed cocktails at the swim up bar, and ate fresh grilled chicken salads from the pool-side bar every damn day. We took a lot of photos of each other because that’s what BFFs do, we fell in love with the resort chihuahua, Nacho Guacamole (seriously, that’s his real name), and were entertained endlessly by their caring and hilarious staff who felt like our friends by the end of the week. Oh, did I mention we also enjoyed our enormous double suite that we were upgraded to upon arrival? I mean, we even had a private jacuzzi and shower on our balcony!

With winter being as treacherous as it already is, there’s really no better time to take advantage of a last minute travel deal through Sunwing and get yourself to the sun and sand as soon as possible. And hey, if you’re boo can’t make it, call your BFF instead. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Thank you, Sunwing Vacations!



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