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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

If You Need Me, I’ll Be Bingeing These Movies and TV Shows Until The New Year!

By Carmela Valencia

One of the best things I love during the holidays is the chance to binge-watch and catch up on my fave shows and new movie releases. It seems like Hollywood likes to release the best movies during Christmastime, and perhaps with good reason. It’s the only time people actually have time. In my case, besides the time-availability thing, I’m also not really the type to wait for new episodes every week; I like to devour them in one sitting, if my eyeballs don’t already hate me at the eighth-hour mark. And, I guess that’s the wonder of streaming, right? Giving you the chance to binge a whole season at your most available time. I’m sure that whether you’re into deep, contemplative movies and TV shows, or into feel-good, even comical shows, there’s a Netflix or HBO Max show here for you!

Ready to couch potato it up all through the New Year? Get a drink and press play. Here are 7 movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix and HBO Max this holiday!

The Princess Switch 3

I watched the first movie out of boredom, the second out of curiosity, and now I’m invested! As you’ll see, this is the only Christmas movie in this list (and perhaps the only one I’ll watch this year). I’m not really a fan of Christmas movies, you see. But there’s something about this installment that just piqued my amusement and retained my interest. Maybe I just love seeing Vanessa Hudgens portray three different characters in one movie, or maybe I’m excited to see Remi Hii as Vanessa’s leading man. Either way I’m excited to watch this movie on Christmas Eve!

Don’t Look Up

available to stream December 24

Meryl Streep. Leonardo DiCaprio. Jennifer Lawrence. Jonah Hill. Cate Blanchett. The list of star-studded celebrities in this movie is reason enough to watch! Based on the trailer, Don’t Look Up is a satirical take on how people react to a global crisis — in this case, a planet-killer comet the size of Mt. Everest. While the movie is sure to be comical (especially with improvised scenes and lines from the amazing cast), it also shows insight on politics, celebrity, and social media.

Death to 2021

available to stream December 27

Death to 2021 is Netflix’s mockumentary comedy special that retells the dreadful events and occasional delights of the year . . . but in a fun way. Mixing archival footage with scripted sketches, like interviews from fictitious characters played by Hugh Grant, Lucy Liu, Lisa Kudrow, and many other actors, is the charm of this movie. I’ve watched the first one, Death to 2020, and had a great laugh, so I have no doubt that this will be a banger as well.

Dynasty (Season 4)

Fallon Carrington and Sam from Dynasty season 4

courtesy of Netflix

Now I know that the season was made available to stream since October, and the fifth season already aired on Monday. But knowing myself, I just know that I won’t be able to function until I finish all of the fourth season’s 22 episodes, and so I’m allotting 22 this week.

Now we left the Carringtons in a loved-up state in season 3, albeit the suspicions and hidden schemes. Kirby with Adam, Sam (possibly) with Scorpio the stripper, and of course, Fallon with Liam. And this season I can’t wait to see this last couple tie the knot! Shhh, no spoilers!

And Just Like That…

Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte walking

courtesy of HBO Max

If you’ve been a fan of the Sex and the City franchise (who isn’t?), you’ll probably be planted in your couch, watching its 10-episode revival show, And Just Like That…, this holiday break too. Now, since HBO Max is dropping the episodes per week, it won’t be as big of a binge, and we’ll have something to look forward to every week until February.

Set 11 years after the events of Sex and the City 2 movie, the story follows Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte as they navigate life, friendship, and love in their 50s.

Emily in Paris (Season 2)

Emily in Paris season 2 - Emily with a man in front of Eiffel Tower

courtesy of Netflix

If you need me, I’ll be in Paris this holiday season. That is, I’ll be living vicariously through Emily in Paris. Oh, to be Emily having the time of her life in France, loved by the French. One can only hope. We last left Emily hooking up with her next-door neighbour, Gabriel, who is also her friend Camille’s boyfriend. That would make for an awkward brunch, no? But if the trailer promises us anything, it’s that Emily will be exploring love and the intricacies of relationships and learn from it. Perhaps we’ll also be seeing her mature and grow this season?

Emily in Paris is available to stream on Netflix today, December 22.

You (Season 3)

shows and movies to watch this holiday - You (Joe and Love looking at each other)

courtesy of Netflix

Okay, so this is another series that was available for streaming since October. I told you, I had a lot to catch up on. Luckily there are only 10 episodes, so it’s a more manageable and shorter binge than Dynasty. This is, perhaps, what I’m most looking forward to watch among all the Netflix movies and shows on this list. I’ve been waiting for it since the last episode of season 2 ended, and I’ve been trying my best to steer clear of spoilers since its release. This holiday’s theme: twisted love. And there’s no other couple to embody that than Love and Joe. I can’t wait to see how these flawed characters would be as a newly-married couple and parents, not to mention as a murder-psycho duo. Fingers crossed for a happy ending.



(Story by Assistant Editor, Carmela Valencia)

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