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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

My Casper Wave Mattress Review (And Why It’s Been Essential Postpartum )

By Gracie Carroll

Casper Wave Mattress Review - Gracie Carroll 1

Like many things when it comes to adulting, mattress shopping can be overwhelming and expensive. Mattress shopping, to me, has always been one of those mysterious things that I feel my parents have somehow figured out, but I’m still struggling to catch up. Of course, as a millennial, it’s also hard to compare how my parents have always shopped for mattresses (and their opinions on ‘the right way’ to shop for a mattress) versus the growing popularity of shopping for mattresses that show up on your doorstep in a box.

I think most of us can agree that being able to test out a mattress in person is really important for getting a true feel of what a mattress will be like when you sleep on it in your own home. Even though companies like Casper offer a 100 night, risk free trial to make sure you truly love your new mattress, I really like that it has become easier to check out mattresses in person before making a purchase by, for example, visiting one of Casper’s retail showrooms or their mattresses on display in major Canadian retailers like Hudson’s Bay.

Casper Wave Mattress Review - Gracie Carroll 1

After a few years with our last mattress, I was beginning to feel unhappy with its performance and how it was affecting my sleep. Especially during my pregnancy and after I gave birth, I really noticed how the extreme firmness of the mattress we had was causing my hips to feel sore while I slept, and the pain would wake me up multiple times throughout the night.

With a new baby in the house and sleep feeling extra precious, I decided it was time to upgrade our mattress. We still wanted something firm but soft, which is how we were lead to The Wave Mattress by Casper.

Keep reading for my full Casper Wave mattress review! 

Casper Wave Mattress Review - Gracie Carroll 1

The Price: $2795 CAD (Queen)

The Retailer: Casper.com

The Product: The Wave Mattress by Casper is their latest innovation and offers a higher-end option to their original award-winning mattress, ‘The Casper’. While I love the price point of their original mattress, personally I’ve been very happy to see the company extend their offering to include a more advanced and higher end option. If The Casper was perfect for you when you were new to college, then think of The Wave as the perfect option for when you are a new family.

The Wave mattress promises to help you say goodbye to ‘aches, pains and overheating’ which was exactly what I was looking for to support my postpartum body aches in a bed that can easily feel like a furnace thanks to me, my partner, baby and dog all piling into one cozy Queen bed together. What attracted me to The Wave mattress is that it’s made with 5 layers of premium foam with gel pods that provide targeted support for spinal alignment. I found myself overheating like crazy in the early days of my postpartum journey and was also sleeping in all kinds of weird twisted ways to accommodate feeding the baby throughout the night, so I was all for any kind of spinal alignment support and heat-wicking materials to keep us all cool.

Just like all other Casper mattress, The Wave mattress arrived at our door in the infamous blue and white striped Casper box, which made it super easy for us to take upstairs to our bedroom. ‘Unboxing’ really just involved getting the sealed and rolled up mattress out of the box, placing it on our bed frame and removing the plastic seal so that the mattress could unfold and ‘inflate’. Even at 13″ in height, the Casper Wave mattress doesn’t need a specific amount of time before you can sleep on it, so if you need to, you can go to bed right away. We had decided to open it up mid afternoon to give it some time before we actually needed to use the bed.

Casper Wave Mattress Review - Gracie Carroll 1

What We Think: To be honest, after years of sleeping on a super firm mattress, I was initially quite worried that The Wave was actually too soft for our family. We had gone into the Casper show room in Toronto a few times to test out The Wave before making a final decision, but when we got it set up it seemed softer than I remembered. With a small baby in our bed, ensuring your mattress isn’t too soft is really important.

In the FAQ section of the booklet that comes with a Casper mattress, it notes that transitioning from a spring to foam mattress can take some time for your body to adjust, so they recommend giving yourself at least 30 days to adjust. After reading this, I decided to rest, relax and give our new Wave mattress a month’s worth of sleeps before making any further decisions. Although you don’t have to wait any given amount of time before you can start using your Casper mattress once you’ve unpacked it, I did feel that the ‘firmness’ of our new soft mattress improved over not just hours or days, but even a full week. Where I was initially concerned that the mattress sunk in too deeply when you sat or laid down (making it too easy for a baby to roll), and felt too soft on the edges (making it too easy for me to roll off the side, lol) this all went away after about a week.

Casper Wave Mattress Review - Gracie Carroll 1

In fact, even now over a month later, I’ve recently thought that the mattress has reached a perfect combination of firm support, and soft comfort. Could this be because my body adapted after their recommended 30 days? To be honest, I’m not sure, but, I can say that I am now super happy and very satisfied with our choice to upgrade to a Casper wave mattress. Best of all, quality of sleep has increased, and, at least in my case, aches and pains (especially in my hips) has drastically reduced since switching to a softer mattress.

For more information on The Wave Mattress by Casper, click HERE!



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)


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