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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Hair Trends You’ll Want to Try Before 2021 Ends

By Carmela Valencia

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It seems like everyone and their mothers (mine included) are going for the popular hair trends this 2021. Who can blame them when the pandemic made us feel like our lives were at a standstill, and a new hairstyle is the only thing that can make us feel refreshed?

We’ve definitely seen a lot of women (especially on TikTok) go through radical hair changes, if not subtle hair cuts, at the beginning of the year. And, although we’re almost on the last quarter of 2021, it’s definitely not too late to join in on this hair trends wagon. I, myself, opted for a bright purple shadow roots hair trend just last month.

From the wolf cut hairstyle that we’ve seen dominate Tiktok, to the curtain bangs from Insta-women, we curated the seven biggest hair trends this 2021 that you wouldn’t want to pass.

Looking for some hair inspo to change your look before the year ends? Keep on reading to find out the best hair trend for you!

Curtain Bangs

hair trend - curtain bangs

We’ve seen this haircut dominate last year, but this doesn’t mean that this trend stayed in 2020. For anyone who wants to rock some bangs but is afraid it won’t look good on them, the curtain bangs are the best way to go! Let’s face it, you can never go wrong with curtain bangs; it frames your face perfectly, no matter your face shape. It’s versatile and long enough to style, especially if you decide bangs just aren’t for you. Plus, it goes with any other hairstyle you want to don.

Blunt Bob

2021 hair trends - blunt bob

This haircut is super low maintenance and easy to style! Especially if you don’t like going to the hair salon frequently or can’t be bothered with styling your hair, a blunt bob haircut is the way to go.

Audrey Hepburn Bangs

2021 hair trends - baby bangs / audrey hepburn bangs

I also like to call this Dakota Johnson bangs or, more popularly, baby bangs. I always thought it takes a lot of courage and styling to rock this hair trend — or maybe just a pretty face. It definitely looks great on girls with either sweet, soft features or rock and roll vibes (two polar extremes, right?). Oh, it would also look good on a wolf cut!

Wolf Cut

wolf cut trend

And here we have the wolf cut — a merge between a mullet and a shag — that dominated social media. This style is not for the weak of heart, I’ll tell you that. And it’s definitely not a feminine look girly-girls, like me, tend to rock.

But, after I unexpectedly got the cut (I told my hairdresser I wanted soft layers but instead got a wolf cut, to my shock) I realized it has its charms. This hair trend definitely needs styling to make it look this good, or else it would look flat in all the wrong places. But, what’s great about it is that you can style it in many ways possible. I find that I like mine better very curly; it has more personality. And also, it doesn’t conform to the feminine look society has placed upon women. I think it’s a style any woman should try at least once in their life!

Soft Layers

soft layered haircut

Looking for a chop but don’t want extreme change? Then, opt for some soft layers (also known as invisible layers). While you might think layers are so 2000, this cut is actually a modern take of the high-maintenance hairstyle. This is perfect for those who want to keep their hair long but still get that effortless texture and volume.

Bright and Pastel Hair

pastel and bright colors

Pink, blue, and purple hair are trending right now. What started with bleached bangs back in 2020 is now a full-fledged bright hair colour to express individuality. After a year and a half of the pandemic, people just wanted change and to be adventurous; get something new, and express their true colours.

Shadow Roots

2021 hair trends - shadow roots

Getting your hair bleached and coloured up to the roots will definitely be high maintenance, especially once it starts growing. Nothing is more drastic than grown-out roots, and no one has the time to frequently go to the salon every time their roots show (unless, of course, you’re a celeb). Getting shadow roots is the best way to prevent this problem and still enjoy your dyed hair.




(Story by Assistant Editor, Carmela Valencia)

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