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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

How to Bring Goth to Your Everyday Wardrobe

By Carmela Valencia

How to Bring Goth to Your Everyday Wardrobe

Goth fashion has been trending for a while now. Just look at the runway collections from design houses these past few years, not to mention the TikTok and Instagram subcultures right now. Seeing these makes me reminisce about my fashion sense back in high school, circa 2009 to 2013, wherein my wardrobe pieces included red-and-black striped knee-high socks, fishnet stockings and gloves (in black and purple), and my song choices revolved around Paramore, Tokio Hotel, and Hey Monday to name a few (let’s add in Demi Lovato’s 2008 and 2009 albums because I love the songs and it’s basically softcore punk rock). Oh, the memories! I still listen to the songs and rock out in my room once in a while, but if you look at my closet now you would probably think I was never an emo-goth. Although they aren’t my style now, it’s definitely something I would like to revisit and subtly include in my current day-to-day wardrobe. 

With the reemergence of the Goth subculture and its many cousins, plus new versions of it, I realized there are ways I can incorporate my past style into my current everyday wardrobe. After all, what is fashion without playing around with style choices? 

Here are 7 ways you can incorporate Goth fashion pieces into your everyday wardrobe style. Keep reading to find out!

Cinchers and Corsets

belt cinchers and corsets for goth wardrobe

Trivium underbust corset; Creepy Yeha waist cincher; Trivium overbust corset w/attached neck gear;

Wear them as is or over an oversized shirt or dress shirt. Layer with a choker and pair with platforms if you want to commit to the look. The key here is to wear either monochrome colors or black and white.



Creepy Yeha pearl choker, clear & silver choker, blush & gold choker; Noctex chain choker

When talking about Goth fashion, we can’t leave chokers behind; it’s a staple piece to this look. If you’re thinking the thick leather necklace is so last year, there are a variety of choker styles you can choose from! Try a pastel-colored or clear choker and pair them with a dress shirt layered under a corset or waist cincher. You could also look for chunky chain chokers and layer them over a turtleneck. The style choices are endless!

Victorian-style collars and outerwear

Simone Rocha jacket, LV collar for goth wardrobe

Louis Vuitton ruff collar; Simone Rocha jacket

Channel and show your inner Gothic Lolita with the right Victorian-style clothing. Think collars and puffy sleeves (just picture Lili from Tekken but in color black). With the right collar and jacket, or coat, you can pull off the subtle Gothic Lolita look.


women wearing fishnet tops and dresses

Tripp NYC fishnet crop top, q mesh dress

Fishnets aren’t used just for hosieries anymore. They’re now versatile wardrobe pieces you can layer over bras, bodysuits, or short dresses, and under loose dresses, shorts, and skirts. Just look at how it was styled in Longchamp’s Spring 2021 runway.


black belt harness and bra harness with white clothing

ASOS harness belt; Bordelle harness bra; Simone Rocha tulle sculpted top

You can never go wrong with pairing this Gothic piece with a crop top, oversized shirt, or dress. Feel like bringing Goth into the office? Layer your harness underneath your blazer suit.

Frilly socks and platform boots

casual outfit with lace socks and platform shoes

Liquid Brand t-shirt; Gucci denim shorts; KOI Footwear loafers; Demonia platform sandals

With a simple accessory, like a pair of frilly socks and platform shoes (whether it’s boots or sandals), you can subtly pay homage to Goth fashion. 

Dark lips

rare beauty and fenty beauty lipsticks

Fenty Beauty longwear lip color; Rare Beauty matte lip cream

Wanna take the easy route? Wear dark lipstick. Your Goth wardrobe style isn’t truly complete without the makeup look. Look for shades in dark red, brown, and even dark purple.




(Story by Assistant Editor, Carmela Valencia)

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