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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Local Coffee Brands That Deliver To Your Door

By Edit Seven

Almost everybody loves coffee. I, for one, have coffee as a staple in my work routine. I can’t start work without having a cup! So, as someone who can’t run out of coffee beans in my pantry, here’s a roundup of seven local coffee brands that deliver coffee roasts straight to your door!

This coffee month, let’s support our local coffee shops and brands. There are a lot of great, independent and local coffee shops here in Toronto alone. Keep reading to find our more about them!

Propeller Coffee

propeller coffee local brand

Propeller Coffee is a hip and stylish coffee shop tucked away in Toronto’s Junction District. This B Corp-certified coffee shop is especially known for its reputation for serving high-quality coffee, making it a favorite by coffee lovers across Toronto. What’s more is that they source their coffee beans sustainably, and they have a meticulous selection and inspection process.

Propeller Coffee offers a convenient subscription program that you can customize according to your coffee preference. They offer a wide selection of coffee flavors and kinds, whether you make your cup in a drip or espresso machine.

Check out their subscription service here.

Wax + Wane Coffee

woman holding wax + wane coffee packs

courtesy of @waxandwanecoffee

Ottawa-based fashion blogger Chantal Sarkisian virtually opened Wax + Wane Coffee in November 2020. The coffee shop offers selections of Fairtrade coffee beans, and delivers small batches of freshly roasted coffee right at your doorstep. 

What we absolutely love about this coffee brand’s philosophy is that it encourages its community to take a pause and celebrate the tiny moments in everyday life. Its tagline “Have you paused for your moment of magic today?” certainly reminds us to take a sip and relax.

Pilot Coffee Roasters

a pack of local coffee brand pilot coffee roasters

Pilot Coffee Roasters has multiple locations across Toronto, offering full-service roastery and cold brewery. They also offer a great lineup of specialty coffee you can buy individually or packaged in a subscription service. What’s great about their subscription service is that you can choose either a prepaid subscription or a pay-as-you-go subscription.

Sam James Coffee Bar

sam james coffee bar

Sam James Coffee Bar is a small coffee shop company, focusing on roasting and serving coffee rather than sourcing them. They only source coffee beans that are in season and roast them to highlight their natural sweetness. What we love about this coffee brand is that it knows where its strength lies, and they focus on that to produce great products.

The Roasters Pack

local coffee brand The Roasters Pack

courtesy of @theroasterspack

What we love about The Roasters Pack is that it showcases local independent roasters from Canada. Their coffee subscription service is also very unique, as they patterned it to a monthly magazine subscription. They not only provide coffee, but they also include information about the coffee you’ve purchased, sourcing information, brew guides, and other interesting facets of the coffee. Joining and canceling their monthly subscription is also easy and hassle-free!

Balzac’s Coffee

Balzacs Coffee subscription box

courtesy of @balzacscoffee

Balzac’s Coffee offers a very convenient subscription service through their app. You can easily choose the frequency of your orders and whether you want your beans whole or ground, and mix and match your coffee selection. They also offer organic, fairtrade, and bird-friendly beans.

Dispatch Coffee

Dispatch Coffee on display

courtesy of @dispatchcoffee

Beginning as an iced coffee delivery service in 2012, Dispatch Coffee has always been a champion for transparency and sustainability for the coffee industry. It has supported, partnered with, and featured a number of independent and family-owned coffee farms. 

What we love about this coffee brand is not only its values, but also how easy it is to schedule and customize your subscription. It also delivers your order to your doorstep straight from the coffee farm. Very convenient and time-saving!





  1. Oh I LOVE Dispatch coffee!! Canadian, woman-owned, focusing on small farm coffee with a really transparent supply chain, and the packaging is biodegradeable. I have zero affiliation with the company, just a massive raving fan because it checks literally every bo for an ideal coffee for me. I have my favourite flavours, but they are seasonal- so things come and go, but it’s so fun to try new ones. Anyway… I was just so pumped to see my fave on the list!

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