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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Sarah Beaudoin of Gibou Shares Her Montreal City Guide

By Gracie Carroll

Gibou Montreal city guide

If you’ve been keeping up with our Founder Files features, you might remember Sarah Beaudoin of Gibou — the Montreal-based knit accessories brand that creates sustainable products that are hand knit by retirees. Here Sarah shares her guide to where to eat, drink, shop and hang out in her Montreal City Guide! Check it out below:

Where To Eat

cafe parvis montreal

For Breakfast:

Bistro Le PassĂ© ComposĂ©. You need to try everything on the menu, it’s so delicious!

For Lunch:

Café Parvis. The aesthetic is outstanding and the ambiance is so relaxed.

For Dinner:

Foxy. Rustic food made by fire in Orégon, a Montréal suburb. The people are nice, the vibe is good and the food is delicious!

Where To Drink

mayfair montreal

The Bar:

La Buvette chez Simone is the best spot in the Plateau for a cocktail and the clientele has the best style.

The Party:

Mayfair is the reliable “party until 3am” venue, familiar to true Montrealers.

Where to Shop:

boutique vestibule montreal

Boutique Vestibule sur St-Laurent. You can find an insane amount of décor and gift ideas!

Boutique C’est Beau sur Mont-Royal, soon to be opening and offering many beautiful local products.

La Bijouterie Myel, a made-in-Montreal boutique jeweller.

And, of course, Boucle et Papier sur St-Laurent, for all your lovely stationary needs.

Where to…

montreal city guide

Hang out:

My favourite street is the East Laurier Street. There’s a tons of cute boutiques, coffee spots and good sandwiches shops. If you come to Montreal during the summer, finish your day at the Laurier Park with a beer and a picnic… it’s the best chilling spot!

Thank you, Sarah!

For more info on Gibou please visit Gibou.ca



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