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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

 Lunar Phases 101: Your Guide to Harnessing Moon Energy

By Kait Fowlie

moon phases june 2018 edit seven

As the cosmos continue to feature in wellness in a big way from the diet trends du jour to home decor, planning our lives along with the moon cycles is increasingly a thing. This ‘trend,’ if you want to call it that, is of course as old as humankind, so I mean, whether you’re on board or not, it’s not going anywhere.

How it works is, we can think of the phases in our lives as mirrored by the phases of the moon. Astrologers say that our energy starts to build at the new moon, or the start of a cycle, then reaches a peak two weeks later at the full moon. After that, it wanes again, just like diminishing moon in the sky, until the cycle ends on the 28th or 29th day. We can use this to support us in our goal setting! Just like farmers in some cultures plant by the new moon and harvested by the full moon, the seeds we plant in our lives are supported in coming to fruition on the same timeline.

Personally, I love following the phases of the moon because I find it’s a helpful way to stay mindful of, and accountable to my progress without such a hard-deadline-approach. It feels more aligned with nature, and more feminine – and just generally, easier! I mean, consider that our bodies are around 70% water, and that the ocean’s tides swell during a full and new moon (the start and end of a cycle), and decrease in between – I say we’re definitely effected by lunar energy.

Here are 4 major phases of a lunar cycle, and how you can use them to make your goals a reality:

moon phases june 2018 edit seven

New Moon

(next one is June 13th)

New moons are all about new beginnings. This is a time to set intentions and allow yourself to be inspired. The sky is dark on a new moon (it’s barely a sliver yet, so you can’t see it in the night sky) so you can think of it like a blank canvas – this is a time of pure potential. Think about an intention you want to set and take an action to assert it. Start to spruce up your LinkedIn if you’re hoping for a new job, or meet with a career coach, or plan a new fitness regime and buy the workout gear.

First Quarter Moon

(June 20th)

This phase is about planning, preparing, and putting in work. As the moon grows fuller, or waxes, energy builds, and so this the time to take actions to manifest our intention. Begin making your intentions real by applying for jobs, meeting with key people and talking shop, writing, researching, etc. and continue to motivate yourself and keep your energy up.

Full Moon

(June 28th) 

Manifest and celebrate wins! Go ahead and hit publish, launch, send, make the call, DO the thing and get it DONE! The peak-full moon is fully illuminated, so it’s a great time to assess your agendas and goals, but do keep in mind that full moons are about harvest and ultimately, ‘letting the lunacy take over.’ So, let go a little and give up control. Celebrate your work over the past 2 weeks and enjoy this time of heightened intuition.

Third Quarter Moon

(July 6th)

This period between the full and new moon is best used for turning inward and sorting through our harvest. What happened over the course of 2-3 weeks that felt awesome and totally aligned with you? What wishes came true? What didn’t? Why? Revisit your intentions and see how you could fine-tune. Journal, adjust your current lifestyle if you need (clear out the clutter, habits and patterns you’re ready to be done with).

Dark Moon

(July 12th)

Retreat and reflect. Find peace in the stillness of the dark moon. This time can be dark and inactive, but a lot is happening under the surface. This is a time to embrace being fully present as a new cycle has just about run its course. Who are you now, that this 28 day cycle is over?

moon phases june 2018 edit seven

So what does it mean when the moon ‘is in’ a zodiac sign?

As the moon orbits the earth, going through cycle after cycle, it passes through each of the 12 zodiac signs and stays in each for about 2 and a half days. This adds another layer to how we’re affected by it. When we say the ‘new moon is in Gemini,’ for example, it means the new moon takes on the energy of that sign, and we all feel called to examine the part of our lives connected to the traits of that sign. With Gemini, it’s communication – sharing ideas, speaking our truth, or partnering up with like-minded people, so setting intentions in this arena would be ideal.

When a full moon in Gemini rolls around, those traits are highlighted, or activated in all of us – so, we’ll all feel a little more Gemini! Our desire to socialize, chat, and investigate new ideas comes out. Paying attention to what sign the moon is in can also help you note milestones or progress in your life in certain areas. If you want to work with the moon to manifest goals on a longer-term scale, know that there’s a six-month link between new and full moons in each sign.

So six months after a new moon in Gemini, a full moon occurs in that same zodiac sign. We can look back to what seeds we were planting 6 months ago during the corresponding new moon (I always start by looking through my Gmail, or flipping back in a day planner), and see what’s ready to start manifesting, on a longer-term scale.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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