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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Last Minute Shopping? Here Are 7 Books That Make Great Gifts

By Alexandra Donaldson

From classic cookbooks to a new look at wellness to a must-read novel, here are the books to give (and hopefully get) this holiday season. And in case you missed it, check out our list of the best book releases of 2019.

Keep reading for our top picks of the best books that make great gifts!

The Joy of Cooking

Ever since I could appreciate how helpful it is to know the basics in cooking, I’ve wanted to get my hands on The Joy of Cooking, a classic tome originally published in 1931 that is a staple in the kitchen of any self-respecting home cook. I can say that the latest edition—which includes 600 new recipes and many more vegan and vegetarian options—will have me busy in the kitchen well into 2020.


Where to Begin

Poetry, mantras and positive thinking mingle in Where to Begin, the follow up to Cleo Wade’s Heart Talk. This time, the focus is on how to keep positive and forward thinking in a world that can oftentimes seem full of despair.


Fraiche Food Full Hearts

Yes, it’s another cookbook, but where The Joy of Cooking is dense education, this one is gorgeous lifestyle. Jillian Harris, with the help of nutritionist Tori Wesszer share the recipes that make it onto their tables year after year in their new book, Fraiche Food Full Hearts.

Daisy Jones and The Six

For a fun, solid read pick up this novel, Daisy Jones & The Six, from Taylor Reid Jenkins. It’s got that rock ‘n roll of yesteryear vibe and the story is told in a series of interviews, throwing back to the making of an iconic album and the tumultuous lives of the people in a rising band. You’ll wish you could listen to the album once it’s all over—and almost everyone I know who read this, enjoyed it.

24/6 The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week

If, like most of the world, someone of your gifting list struggles with finding the balance between the digital and tangible world, then 24/6 The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week is a must-read. The premise is simple enough—one day a week completely ditch your technology—but of course it’s easier said than done. Which is why we need Tiffany Shlain (who has adopted the practice for a decade) to provide a blueprint of sorts.

Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered

For the true crime lover in your life, Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered by Karen Kilgariff and Georgie Hardstark (the duo behind the podcast My Favourite Murder) is perfect. Frank, funny and touching on more than just the shadowy world of serial killers, this one will be loved by anyone who binge-watched Mindhunter and tends to bring up Charles Manson in casual conversation.

Toronto Makes

For your Toronto-based mindful shopper, Toronto Makes will open them up to so many local loves. From bakers to jewellery designers, Randi Bergman has pulled together 50 great stories of the entrepreneurs of our creative city. It’s beautiful itself—and would look great on a curated coffee table—but it’s also full of inspiration and compelling stories that would make any Torontonian proud.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Alexandra Donaldson)

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