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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

How To Use Bunz BTZ and A List of Local Shops That Will Accept Them

By Gracie Carroll

image by Briony x vogue

Image by @Briony

If you live in Toronto, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard about Bunz–the mega popular online trading place that started out as simple Facebook group–or may even be a highly active user. What’s not to love about Bunz? This popular space has brought the people of Toronto (and now Hamilton too) an opportunity to connect, trade goods and now even shop locally using Bunz BTZ which is their own digital currency.

Although I was added to the Bunz group by a friend back when it was still just a Facebook group (they’ve since launched an app for their trading marketplace) it wasn’t something I used often; outside of that time I traded a bottle of vodka for a denim jacket, and later upgraded my stove when I spotted someone getting rid of theirs in the midst of a renovation.

Not being too familiar with Bitcoin and digital currency in general, I was both intrigued and confused when I heard Bunz had launched their own BTZ currency. During a recent “Project Purge” takeover of #CasaGC, I decided to download the app and post items I was looking to trade and pass on. Quickly I noticed the popularity of BTZ and immediately needed to know more. Most importantly: WTF is the BTZ to dollar conversion?

As a newbie to the Bunz and BTZ world, it wasn’t easy to figure out how to “price” my trades or how to barter with BTZ. After scouring listings (and, ok, asking a friend who works for Bunz), it was determined that the approximate conversion is $1 CAD for every 100 BTZ.

After a few days of actively using the Bunz app I had accumulated just under 3,700 BTZ. Not the most, but, clearly it doesn’t take that long to build up your BTZ bank account or “wallet” if you really commit to being an active “bun”. Now, more and more local businesses in Toronto (and The Hammer) have started accepting BTZ as payment, which means trading your goods on Bunz could earn you a way to pay for endless coffees, lunches, drinks or even things like a haircut or manicure. While prices will vary, a friendly bun I met up with recently for a trade said she now spends 300 BTZ on a coffee every day at her favourite local coffee shop.

Interested in learning more about exactly where you can start using your BTZ to shop? Here’s the full list of businesses in Toronto (and Hamilton) that accept BTZ for payment:

Cafés That Accept BTZ

bunz btz - where to use btz in toronto

Alternative Cafe
Cafe Neon (Both Locations)
Dundas and Carlaw
Flying Pony Gallery Cafe
Golden Gecko
Hale Coffee
High Five Cafe
Lazy Daisy
May Flowers
Reunion Island Coffee
Riddle Room
Strange Love Coffee (Queen and Spadina Locations)
XO Bisous

Retail Shops That Accept BTZ


Anice Jewelery
Broad Lingerie & Swimwear
Brockton Cyclery
Community Market
Cry Wolf Clothing
Drake General Store (First Canadian Place, Queen, Vaughan and Sherway)
Fresh City  (Ossington & Roncesvalles)
Hayley Elsaesser 
Health Hut
Helen & Hildegard
Liberty Cyclery
Lovers Land
Northwood General
Ride Away Bikes
Siberia Vintage
Surf the Greats
The Art of Demolition
The Nookie
Tiny Record Shop
Toronto Designers Market
Varsity Brown
Wholesome Canine

Restaurants That Accept BTZ


Bar Neon 
Futura Gelato
Hooky’s Fish and Chips
iQ Food Co (All Locations)
Lansdowne Cone
Lazy Daisy 
Lox and Shmear
Pow Wow Cafe 

Service Businesses That Accept BTZ

inkbox toronto businesses that accept btz

Anbu Ink
Glassbox Barbershop (Both Locations)
Lab T.O 
Queens Shop Fine Hairdressing
Proper Barbers
Rebel Beauty
Wholesome Canine
Wow Wow Nails  

Bars That Accept BTZ

Mulberry bar toronto bars that accept btz

Get Well
Halo Brewery 
Hendersons Brewery  
I’ll Be Seeing You
Indie Ale House 
Page One 
The Fifth Pubhouse 

Hamilton Businesses That Accept BTZ


Pale Blue Dot 
Pretty Grit
Merit Brewing
Renegade Tattoo

Happy Trading (and Shopping)!



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)


  1. Just a heads up this list is way out of date and my cafe was contacted by the CRA for accepting a non licensed currency and it has lead to a huge pain dealing with them. I really think retailers need to be aware of this before getting involved with non licensed currencies – I had no idea whatsoever about what I was getting into. Now its looking like an audit …. no joke.

  2. I need to trade for help to downsize belongings. One item category is boxes of books which is the 1st to go. Help me take them out of their location and sort through and pack them up from my apt. And they are yours! Would be a good job for strong, organized teens (2-3) and a vehicle that will hold approx 20 boxes of books. Can be used to send abroad for library or sale at church bazaar or bookstore or???

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