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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

My Favourite Pre and Post Workout Meals at Equinox

By Gracie Carroll


Trying to juggle a healthy lifestyle and a successful career ain’t easy. When I quit my 9-5 a year ago to pursue blogging full time, I envisioned a new life with a ton more time to do things I enjoy, like cooking at home and working out every day whenever I wanted. I mean, I was freeing up 8 hours each day of the work week, right? Wrong. As soon as I left my full-time gig at a startup company, it immediately felt as though the gas pedal for my personal career was floored. That is certainly no complaint, since my biggest fear was struggling through my first year on my own, and I’m incredibly grateful that I’ve had one of my most successful yet.

The reality, however, of keeping up with blogging, social media, TV and the details of business development (that I won’t get into right now) is that time soon becomes your most precious and valuable asset, and you really don’t have a lot of it.

This year I’ve started to write a lot about my favourite time-saving life hacks, because I know many of you are in the same boat that I am. From my favourite on-demand services in Toronto to crowd-pleasing recipes you can make in a blender, I share these tips because I know most of you can relate to the desire to do anything that will help create more time in your day, especially when you’re a #GirlBoss who is busy AF.


Every week I set out with the intention to try and make as many of my meals at home as possible. Not only does it save money, but it’s often healthier for you too. I’ll even go out and buy the groceries (or have them delivered by Urbery) so I have everything I need to make my favourite Glowing Green Smoothie recipe every morning, and yet, so often the week flies by and I find that I open the fridge to find shelves filled with dead veggies.

This happens because I tend to wake up and work up until the very last minute when I absolutely have to get to my next appointment, meeting, or event, at which point I run out the door and heavily rely on healthy “fast” food options that I can grab on the go. Since I do try to get a great workout in as often as possible (I schedule my workouts like appointments that I can’t break), I’m always so happy to be able to get fresh, healthy and delicious food, especially before or after a workout when I’m at Equinox.

Since I live downtown, I bounce between both Equinox Toronto locations at Bay and King, and Avenue and Bloor. Thankfully it doesn’t really matter which one I make it to in a day, since both offer amazing super food bars with everything you’d want for a pre or post workout meal.


So what are my favourite pre and post workout meals when I’m on the go at Equinox in Toronto? Well, my day always starts with a strong black coffee (preferably an Americano), followed by a veggie-packed green smoothie. When at Equinox on Bay Street, I like to order the ‘Drew’s Hulk‘ smoothie, and the ‘Peaches + Green‘ smoothie from IQ Foods inside Equinox Yorkville. Since I prefer to workout at lunch time, sometimes I need a small snack to give me the extra energy I need before a sweat session mid-day, which is when I turn to natural ‘power balls‘ available at both locations. Bonus: they always taste like sweet treats but are totally good for you.

After a heavy workout, I’m always starving and look forward to sitting down in the luxe Equinox lounge areas to re-fuel with a healthy and hearty lunch bowl that’s made fresh on site. Although menus change seasonally at both locations, right now I’m loving the Salmon Detox Box (pictured here) at the downtown Equinox for it’s crunchy quinoa and vibrant pomegranates, and the Mexican-inspired spicy Lima Box from IQ foods when I’m uptown.


For more tips and information on the best way to plan your daily meals to optimize your health and weight loss, read my #GCfit diet plan from my friend (and nutritionist) Jessica Morris Health HERE.






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