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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

How To Create A DIY Wellness Retreat At Your Cottage This Weekend

By Blair Stutz

canada day cottage wellness retreat edit seven toronto 2018

You know summer’s officially here when the Canada Day long weekend hits and we are low key excited because what’s better than a long weekend where you can relax and unwind up north by the lake or beach? To help you get zen and totally chilled out, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to transform your cottage into your own little DIY wellness retreat because #selfcare is real (and 100% necessary even if you can’t ball out like Queen Gwyneth Paltrow).

Whether you’re taking some time to shut off and re-connect with yourself, or looking for a way to entertain your girlfriends this weekend, here are our top picks for what you need to¬† create your own wellness retreat at home, or at your cottage, this weekend.

For Mindful Listening

canada day cottage wellness retreat edit seven toronto 2018

Playlist Escape: Whether you need a little background music while prepping dinner or you’re in dance party mode, a playlist mixed with classic tunes and new pop is key! Who knows, you may rediscover an old fave or find your new jam! Our pick is our E7 Escape playlist that’s live now on Spotify.

Meditation Guide: Even if you don’t have a cottage, you can still clear your mind and find a little peace among the chaos of life with the help of a guided meditation. Simply close your eyes and press play and prepare to be left feeling all sorts of chill! Our pick is Gabby Bernstein’s¬†guided meditations that are free, click HERE to listen!

Zen Podcast: Anxiety, self-doubt and negative thoughts have no place in your life, let alone at the cottage so switch on a podcast that’ll help eliminate them. Not only are you truly doing something for yourself but you’ll feel recharged and relaxed – the ultimate in #selfcare! Our Pick is Chel Hamilton’s Meditation Minis that are free, click HERE to listen.

Badass Speakers: Of course you can listen to podcasts and tunage on your laptop/phone but the best sound comes from actual speakers. These speakers also have LED lights that you can customize for your very own light show + they’re waterproof too so no worries when a few waves splash on the dock or beach! Our pick is the JBL Pulse Speakers that retail for $269, click HERE to shop!

For Eating Beautifully 

canada day cottage wellness retreat edit seven toronto 2018

Matcha Tea: If you’re thinking of trying to cut back or even cut out coffee from your day, it might be time to try matcha. We love blending a few teaspoons of matcha with our favourite nut milk for a super frothy treat that can even be poured over ice on hot summer days. Our pick is Matcha Ninja’s¬†70g pouch that retails for $46, click HERE to shop!

Wellness Cookbook: What could be better than a delicious and healthy meal up at the cottage? We’re always after cookbooks that promise good eats and nutrition that ensures glowing skin and gut health. A wellness¬†cookbook is perf to have on hand at the cottage where you have extra time to do some stress free cooking. Our Pick is The Beauty Chef¬†Cookbook that retails for $50, click HERE to shop!

Lion’s Mane Elixir: Looking for a little more focus in your life? Yeah, us too and when coffee or matcha won’t do it, we turn to Lion’s Mane–a mushroom that¬†helps support memory and concentration. Simply mix the powder with¬†hot water, tea, coffee or your fave smoothie and drink up! Our pick is Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Elixir Mix that retails for $49, click HERE to shop.

Supercharged Formula: Need a little help getting in that chill cottage frame of mind? We recommend trying Spirit Dust that once added to¬†any hot or cold liquid,¬†helps you unwind, expand peaceful awareness and align with bliss — sign us up! Our pick is Moon Juice’s Spirit Dust that retails for $38, click HERE to shop.

Turmeric: Known for all its health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is everywhere these days and for good reason. The uses for turmeric are endless with it turning up in DIY face masks, turmeric lattes and of course cooking! Our pick is Shot of Gold Turmeric Powder that retail for $12, click HERE to pre-order.

For Movement Essentials

canada day cottage wellness retreat edit seven toronto 2018

A Fun Yoga Mat: We adore yoga and what could be better than morning or sunset yoga right at the cottage or even by the lake? Yoga is amazing for not only stretching but clearing your mind of stressers or negativity and even if you aren’t the world’s best yogi, just sitting on the mat with your eyes closed counts as something, right? Our pick is Always x Always¬†Palm Leaf Yoga Mat that retails for $125, click HERE to shop.

Hot Workout Gear: It’s a known fact that when you look good, you feel good and what feels better than rocking a black velvet body suit? Doing your morning yoga/meditation is amazing but doing it in workout wear that makes you feel amazing and sexy is even better! Our pick is the MISFITSTUDIO x Fortnight Lingerie Racer Bodysuit that retails for $98, click HERE to shop.

