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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

OMG I Finally Found Stockings That Don’t Rip and They’re Amazing

By Gracie Carroll


Stocking season has never been my favourite time of year for one main reason: I’ve never met a stocking (that’s under 100 denier) that I didn’t rip within one wear. Never mind one wear, a stocking that I didn’t rip while just trying to get them on!

I remember back in fashion school when a friend of mine asked me to model in her show, and I went through at least 10 pairs of sheer stockings just because a giant run would appear every single freaking time I put a pair on. In the end, I had to walk the runway with a rip in my stockings and it was totally mortifying.

Ever since, my relationship with stockings has been rather sour, and I’ve always assumed that my only options for hosiery were super thick, and super opaque — no sexy pantyhose for this lady. But all has changed this year since my recent discovery of stockings that don’t rip (FOR REAL) from SECRET® SILKY® hosiery with LYCRA® FUSION™ technology.

If you think that I made an effort to be more careful when putting these stockings on, you would be wrong. Because, apparently, that is impossible for me. The first moment I put them on I was instantly impressed because I’d managed to put on a pair of sheer hosiery without creating a run for THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. I’m not even joking. This moment truly made me feel like I had (finally) cracked one of the codes of adulting as a woman.

Then came the next moment of truth I would have to face: how long would these last before an inevitable rip would appear? After all, these stocking-clad stems would not only have to endure a busy day of running around and events, but two furry pets at home “paw-ing” for my attention.


To my amazement, these stockings even held up against my little #OliveRoll constantly jumping up and down at my feet, and crawling all over me. The strength in SECRET® SILKY® hosiery comes from their use of LYCRA® FUSION™ technology that helps prevent any holes or snags from becoming runs so you don’t even have to worry about them! Not only do they have the ability to resist runs, but SECRET® pantyhose are made with LYCRA® fiber to help them keep their shape, and fit like a glove from your waist to your toes.

Before I even left the house on the first day I put a pair of SECRET® SILKY® stockings on, I already had a new-found confidence that I could actually wear sheer stockings without destroying them. It may sound silly to some, but not having to constantly worry about getting runs in your stockings really does provide a surprising amount of stress relief. Most of all, I’m just so happy to no longer have to turn to a heavy duty 100 denier tight as my only option during stocking season.


For more information on SECRET® SILKY® hosiery made with LYCRA® FUSION™ technology visit www.SECRETlegwear.com . Shop the collection online or at your favourite Canadian retailer.



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

*Please note that this post is sponsored by LYCRA® brand. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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