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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Life With Baby: 7 Tips To Help You Deal With Your Pregnancy Symptoms

By Rachel Bies

tips for pregnancy symptoms

Hello to my fellow new mamas-to-be. SO I’ve done a lot of writing in my day mostly about relationships, lifestyle, all of the food and now: MOTHERHOOD.  It has obviously changed my life for the better BUT, man, nobody really tells you how CRAZY you will feel and be once those pregnancy symptoms start to kick in.

Mood swings.


Crying one moment and giggles the next.


Feeling ridiculous and out of control of moods swings at times.

Anyone else feeling this?  Don’t get me wrong.  There’s lots of love, joy and fun, too!  BUT the hormones are legit. Fortunately, with some reading, a strong support system and my brain I have found some helpful tips and hacks to offset some of the pregnancy CRAZIES that I’ve been experiencing, and I’m sure many of you have too.

If you’re looking for some help, here are 7 tips to help you deal with your pregnancy symptoms:

first trimester survival guide


Or just some quiet time to regroup.  You will find your hormones are up and  down, and meditation allows you some time to recenter.  Learning to breath and be aware of your thoughts and feelings is a valuable and (best of all) MOBILE tool. There are amazing meditation apps and books to help guide you. I’m a simple creature, as is my practice. Set up your environment in a way that will help you relax, for me it’s candles, quiet music, low lighting and I always travel with a candle incase. Close your eyes. Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.  Do this for at least 10 times.


Nap. Doze. Go to bed early. You will hit an exhaustion like no other. As a woman who loves being busy and adventures met through the day, it took me awhile to make peace with this and actually LISTEN to my body. You are building a human and that expends A LOT of energy. Your resting rate is similar to climbing a mountain. SO add in some work, life, movement and stress and it’s no wonder why you’re hella tired. SLEEP girl, sleep. Also this would be time to optimise your sleeping quarters. If you’re able to, invest  in the perfect pillow, a nice duvet and my personal favourite: a diffuser with scents of lavender oil to help you relax.


I’ve always loved the ritual of a bath but can’t be bothered at times because it takes a bit of, well, time. That has now gone out the window. Most nights a bath are a necessity. Not too hot though as you don’t want your internal temperature to be too high. A nice warm bath. Again, feel free to pump it up with diffuser, candles, music and all the best bath stuff you’ve got. This is a PERFECT time to get some breathing in.


Waterboard your life. Drinking all the water will help with the aches, moods, and sleeping. On the baby side of things, building your little space for babes requires water and such, so drink up. Do this away from meals preferably so you don’t dilute the nutrients from all of your delicious meals.

Calming Foods:

Avocados (eat solo or add to EVERYTHING), blueberries (in salads, yogurt and smoothies), bananas, asparagus (throw an egg on it) and oats (before bed is amazing) are all soothing and super calming foods that are safe for baby. Also if morning sickness is a thing the oats and bananas are crucial and very helpful.  ALSO what about trying an avocado, walnut and blueberry salad? YUM.

Cut Yourself Some Slack.

Shit is changing and quicker than you realise. Your body feels a little less yours for the moment. Moods are nuts.  Sleep more. Eat more. It’s all okay. Being vocal to your friends and family helps too, I’ve been very vocal to my partner (probably too much) and its helped at some points.

I hope this list helps some of the new mamas-to-be out there. I have to admit I’m just learning as I go along for the ride of my first pregnancy. Stay tuned for more updates!



(Story by Contributing Editor, Rachel Bies)


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