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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Products Worthy To Invest On To Help You Sleep Better

By Carmela Valencia

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I don’t know about you, but I love having a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t mean, though, that I always get it. As someone who struggles with sleep, I found that there are a lot of things that can help me sleep better. Now that the time and seasons are changing, I feel like there are some who would need my newfound discoveries, too. 

You might think these are a bit extra, but trust someone who used to have the TV playing all night just to fall asleep—these are definitely great investments!

Insight Timer Sleep & Meditation App

insight timer app 

Perhaps my best discovery this year is this app. For someone who couldn’t sleep without a background noise on, finding Insight Timer is a godsend. 

You can choose from countless sleep meditations, sleep stories, and calming music to play right before you sleep. If you’re someone who struggles from slowing down your thoughts, the app has sleep meditations and exercises you can do as you’re laying in bed to help your mind relax and fall asleep. Alternatively, if you simply want some background noise while sleeping, you can choose from their countless sleep stories (also available for kids) or background music.

I find that playing this instead of a show or a podcast makes my sleep better, and I wake up feeling refreshed the next day. Best of all, the app is completely free!

Sunrise & Sunset Clock

Philips SmartSleep Connect on a bedside table for better sleep

With the changing of seasons, we’re experiencing longer nights and shorter days. As a result, our sleeping schedule and patterns may be affected, too. What I like about the SmartSleep clock by Philips is that it simulates the sunset, and slowly decreases its light and brightness to help you adjust and relax for better sleep. It also has relaxation sounds and light-guided breathing to help you unwind. I also love that it simulates sunrise, as the light slowly brightens to prepare your body to wake up when your alarm goes off. 

Saje Diffuser & Essential Oils

Saje diffuser with diffuser blends 

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, ambience is everything—from your bedroom’s temperature down to its smell. I find that it’s easier for me to succumb to sleep when I’m diffusing essential oils as I’m about to get ready for bed. 

Saje has cruelty-free, all-natural, and vegan essential oils and diffuser blends that are perfect in aiding to slow down your rhythm for the night, and let relaxation seep in. When looking for the perfect diffuser blend to help make your sleep better, look for those with lavender or chamomile ingredients.

Lavender Pillow Spray

Deep Sleep pillow spray from This Works

Scientists have proven that lavender helps improve sleep quality and reduce sleep anxiety. The brand This Works has used that information, and developed their Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, which contains lavender, chamomile, and vetivert oils to calm your mind and body. All you need is a few spritz on your pillow for that extra step of good sleep. 

Gel Bead Eye Mask

box of grace & stella gel bead eye mask

This gel bead eye mask, from Vancouver-based brand grace & stella, has both sleeping and beauty benefits. What I love about this eye mask is that you can use this to completely block out the lights, plus you can heat it up or cool it down depending on the benefits you want to receive.

I usually use the cold eye mask before sleeping to relieve my tired eyes from all the work I’ve done during the day. Meanwhile, using the warm mask for sleep can help you relax and increase the blood flow in the eye area. 

Tease Chamomile Tea

chamomile tea bag from Tease Tea

The chamomile tea from Tease Tea invokes calm and comfort, and is perfect to brew right before bedtime. I drink mine about 30 minutes before bed, while reading a good book or journaling. And let me tell you, it’s such a relaxing thing to do!

What I love about the brand is that their chamomile tea is made of all organic Egyptian chamomile flowers, and they ethically source from sustainable tea gardens. Tease Tea also supports and empowers women through their programs and partnerships.

White Terry Sheets

clean White Terry sheets for better sleep

The last, but certainly the most important thing to help you sleep better is a set of durable, comfortable, and luxury sheets. It’s probably the one thing we have to invest on to get a good night’s rest. White Terry Home offers these luxury, minimalist bedspreads that can last you for years, for an affordable price. Their materials are 100 percent organic cotton, with 400 thread-count for a breathable and comfortable feel. 

What I love about the brand is that sustainability is at its core. They sustainably harvest and manufacture their products, and they support fair, ethical wage.



(Story by Assistant Editor, Carmela Valencia)

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