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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

How To Maximize Your Barry’s Bootcamp Workout When You’re Traveling

By Gracie Carroll

Barry's Bootcamp Workout - Barry's Bootcamp Canada - The Cuddly Canadian

Perhaps you’ve heard of the infamous Red Room, or maybe you’ve been more intrigued by all of their super hot trainers you’ve spotted online (we don’t blame you), either way there’s a good chance that Barry’s Bootcamp is now on your radar, especially if you live in Toronto. With their long-awaited expansion into Canada taking place just last year, they’ve quickly built up an impressive cult-following and Barry’s is now getting ready to open their second location in the city’s Yorkville area.

But what happens when you, a hardcore Barry’s Bootcamp go-er (or at least a wannabe one), has to travel to a city without a beloved Barry’s studio? What workout could possibly measure up to the one that helps you burn up to 1,000 calories in just one class? If you find yourself travelling to a Barry’s-free city, here are some trainer-approved tips from Barry’s Bootcamp Canada Chief Instructor, The Cuddly Canadian, to help you keep your fitness hustle strong.

Keep reading for how to get that Barry’s Bootcamp Workout in even when you’re traveling: 

Barry's Bootcamp Workout - Barry's Bootcamp Canada - The Cuddly Canadian


Target: Core

Amp It Up With: military push-ups (low plank to high plank and back) which will also engage your triceps, chest, and shoulders. If you focus on minimal hip movement, you’re doubling your core engagement.

Added Challenge: Try placing an object (like a book) on your back and see how many you can do before it falls.


Target: Chest and Triceps

Amp It Up With: plyometric pike planks (piking hips up, straight legged). While piking, you engage more core strength to keep the legs straight. Your lower abs get blasted, while the chest and tri’s work harder to keep the body in line.

Added Bonus: Plyometrics (exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time) will instantly double your burned calories.

Barry's Bootcamp Workout - Barry's Bootcamp Canada - The Cuddly Canadian


Target: Chest, Triceps, and Anterior Deltoids

Amp It Up With: renegade row push-ups, with light to medium dumbbells. Add in lat and core strength to your basic push-up movement to help recruit more muscles and burn more calories.

Added Bonus: When you introduce a weight to your workout – it adds more lean muscle.


Target: Full Body

Amp It Up With: a squat press. Take out the jumps and substitute with dumbbells. When adding extra load on the body, it recruits more muscle engagement and increases the metabolic effect after completion.

Added Bonus: This looks way cooler than regular burpees.



Target: Core

Amp It Up With: a jackknife. Lay down in a straight line and sit up to a jackknife position, touching your feet to your hands, holding a light to medium weight. Modification for Beginners: V-sit without the weight, tapping the toes.

Barry's Bootcamp Workout - Barry's Bootcamp Canada - The Cuddly Canadian

For more information on Barry’s Bootcamp and where to find their studios, click HERE.



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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