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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

How I Found Myself Again With The MISFITSTUDIO 30-Day Challenge

By Blair Stutz

misfit studio toronto ossington queen edit seven 2018

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost who you are? Maybe not entirely, but slowly somehow you’ve shifted and all of a sudden something happens and you think, “who have I become?”

Now, I don’t mean this in a dramatic, take-a-long-hard-look-in-the-mirror type of way, but in my case, I was dating someone and wanted to be what they wanted so bad. Slowly, over time, I shape-shifted into what I thought that was. I hardly noticed I was doing it at all until one day the rug was ripped so suddenly out from underneath me and all I was left with was myself. This different version of me who I didn’t recognize and frankly didn’t like that much.

Friends told me I was better off, that I deserved better but all I could think about was how I changed so much of myself to fit someone else. I was mortified and felt so totally embarrassed and just, well, lost.

Sad and broken, I found myself on the floor of MISFITSTUDIO for the first time just days after our break up. Little did I know, this fitness studio would be the place to save me, and help put me back together.

misfit studio toronto ossington queen edit seven 2018

(Misfit Queen)

MISFITSTUDIO is no ordinary Toronto fitness studio, and here are some reasons why: their Queen Street location is on the top floor of an old church, the windows there are filled with stained glass, on Ossington (their second location) it’s plant heaven. You’re greeted by the ultra-soothing and cleansing smell of palo santo, and nearly every class starts with an instructor sharing pieces of information about the astrological state of our universe, and how it’s currently affecting our minds and bodies. There are no mirrors in the studios so you’re not worrying about what you look like while in downward-facing dog and the instructors are welcoming, kind, and actually interested in knowing your name. You’re more than just a face in a pilates class.

misfit studio toronto ossington queen edit seven 2018

(Misfit Ossington)

It would be easy to sit there and roll your eyes and be a skeptic, but honestly the power is real and it shook me to my core. The first class I did was Get Shifted and it couldn’t have been a more perfect introduction to the MISFITMETHOD. The class centres around sweating out what’s no longer serving you–complete with jumping jacks, dance-like movement and strengthening mat work. It was not only an amazing workout but I felt my energy and spirit had actually shifted, in the right direction this time.

When MISFIT offered me a spot in their 30-Day Challenge, I knew my stars had aligned and I had to give it a go. I visited MISFITSTUDIO’s two locations so often it felt like I lived on the Queen streetcar and didn’t even mind it one bit. I tried as many classes as I could; like Get Sweaty Bosu (a super fun step-class on a bosu ball), Fusion (a really great blend of yoga, pilates and dance), Get Worked (lots of upper body work), Get Lifted (a full body Pilates workout), Essentrics (strengthening through stretching), Get Cheeky (major glute work) and I even did my first Reformer class, Get Pumped, with founder Amber Joliat. I also did some of their online videos when I couldn’t make it to a class and even just doing a quickie 15 minute video takes your day to a whole new level.

misfit studio toronto ossington queen edit seven 2018

I can honestly tell you, I’ve never felt more balanced and more at peace in my life. Getting in some mindful movement everyday has amazing benefits and apart from the “getting fit” part of working out, I just feel whole again. My spirit has lightened and I feel stronger in both mind and body. I owe MISFITSTUDIO a huge thank you for not only helping me get back to myself but helping me find a better version of who I was before. As someone who never really felt like she fit in, I feel like I found my place as a MISFIT and that’s something I’ll wear proudly forever.

With Love



(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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