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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Looking For That New New? 7 Beauty Brands That Are New To Canada

By Christina Tourloukis

beauty brands that are new to canada

When it comes to beauty launches, it can sometimes feel like Canadians are the last to try everything, but, thankfully, more and more brands are not only making Canada a focus, but a priority.  With the new season change, there’s a good chance you’re looking to shake up your beauty #shelfie, just as you are with your wardrobe, so here we’ve put together a list of great beauty brands that are new to Canada–including everything from  homegrown brands that have recently launched, to some long awaited releases from international brands that have finally landed on Canadian soil.

Keep reading for 7 beauty brands that are new to Canada and we couldn’t be more excited to get our hands on:


Volition Beauty 

beauty brands that are new to canada - volition beauty

Volition Beauty is an innovative beauty company that utilizes online collaboration with their customers to create their skin care products. Anyone is able to submit a product idea (even you!) that then gets put to the vote by the Volition community members (including you!) before the company determines what they’ll produce. Although this company launched back in 2015, it only just became available in Canada at the end of 2018 through Sephora Canada. The brand’s ‘community-powered discoveries’ include buzz-worthy (and hella on-trend) products like their Apple Cider Vinegar Resurfacing Peel Pads, Turmeric Brightening Polish, Snow Mushroom Water Serum and more.


Skin Regimen

beauty brands that are new to canada - skin regimen

Just over a year old, Skin Regimen is a new Italian skin care company that’s dedicated to plant chemistry skincare for today’s multi-taskers and urban dwellers. With a collection of unisex, plant-based products that are all Made in Italy, Skin Regimen’s line helps men and women target the visible effects of stress and pollution to help give you healthy, glowing skin. Skin Regimen is currently exclusively available in Canada through the Elmwood Spa in Toronto.


Christophe Robin

beauty brands that are new to canada - christophe robin

Christophe Robin is by no means a new line, after styling an extensive amount of celebrities and launching his hair care line in 1999, this Parisian brand has proven to be a staple in luxury haircare for two decades. Christophe is best known for products like his sea salt scalp scrub (the first one ever created, according to his website), regenerating hair masks, and colour-enhancing treatments. You can now finally pick this brand up in Toronto, thanks to its recent launch at Lac & Co Beauty.


The INKEY List

beauty brands that are new to canada - the inkey list

In hopes of delivering simplified beauty products with ingredients that are easy to understand, U.K.-based The INKEY List has a whole range of skincare products that have been selected to address different concerns. Launched in September of 2018, the brand received an overwhelming response and experienced an online sell-out in just three weeks. Often compared to brands like The Ordinary and Lixir Skin, The INKEY list is affordable, clean, and not intimidating. Having landed in Canada at the start of the 2019, the brand’s range of products is now available at Shoppers Drug Mart.


Céla Skin

beauty brands new to canada - cela skin

Founded by beauty veteran and director of Toronto’s Hammam Spa, Celine Tadrissi, Céla was created with the mission to make clients feel good, look their best and keep wellness as their top priority. Having just launched in the summer of 2018, this Made-in-Canada skincare line is formulated with potent and natural ingredients that calm, protect and soothe this skin. It doesn’t hurt that it all comes packaged in the brands stunning packaging either now does it?  Céla products can be purchased online and at the Hammam Spa!


1’Lux Beauty

beauty brands that are new to canada

Just like the name suggests, new Canadian skin care brand, 1’Lux Beauty is a ‘zero-tox’ super luxe and nourishing line that specializes in body care essentials. Their capsule collection features products like the Ultra-Shea Velvet Drops Body Lotion and Velvet Blonde Emollient Body Oil are beautifully packaged and produced without any harsh toxins or chemicals. Currently 1’Lux products can be purchased through their online shop


Carter Beauty

beauty brands new to canada - carters makeup

Carter Beauty is finally making their way to Canada after being widely recognized as one of the fasting growing makeup lines in the UK. Their products are versatile, high quality, and are sold at a lower price point, which can be so hard to find when searching in the makeup department. If you’re on the hunt for it, Carter Beauty can now be found at Hudson’s Bay locations and online.




(Story by Contributing Editor, Christina Tourloukis)


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