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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Home Decor Ideas For Spring and Summer

By Carmela Valencia

Now that we’re in the spring season going towards summer, it’s time to redecorate our homes to fit the brightness of the seasons. Especially since we now spend most (if not the entirety) of our time in our homes, it’s only natural that we make our space jovial and emit that sense of positivity through our home decor. I’ve researched the top home decor trends that would likely dominate 2021, and among these, I picked seven home decor ideas that are perfect for a spring and summer redecoration.

Keep reading to learn more about the 7 home decor ideas you can incorporate in your spring and summer redecoration.  


In contrast to hygge living, friluftsliv is a Norwegian concept, which means “free air life” in English. Now that the air is turning warmer and flowers are blooming, it’s time to embrace the outdoor air. According to Etsy’s 2021 Trend report, this year will be all about creating connections to nature.

Here are some decor pieces you can incorporate to make use of this idea:

Outdoor Flameless Candles

outdoor decorative candles

West Elm ($15 to $180)

LED String Lights

LED string lights home decor

West Elm ($150)

Outdoor Lounge Set

outdoor lounge set home decor

West Elm ($399 to $799)

Plants and Floral Arrangements

If outdoor living isn’t a possibility for you, then bring the outdoors inside your home. Make use of the blooming flowers and indoor plants to decorate your home. If your home design is minimal and serene (think Japandi style), using flowers and plants as your key design for the season would be a great idea.

flower arrangement for spring home decor

via @kellywearstler

spring living room home decor

via @joybird

japandi-style spring home decor

via @interior_by_cho

Earth Tones

According to Houzz, the earth tone trend would continue its popularity this 2021. “Brown as an accent color works well to bring warmth to a palette heavy with [whites and grays],” designers say.

Here are some decor pieces you can incorporate to make use of this idea:

Ceramic Vases

ceramic vase set from West Elm

West Elm ($45 to $315)

Hand Painted Wall Clock

spring home decor wall clock from West Elm

West Elm ($156)

“Grasslands” Rug

earth-toned rug from Coming Soon New York

Coming Soon New York ($775)

Bright Pops of Color

Nothing screams spring and summer louder than a bright pop of color. There are a lot of creative ways you can incorporate pops of color into your home. It could be as simple as buying a colorful throw pillow for your living room or painting your wall (or your door) a bold color. For home decor ideas like this, you can be as creative as you want to be!

Colorful Graphic Pillows

outdoor pillows

West Elm ($134)

Colorful Abstract Prints

colorful abstract framed print

The Perfect Room ($1,825)

Accent Wall Paint

yellow shelf

via @dazeyden

Colorful Monochrome

If you look over Insta-designers’ feeds, you’ll notice how they aren’t afraid of bold colors. One trend we see going in style this year, if not only this season, is vibrant monochromatic rooms. Layer in with different shades of the same hue to make sure the room won’t feel flat.

monochrome yellow room

via @kellywearstler

via @dazeyden

home decor ideas - monochromatic yellow room

photo from Sheila Bridges Design

Art Furnitures

While most of us only used our spaces for sleep and shower, times are different now. Now we spend all of our time at home, and with that, we start to look for home pieces that are not only decorative but also multifunctional. As interior designer Martin Lawrence Bullard told Vogue, “In 2020 we learnt our lives are for living and need to be lived out in the best way we possibly can. Needless excess is out, functionality and duality in the home is in.”

Here are some decor pieces you can incorporate to make use of this idea:

Room Divider

modern decor room divider

Etsy ($125)

Multipurpose Vase

vase from West Elm

West Elm ($150)

Decorative Mirror

circum mirror from Coming Soon New York

Coming Soon New York ($365)

Textures, Wallpapers, and Patterns

According to interior designer Kathryn Ireland, “Real decorating is back in—colors, textures, a mix of old and new.” This is a sentiment interior designer Sheila Bridges agrees with. “Wallpaper and pattern play will continue to dominate […] Everyone can be transported through the use of pattern and color (muted and grounded shades mixed with brighter and more hopeful colors like yellows or bright greens).” Give life to your space by making use of wallpapers and patterns, and adding textures—like rugs and curtains.



Sheila Bridges Design ($300)

Textured Curtain

spring curtain from west elm

West Elm ($164 to $447)

Pattern Wall

patterned pineapple wall as spring home decor

via @dazeyden




(Story by Assistant Editor, Carmela Valencia)


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