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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Great Local Baking Mixes To Stock Your Pantry With

By Gracie Carroll

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Who doesn’t love baking? It’s therapeutic, and you get to have a good pastry to eat afterwards. Baking can be hard work, though, especially on days you want to take it easy. There are also moments when you want to bake, but you’re out of ingredients. A great solution for both these problems? Baking mixes! It’s definitely a good idea to always stock your pantry with them, whether you have an immediate need for them or not.

Here are seven great local baking mixes that are great to stock your pantry with!

Zoe Ford Montreal

Zoe Ford baking mixes

Have a pastry chef experience right in your kitchen. Owned by Top Chef Canada competitor Jo Notkin, Zoe Ford Montreal offers restaurant-quality baking mixes for you to make fresh at home. Their selection of baking mixes—carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies (acknowledged as the best by judges from Top Chef Canada, btw)—are some of their best and most favourite recipes. They’re also easy to follow and include high-quality ingredients.

Kitten & Bear Signature Scone Mix

scone baking mix from Kitten and the Bear

Kitten and the Bear specializes in handcrafted French confiture-style fruit preserves and traditional buttermilk scones. Their Signature Scone Mix recipe is easy to follow and bake. Just add butter and buttermilk, and enjoy!

Flourish Protein Pancakes

Flourish buttermilk pancake mix

Flourish offers a selection of whey protein, plant-based, and gluten-free pancake mixes in different flavours. It’s a totally healthy breakfast choice for you and your family.

Grainstorm Ancient Grain Pancake Mix

pancake mix from Grainstorm

Pancakes and waffles are usually insulin-spiking, energy-sapping breakfast choices. Grainstorm offers rich, grainy flavours with light, yet robust-textured pancakes minus the health problems.

Sullivan & Bleeker Sprinkle Cookie Mix

Sullivan & Bleeker cookie kit

Dare we say that Sullivan & Bleeker is Canada’s best cookie and cupcake bakery? Now you can have and bake your own Sullivan & Bleeker cookies with these Cookie Mix Kits. Just choose from their three flavours—Chocolate Chip Sprinkle, Smores, and Christmas Sprinkle.

Drake Commissary Brownie Mix

brownie mix from Drake Commissary

Drake Commissary’s Brownie Mix is gluten-free and makes the chewiest brownies. Try it for a hassle-free, easy baking at home!

Liva Raw Date Sugar

raw date sugar from Liva

Although not a baking mix, this Raw Date Sugar from new, local brand Liva is a great, healthy alternative to sugar. It’s organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and a great source of fibre. When baking, you can now rest easy knowing that your ingredients are healthy!




(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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