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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Here Are Some Ridiculously Good Snacks That Are Good For You

By Catherine Sugrue

LOCALLE snacks toronto

So, have you ever seen the viral video of that little girl running around her kitchen, yelling, “Snacks,” in a whole bunch of really cute but slightly gremlin-like ways? Yeah, okay, well either way, I want you to know that I fully identify with her in so many ways. Because, it me.

Hi, my name is Catherine, and I love snacks. 

Let me clarify not just any snacks, though. You won’t necessarily see me shovelling copious amounts of processed cheese puffs into my face hole. If I’m getting my snack on, it’s gotta be something that isn’t going to make me feel like a big ol’ bag of junk. Because your snack choices are just as important as your meal choices. What you put into your body matters! Oh man, I wish I could have told my 20-year-old self that when I think back on my dating life. Sorry, not sorry.

Okay, but honestly, just eat real food, people. It’s that simple.

And I get it, life can be a bit bananas sometimes. You’re busy, and you don’t always have time to whip up something healthy, so you just resort to grabbing something on-the-go. That’s why I love snacks, like Localle. Their hemp crackle is such a treat, but is also chock-full of clean ingredients with added benefits. And, they give a hoot about the sourcing of their ingredients, which I absolutely love!

Localle makes bite-sized superfood clusters, called chocolate hemp crackle, which are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, certified USDA organic and kosher. There’s 11g of hemp hearts and 14g of protein in every bag. Plus, they’re made and packaged in Toronto! They currently come in four flavours — Pistachio Tart Cherry & Maca, Almond Pecan & Maca, Cashew Ginger & Maca, and Banana Brazil & Maca.

Okay, so what’s a crackle exactly? It’s all at once a sound, a verb, an exclamation, and a delicious snack. But to break it down, they’re basically just little clusters of awesome. Now, let me tell you about their two star ingredients — hemp and maca. If you’ve never heard of these foods before, where on earth have you been?

localle snacks


This plant is super versatile. The seeds themselves, also called hemp hearts, are full of protein, fibre, and healthy fats, like Omega 3 and 6. They’re actually considered a great source of plant-based protein, and are also rich in iron, vitamin B6, and folate. They’re a magical mix between creamy and crunchy, so they’re great for almost any meal — including crackle!


AKA Peruvian Ginseng. Grown high in the Peruvian mountains, this ancient root vegetable packs quite the punch when it comes to increasing energy and helping with stress. It can also help to improve mood, libido, cognitive function, and performance. High in antioxidants, it also contains many different vitamins and amino acids. Oh, and it’s pretty darn tasty. And hey, that’s important, too! 

Head on over to Localle.com where you can grab your very own bags at 30% off using the special discount code EDITSEVEN30 at checkout. The next time you wanna go and get your snack on, make sure that you’re being mindful about how your nourishing your body. So “Think Global. Snack Localle” (TM)



(Story contributed by Catherine Sugrue

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