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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

My New Mom Skin Care Routine For Sensitive Skin

By Gracie Carroll

Olay Sensitive review = Gracie Carroll - Edit Seven

“Make sure you’ve got lots of food you can eat with one hand!” is one key piece of advice that I received from moms and dads alike in the lead up to the birth of our daughter. So while I had my fridge (and freezer) stocked with one-hand-to-mouth foods in preparation, everyone failed to mention how I should prepare for the shift in my daily skin care routine as a skin care-obsessed beauty and lifestyle writer. It didn’t take long after the arrival of our baby girl for me to realize that keeping up with my regular routine would definitely be anything but easy with my arms constantly full holding a little baby. These days, it truly feels as though just getting a chance to wash my face in the morning or at night feels like a huge mom win; and I’m not exaggerating one bit.

During my pregnancy, I noticed early on that my skin became extra sensitive thanks to my raging hormones, and although they have since calmed down (thankfully), my skin concerns now surround both my own sensitive skin, and the sensitive skin of my newborn baby. Although I’ve always paid close attention to the ingredients in beauty products I use, I immediately became hyper aware of every scent and product as soon as she was born.

Here are the changes I’ve made to my skin care routine as a new mom!

Olay Sensitive review = Gracie Carroll - Edit Seven

From 10 Steps To 1 Step Real Quick

Although I am half Korean, I’ve never managed to keep up with the infamous 10-step Korean skin care routine you’ve likely heard about, or even tried. I’d say my daily skin care routine in my pre-baby life was a solid 5 to 6 step routine, which has quickly fallen to a 1 step routine, if I’m lucky. As mentioned earlier, this one step is really about just trying to get my face washed at some point in the day so that I can feel human again. Since baby Ruby’s arrival, I’ve switched to the Olay Sensitive Fragrance Free Calming Liquid Cleanser that I’ve loved using because it’s gentle, free of fragrance, dyes and soaps and doesn’t irritate my skin, or her skin when we spend time cuddling skin to skin (which is very often).

Olay Sensitive review = Gracie Carroll - Edit Seven

Makeup For What?

To be honest my daily makeup routine has never involved much, but, still, I used to at least manage a swipe of mascara and lipstick before I left the house. These days that’s totally gone out the window, unless it’s for a (very) special occasion or the baby happens to be taking an extra long nap before we head out the door.

Olay Sensitive review = Gracie Carroll - Edit Seven

All Hail The Power of The Face Wipe

Ah the face wipe. One of my all-time favourite beauty products for when I’ve felt lazy at the end of the long day. These days, it’s less about laziness and more about accommodating my one-handed skin care routine. Seriously though, when the baby doesn’t want to be out of your arms, your only option for a fresh face feeling is relying on the ease of a handy face wipe that you can grab and use with one hand. Thankfully, the Olay Sensitive range includes Calming Makeup Remover Wipes that are also fragrance-free. They’re not only soft and moist, but can actually remove dirt and makeup (and who knows what else when a baby is involved) off your face.

Olay Sensitive review = Gracie Carroll - Edit Seven

Do you have any skin care tips for busy new moms? If you do, please share!



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

*Please note that this post has been brought to you in partnership with Olay Canada, all thoughts and opinions are our own*

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