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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

A Look Inside Our Schwarzkopf Hair Colouring Party at Home

By Gracie Carroll


When it comes to my hair, I’m not too precious. Outside of forever seeking healthy and shiny hair, I’m normally pretty relaxed about whether it’s shorter, longer, brown, blonde or something entirely new. So when my friends at She Does The City asked me to join their Girls Night for a hair colouring party to try Schwarzkopf hair colour products at home – complete with sushi, bubbly and Clueless – I was more than happy to take part. I mean, as if I would miss the chance to hang with some of my fave babes and watch my favourite movie!

For this hair colouring party, I decided to take my summer blonde strands back to dark brown for winter while my friend Clara wanted to become a redhead, and my girl Liza decided to brighten up her darker locks with a blonde ombre. Although I’ve used hair products by Schwarzkopf before, using their at-home hair colouring products was a first for me. In fact, this was the first time I’ve ever coloured my own hair at home!


The products we used for our hair colouring party were Schwarzkopf’s color ULTIME and Keratin Color that provide true-to-box results and vibrant colours. With a giant array of sushi on the table, bubbly in hand and Clueless on in the background, we were ready to get started.


Although the colour was easy to apply, having an at-home hair colouring party with a few friends was a great experience for my first time. Not only for the company, but for the help we all had from each other to groom, prim and colour our hair with ease while catching up and having a laugh.


As mentioned, having healthy and happy hair is the most important to me, and I love that Schwarzkopf’s Keratin Color provides deep care throughout the colouring process with a pre-treatment before, during with the developer formulations, and after with the intense conditioner.


The winter months in Canada aren’t always that exciting, so if you’re looking for something fun and different to do with your girlfriends in the comfort of the warm and toasty indoors, why not try hosting your own colouring party a home? Trust us, it’s fun!

The last time I remember having hair this dark was on my 19th birthday. Now I’ve gone back to the (extra) dark side just in time for my 29th birthday next week! Must be my witchy Scorpio vibes comin’ on out. Josh says I went from Betty to Veronica so it’s all good ? #SchwarzkopfAtHome

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If you are unsure of what colours to choose, you can always consult a Schwarzkopf Stylist for professional advice at 1-800-350-3998 or www.schwarzkopf.ca.

Thank you for including me in your party SDTC!



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