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24 Sep 2017


4'C Cloudy

By Gracie Carroll

How To Enhance Your Everyday Space With ‘The Frame’ TV By Samsung

By Blair Stutz

Samsung The Frame Toronto Launch

Can you spot The Frame TV on this wall?

What if you could turn your living room into your own private art gallery through your TV? With The Frame by Samsung, you can now enjoy both entertainment through a 4K HDR TV, and display an exclusive selection of art and photographs when you’ve *finally* decided to give Netflix a break.

With access to a curated selection of renowned artists from around the world, The Frame allows you to showcase your favourite pieces just as they would be seen in an actual picture frame hanging in your home (or gallery), giving an existing home decor that stylish and artistic upgrade that many of us crave.

Even the latest and most beautiful TV design can be a distraction in any room whether it’s on or off; if you’ve ever wished there was a way it could ‘disappear’ (especially when hosting a party, for example), The Frame will help you disguise it while becoming an ever changing canvas featuring still life, patterns, architecture, and more.

Super customizable down to the matte layouts and colour options, you’re bound to find one that works with your current home aesthetic. With hundreds of artists from around the world to choose from, we’ve volunteered to help narrow the decision making for you!

Take a look at some of our favourite talented artists (a few of which are Canadian!) that you can access through The Frame by Samsung gallery:


Samsung The Frame Launch Toronto

Winnipeg native, David Burdeny is an internationally acclaimed photographer with multiple accolades under his belt and who’s work has been featured in Casa Vogue and The Guardian. With a subscription to The Frame, you can access David’s beautiful work for a fraction of what a full print would cost.


Samsung The Frame Launch Toronto

Known for playing within the realms of architecture is German artist Tobias Rehberger who with major worldwide solo exhibitions has garnered global success and recognition. Having one of Tobias’ works in your home would give you major street cred in the art world, and who wouldn’t want that?


Samsung The Frame Launch Toronto

Canadian Chris Muir is not only a photographer but also an insanely talented director and cinematographer hailing from TO. Chris is known for bright photographs with lots of movement and excitement. We love showing off the talents of our fellow Canadians and we can’t wait to see his work featured!


Samsung The Frame Launch Toronto

San Fran based Clare E. Rojas is an internationally shown artist known for creating powerful folk-art-inspired tableaus that tackle traditional gender roles. Inspired by folk art, Clare loves telling stories and does so through her art in a variety of media, including painting, installations, video, street art, and children’s books.


Samsung The Frame Launch Toronto

Toronto born and bred Holly Coulis is a painter inspired by blocks of bold color, simple forms, and manipulation of depth. Coulis’s style is distinctive and influenced by Édouard Manet and Pablo Picasso. With major exhibitions under her belt, Holly has def made Canada proud!


Samsung The Frame Launch Toronto

Nigerian born Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze is a visual artist whose practice is centered around drawing and works on paper. Her mixed media, nonlinear narratives in her drawings like imagining alien beings inhabiting foreign landscapes set her apart and have propelled her to international recognition. Her works are simple yet intricate and portray the cross-cultural communicative power of drawing.




(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)


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