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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

How I’m Preparing For Motherhood (Without Breaking The Bank)

By Gracie Carroll


If you caught my recent post that shared on my journey through pregnancy so far, you’ll know it hasn’t exactly been an easy ride. Thankfully, things have been going well since then and I’ve finally had a chance to feel more confident about beginning to prepare for the arrival of #BabyG this summer.

Of course, beyond preparing mentally for the arrival of a newborn, comes the realisation that there are a lot of baby-related items your home needs to be ready for a baby’s arrival too. Although I’m definitely a believer in the “less is more” mindset when it comes to baby items (some moms have reassured me that “babies really don’t need a lot”), there are still quite a few items you can’t avoid getting, and they often come with a hefty price tag–I sure got a wake up call when I started looking at the prices of strollers and cribs I liked!

However, I’m on a mission to make smart choices with the limited budget that I have, because I do believe that preparing for motherhood without breaking the bank is possible. Sometimes, you just have to get creative and do your research, but, thankfully, sites like RetailMeNot.ca make it easy to shop the best deals and discounts in one hub. As an avid deal hunter, this is a site I often like to check to see who’s got the best offers that I can shop online or in person.

From helpful home items to groceries and travel, here are some of the best deals from some of my favourite retailers that I found through RetailMeNot.ca. Preparing for a baby or not, these deals from the some of the country’s best retailers are helpful for everyone! After all, who doesn’t like saving money?

Keep reading for great deals from 7 of my favourite retailers on RetailMeNot.ca: 

$10 Off Your $40+ Purchase at Well.ca 

well.ca discounts

Image via @WellDotCA

An amazing online source for everything from organic skincare to wellness items, Well.ca is one of my go-to sites for stocking up on clean and green items from my household. I love that you can trust their selection of high quality and environmentally conscious brands and products for everything from your household cleaning products to vitamins. Seriously, they’ve got everything! Through RetailMeNot.ca you can save $10 off your purchase of $40 or more.


Up To 40% Off Hotels.com (+ An Extra 10% Off!)

air canada flight sale

Dreaming of a babymoon before baby comes? Yeah, me too! Personally, I’m finding it hard to justify splurging on a vacation when I feel like I should be trying to save as much money as possible, and prepare for everything we need to buy in preparation for our baby’s arrival. Saying that, I know how important it is to take time to relax and connect with your partner before everything changes, so it’s always worth checking out what deals are on! Currently you can get up to 40% off through Hotels.com Canada PLUS an extra 10% off when you use this code.


$10 off Your Purchase at Hudson’s Bay

hudsons bay deals

Image via @HudsonsBay

As if I need to sell anyone living in Canada on Hudson’s Bay, this department store is a go-to for pretty much everyone. I always love that I can shop for almost anything and everything from my wardrobe to bedding and home appliances, often getting a great deal on whatever it is I’m in need of at the same time. While Hudson’s Bay often hosts great sales, it never hurts to get a little bonus deal even when items aren’t on sale so don’t miss out on getting $10 off your purchase of $50+ when you sign up for their newsletter.


55% Off Your First Hello Fresh Order

get fresh promo code

Image via @HelloFreshCa

Even as someone who loves to cook, I know how hard it can be excited about making a meal some days–it can be a lot of work! I’ve used Hello Fresh before and love how fun and easy they make it to get creative in the kitchen and eat healthy. I think this type of no-nonsense (and far more convenient) cooking will be incredibly handy once #BabyG arrives. If you haven’t tried Hello Fresh before, don’t miss your chance to get 3 free plates as a new customer using this code.


Up to 60% Sale Items at Indigo

indigo sale

Image via @Indigo

Indigo has quickly become my go-to source for baby items. Not only do they (obviously) have the best selection in baby books, but they have adorable clothing and toys, as well as bigger items (think strollers and cribs!) available through their newly expanded baby section and registry. If you’re shopping on a dime, you can also score great items (from all of their departments!) a up to 60% off during their sale. Plus, you can use this code to get 10% your purchase of $50 or more!



20% Off One In-Store Purchase at Bed, Bath & Beyond

bed bath and beyond discount

Image via @BedBathandBeyondCA

Now in my thirties (and soon to be a mama) means that these days I get excited aobut things like fancy vacuums and kitchen appliances. Like, literally more excited than getting to buy designer shoes. How times have changed! Bed, Bath & Beyond is always such a great one-stop-shop for, well, everything from your bedroom to bathroom and beyond! If there’s something you’ve got your eye on, don’t miss out on scoring 20% off your purchase when you use this deal in-store and sign up for their newsletter.


$10 off PC Express Delivery

PC Express Delivery discount code

Image via @PresChoice

As a busy entrepreneur who is preparing to get way busier once baby arrives, I’m all about convenience. When getting to a grocery store in person isn’t an option, I love using a home delivery service so I don’t have to worry about it. I honestly can’t even imagine how much more helpful that will be when I have a baby to take care of! Because grocery delivery is even better when you get a discount, be sure to scoop up the $10 off deal when you use PC express delivery. Bonus! You can also use the same code to get $10 off delivery orders from Real Canadian Superstore.



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)


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