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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Model Soo Joo Park Shows Us Her Seoul and New York with Chanel Cruise 2015

By Gracie Carroll


Considering my half-Korean roots, and how much I love Chanel, is it any surprise that I would be ecstatic to see that the Chanel cruise 2015 collection was inspired by Korean culture? Although I have never travelled to Korea, it is something I hope to do one day soon. Until then, I loved getting to see a bit of Seoul through the eyes of Korean model, Soo Joo Park, when she took Team Chanel through her home city, while dressed in the new Chanel cruise collection of course. Watch the video and meet #SooJoo below!


At the age of 10, Soo Joo moved to the states. Since a big part of her life is living in New York City, the platinum blonde asian model let us catch a glimpse into her life in the big apple as well. Take a look at part 2 of her video for Chanel cruise 2015 below:



See Soo Joo in the Chanel cruise 2015 show below!





  1. Oh I love love seoul.. I wish I had spent some years there in my fashion training.. it’s really one of the best fashion design cities. I spent days in Dongdaemoon looking at fabrics. No wonder Chanel was inspired by such a fashionable stylish city~

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