All-Purpose Mist: We live for face mists and sprays of any and all kinds and ones that are dual purpose are even better! Refreshing with a spray made with all natural ingredients like tea tree oil and eucalyptus does wonders after spending time in the sun and we love that this baby¬†can even clean your mat with it too. Our Pick is Happy Spritz’s¬†Namaste Ninja¬†that retails for $32, click HERE to shop from TO’s Cure Apothecary!

Tranquil Comfort: Looking for a little more comfort while doing yoga or stretches? A bolster is just what you need for extra support for your back or even your booty if you’re doing yoga on the dock. Our pick is Manduka’s Rectangular Bolster that retails for $90, click HERE to shop!

A Great Workout: Here at #TeamE7, we’re totally fitness obsessed so we couldn’t go a whole weekend without breaking a little sweat. When we can’t make it to a class, we turn to workout videos from our fave studios! Our pick is MISFITSTUDIO’s workout videos that retail for $14.95/month after the free trial, click HERE to watch!

For a Holistic Haven

canada day cottage wellness retreat edit seven toronto 2018

Healing Crystals: Align your chakras and reap the benefits that crystals offer like helping you feel balanced, grounded and calm to name a few. Simply carry these crystals where ever you go or re-align chakras by placing each crystal on its corresponding chakra. Our pick is goop’s Medicine Bag that retails for $113, click HERE to shop.

Space Cleansers: One of the world’s oldest and most traditional acts of wellness is burning palo santo which is a type of incense. Super calming and amazing for cleansing any space and uplifting your mood, the benefits of this baby are countless! Our pick is Woodlot palo santo that retails for $12, click HERE to shop.

Calming Candle: There’s just something about sparking a candle that is instantly mood lifting, right? Feeling that warm glow and experiencing a beautiful and complex scent is so relaxing and pairing that with a good book and cup of tea? Sign us up! Our pick is the Byredo Safran Candle that retails for $120, click HERE to shop.

Soothing Glow: Turn off that bright reading lamp and get glowing with a salt lamp that’s all about purifying the air around you and emitting negative ions to cleanse and naturally dilute odours. We love that this salt lamp is not only portable but plugs into your computer too! Our pick is the Himalayan Glow USB Ionic Salt Lamp that retails for $26, click HERE to shop.

Relaxing Incense: Lift tension and start to unwind with the help of lavender incense that burns slow and instills calmness. What could honestly be better than a night spent reading or snuggling up with bae with chill incense burning?Our pick is¬†Province Apothecary’s Lavender Essential Oil Incense that retails for $16, click HERE to shop!

For Activity Based Wellness

canada day cottage wellness retreat edit seven toronto 2018

Journaling: Taking a few minutes every morning and night to write down what you’re grateful really helps count your blessings, even if they don’t seem that major. Life is so beautiful and this journal gives us the reminder to appreciate it and to never take it for granted. Our pick is The Five Minute Journal that retails for $26, click HERE to shop!

Tarot Reading: Unfamiliar territory for some but don’t let that stop you from doing something new at the weekend.¬†Harness the myth and¬†magic of the stars with a tarot deck and let the constellations tell you a story! Our pick is the Black and The Moon¬†Compendium Of Constellations Oracle Deck that retails for $50, click HERE to shop.

Palm Reading: Speaking of trying new things, why not try your hand (get it?) at palm reading! Through the lines on the hand, this ancient art predicts the future and teaches you how to give an indepth reading. Our pick is¬†Palm Reading: A Little Guide To Life’s Secrets that retails for $6, click HERE to shop.

For The Home Spa

canada day cottage wellness retreat edit seven toronto 2018

Hair Treat: We know scrubs are the best exfoliator for the face and body but why haven’t we ever exfoliated our scalps before? This weekend, treat yourself (and your scalp) to a¬†purifying and detoxifying salt scrub shampoo. Our pick is Goop’s new¬†Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo¬†that retails for $55, click HERE to shop!

Soothing Cleanser: Made with Tasmanian sea kelp, this cleanser is the ultimate in hydrating plus it smells amazing! A fave of our #EIC Gracie, get ready to have nourished and super refreshed skin instantly! Our pick is the Red Earth Beauty Hydrate Refreshing Cleanser that retails for $24, click HERE to shop!

At-Home Facial: It’s the weekend so the argument that you don’t have time for a facial officially won’t work on us. Take some extra Y-O-U time and get steamin’ with an at-home facial by TO’s own Gold Apothecary and if you’re feeling real fancy, why not try their jade roller that¬†increase blood circulation and diminishes the appearance of fine lines? Our pick is the Gold Apothecary Steam Facial that retails for $20, click HERE to shop!

Air Enhancer: Infuse the air with nature and essential oils with a diffuser that guarantees a soothing atmosphere. This diffuser elevates wellbeing by releasing negative ions that cleanse and purify! Our pick is the Saje Aromaom Ultrasonic Diffuser that retails for $89, click HERE to shop!

Happy Long Weekend!



(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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