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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

How Women Can Integrate Cannabis Products For Sex Drive and Pleasure

By Ama Scriver

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(Photo by Connie Tsang)

Earlier this spring, I had the opportunity to attend Van der Pop, a leading women’s focused weed accessory brand event titled, WOMEN & WEED. The series has been a fun educational series that has toured across Canada, and at this particular stop in Toronto, I was introduced to Carlen Costa of The Everyday Goddess.

As a sexologist and psychotherapist, Costa gave a frank talk to all of us in the crowd about how women could potentially introduce cannabis into their sex lives. It was a meaningful and purposeful discussion and something that I didn’t give a whole lot of thought to until Costa hammered home some important things. Fun fact: according to a study released by Stanford University, regular cannabis use may increase sexual drive.

Maybe this isn’t news to you, as it’s a part of your regular bedroom indulgences. But for the canna-curious, I had to sit down and ask Costa the what’s what of introducing cannabis into our sex lives, if there are any pros or cons and finally, how people can just have the conversation with their partner.

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Is There a Certain Way To Consume?

Costa shares that many people use and consume cannabis in a variety of ways when trying to enhance their intimacy. Some examples could be smoking, vaping, ingesting or applying a topical. She notes that the influence of cannabis on a person’s sexual mood can be highly dependent on consumption and dose. She notes, “I work with patients to use cannabis for sex for three main reasons: to enhance and experience variable pleasure, to transform their trauma and to ease the impact of mental health and daily life stress symptoms.”  

No, But Really–Is This Going To Work?

Yes, it really will. Costa explains that there are several studies that have shown that intentional cannabis integration can enhance sex for women and, some men, through relieving pain, facilitating relaxation and, alleviating performance inhibitions, to name a few. It has also been known, according to Costa to increase your orgasmic capacity and help modulate your emotional and non-emotional behaviours, positively.

Okay, But Why Cannabis?

Costa believes that adult use consumption, either recreationally, medically, spiritually or emotionally, is varied. “No matter your purpose, it is important to recognize why you want to use cannabis and then how you would like to consume it, whether that is individually or with a partner(s).”

The pros, Costa tells Edit Seven, are that it can have positive effects ranging from recalibrating your body into a positive state of homeostasis, relieving anxiety, PTSD and chronic pain, as well as increasing blood flow and feeling euphoria. She also adds, “it makes you laugh, which is always a good time!”

There are cons though, which are important to recognize and be aware of. Costa explains that depending on how you consume, for example–smoking could put your lungs at risk. She also thinks people should be aware that certain folks can experience the side effects of anxiety or paranoia than others.

But overall Costa believes the best thing is to be informed, no matter what your decision is.

How Do I Talk To My Partner About This?

Costa believes if you’re afraid to have this conversation with your partner, look at why that might be sharing, “Is this because of your own shame or guilt with whatever you are looking to treat with cannabis, is it because of “user-stigma” of how society has over time unfairly identified “potheads” to be, or is it because you are unsure of how they or you, will react to your consumption?” No one should feel shame or guilt, so the best thing to do is read up and get educated! Know what your intention is for use, do your research, talk to a trusted brand or professional. Costa goes on to share, “When discussing this with a partner, it is important to talk about both of your past experiences with the herb. Then discuss if they’d like to participate with you, how you’d like to consume and if both of you understand the potential side effects or health risks involved.”

It’s important to have a healthy, open and honest conversation about cannabis in your life and with your partner. You never know, it may just lead to really great sex in the future.

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Product Recommendations?

Costa explains that right now there are a few great products on the market that are accessible in Canada until regulations for concentrates and edibles comes into effect.

Currently, if you have a medical license, you can purchase Foria from Tweed whose testimonies show women experiencing profound enrichment of pleasure in their lives, or the OCS also has Fleur De Lune Intimate spray which is high in THC, to help stimulate your love bits.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Ama Scriver)

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