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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Nail Art Inspo To Cop This Saint Patrick’s Day

By Edit Seven

Since we may not be able to full-on celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day this year (ugh, when will Miss Rona go away?), there are a few subtle ways we can prepare and get excited over the holiday. For the women who like to dress up for the occasion, a simple hair accessory, matching your outfit or, yes you guessed it, painting your nails can do the trick! A good color can jazz up any outfit, and a well-designed nail art can amplify your mood. So, why not go to your favorite nail salon (or you could also DIY it), and request a Saint Patrick’s Day nail art that mirrors your personality?

But, just before you go, here are seven Saint Patrick’s Day nail art inspo we love that we thought you would too!

Simple, But Make It Extra!

saint patrick's day nail art

via @lightslacquer

For the refined and minimalist woman, one color and plenty of glitter is enough. This color from Lights Lacquer perfectly captures the color of Saint Patrick’s Day. You can even notice the little gold flecks that make this nail color very apt to wear this holiday!

Not All That Glitters

saint patrick's day nail art

via @ellablissbeautybar

The key point in this nail art? Glitter! What more appropriate occasion to wear glitter and gold than on Saint Patrick’s Day? Utilize the colors of the holiday, and don’t forget to make them shine.


St. Patrick's Day nail art

via @lightslacquer

This is another simple, yet beautiful nail art design you can do yourself. Although, this definitely needs precise and controlled hands. So, if you have neither, it may be best to visit your favorite nail salon. Just like the previous nail art designs, the glitter detail makes it stand out more.

Easy DIY

Saint Patrick's Day nail art

via @ptp.nails

This is an easy and subtle nail art you can definitely do yourself for Saint Patrick’s Day! The pastel colors used, together with the different colors reflecting the holiday, display a youthful charm to any wearer. It’s also versatile enough to wear even after the Saint Patrick’s Day!

Quirky and Artsy

st. patrick's day nail art

via @moonchild.nails

For young and young-at-heart, we’ver got the perfect quirky Saint Patrick’s Day nail art for you! It’s definitely not one you should do on your own, unless you have the talent for it. But, we’re pretty sure the trip to the nail salon would be worth it. Doesn’t this design make you want to smile?

Saint Patrick’s Day Nail Glam

Saint Patrick's Day nail art

via @tarnys.nails

If makeup glam has a nail art counterpart, this would probably be it. I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s like if an Instagram baddie meets the Powerpuff Girls. It’s edgy, cute, and sexy all in one! Pointy nails with sexy, yet colorful designs? Yes, please!

Effortless Pressies

Saint Patrick's Day nail art

Now if you don’t have the time to make your nails look pretty in preparation for Saint Patrick’s Day, don’t fret. Pressies are the way to go! They’re effortless to do, and it would literally just take you minutes to finish. Try these pressies from Naked Beauty Bar, inspired by the Bottega Veneta Spring-Summer 2021 runway show.




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