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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

How To Maintain Your Wax At Home Until Your Next Appointment IRL

By Edit Seven

how to maintain your wax at home - buff wax spot

Image via @BuffWaxSpot

Waxing may not be considered an essential service, but after a few weeks without access to your favourite waxer, there’s a good chance you’re wishing it were. Unfortunately, isolation doesn’t stop your hair from growing in all the places you don’t want it to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to maintain your wax until your next appointment.

Like so many other local businesses, Edmonton-based Buff Wax Spot had to temporarily close their doors. Here, the company’s founder Sina Zere (remember her from our #FounderFiles feature?) shares her tips to help you give a little TLC to some of your most vulnerable areas, until they can be handled by a pro IRL.

Keep reading for Sina’s top tips for how to maintain your wax at home! 


SRSLY Buffed Dry Brush

“Manual exfoliation is key. A great exfoliation routine allows hairs to properly grow through the skin. Pair manual exfoliation with chemical exfoliants such as Pfb Vanish which use AHAs and BHAs to dissolve the glue that adheres dead skin together and clean out oil and dirt-clogged follicles” – Sina says. 

Recommended: SRSLY Buffed Dry Brush by 1’Lux Beauty $24.50 &  PFB Varnish Original $28



BUFF WAX SPOT tweezers

“If you’re thinking of tweezing (we get it, desperate times call for desperate measures) then make sure you’re using high-quality implements that won’t break hairs. Use tools that are made of the highest quality surgical grade German stainless steel with hand-filed tips. And don’t forget to sanitize tools before and after use to prevent transferring bacteria to the area. (Our tweezers) are perfectly calibrated so hair is pulled right out of the follicle with no slipping or hair breakage making them perfect for brows or bikini area.” 

Recommended: Buff Experts Pro-Line Slant-Tip Tweezers $22.00

“These are perfectly calibrated so hair is pulled right out of the follicle with no slipping or hair breakage. Perfect for brows or bikini area.”

Recommended: Buff Experts Needle-Nose Tweezers $24

“Use needle-nose tweezers with an ultra-fine (and ultra-sharp!) tip to help remove ingrown hairs.”



“Use scissors with small, sharp blades to trim evenly and cleanly and easily access nooks and crannies.”

Recommended: Buff Experts Scissors $20


Velvet Drops Daily Botanical Body Lotion

“Don’t forget to moisturize either- supple skin and lubricated hairs lead to less ingrowns and less discomfort during the growing-out period.”

Recommended: Velvet Drops Daily Botanical Body Lotion by 1’Lux Beauty $27.00



“It’s no secret times for those in the beauty industry are tough. If you can, support your local salon, wax bar, or nail spot with a gift card” 



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