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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Shop For Your Star Sign: Style Horoscopes April 2018 Are Here!

By Bryanna Brown

Edit Seven Astro Style Horoscopes April 2018

If you need an excuse to shop, you can thank your lucky stars. Switch up your winter wardrobe with colourful pieces that will inspire confidence to help you achieve your goals, whether they be romantic, or career-related. You’re destined to stun! Here are your star sign style horoscopes for April 2018:


This spring you’re may feel torn between work and play (especially if it’s your birthday), so work smarter and wear pieces that you can do both in comfortably. This green ruched dress from Loeil will inspire the money-making confidence you need at the office and after hours.

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(Loeil Dress, USD 118.00)


You’re so glowy, Taurus! Your hard work has not gone unnoticed by the universe, so why not treat yo’self? Your power colour yellow happens to be this year’s hottest new hue. If you’re afraid to try the trend full on, these lucite shoes with real pressed flowers sealed in the heels from Mango will have you looking even more angelic than you already are.

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(Mango Shoes CAD 129.99 – These are worth getting on the waitlist for!)


April is all about taking care of yourself. As one of the most social signs of the zodiac, this month you need to take a step back and recharge your emotional batteries. This simple Innaka Choo smock top will suit you at home when you want to chill and will look fantastic with jeans when you’re ready to reunite with your BFFs.

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(Innaka Choo Smock USD 149.00)


My fellow crabs, you’ve been making moves and new friends at work which means you need, drumroll please, a bright, beautiful and bold power suit. This matching set from Aritzia will bathe you in the limelight you’ve been craving.

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(Aritzia Blazer CAD 195.00Aritzia Pant CAD 145.00)


More than ever, Leo, people are looking up to you and expect you to glow on command. If you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear, start recycling your favourite outfits and switch up your hairstyles. Cut down drying time in your morning routine with Dyson‘s Supersonic Blow Dryer, and spend that extra time getting work done.

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(Dyson Supersonic Blow Dryer, CAD 499.99)


It’s time for a detox, Virgo! Get rid of what isn’t working in your closet, and send off pieces that can fetch you cash to the consignment store. Reward yourself for a job well done with a sleek pair of hoops by Jenny Bird.

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(Jenny Bird Hoops, CAD 85.00)


Single Libras, April is all about having fun, no-strings-attached action. Make them wonder who you are and what mystical planet you hail from in this Hayley Elsaesser crop set. Attached? Mix these pieces into outfits separately or add a windbreaker for a fashion-forward look.

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(Hayley Elsaesser Crop CAD 135.00)


Looking for a new gig this month? You could find a fantastic opportunity if you play your cards and your wardrobe correctly. Remember, clothes inspire confidence. A professional tote that won’t crush your resume en route to your interview is a must.

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(Everlane Leather Tote, USD 165.00)


You’re healthy, wealthy and wise this month Sag, but do you have the bandwidth to take on a second job or work opportunity? Something you’ve wanted to try could pop up! Add a new blazer like this one from Reformation to your rotation so that you can make sure you’re looking sharp 24/7.

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(Reformation Valero Jacket USD 248.00)


Cappy, you’re always go-go-going, but it’s time to slow down and focus on your health. Tap into the divine feminine energy with Cardea Auset’s Rose Quartz Roller to stimulate your skin and feel like a super-witch simultaneously. Hot tip: keep it in the fridge to de-puff your eyes.

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(Cardea Auset Rose Quartz Facial Roller, CAD 38)


Water bearers, I’ve got good news and not so fantastic news. Not so fantastic news first: beware of burning out this month. Close your extra internet tabs, use airplane mode on your phone and meditate. The good news: an opportunity for love is just around the corner. Wear something sexy and straightforward (like this Stevie top from Realisation) that will draw them in like a moth to a flame.

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(Realisation Par Stevie Top USD 150)


If you’re working towards a big career goal, start thinking big and get dreamy. The best clothes for dreaming are comfortable ones, which is why I suggest these high waisted, wedgie-proof undies by Everlane.

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(Everlane High Rise Hipster – USD 12 or 3 for 27 USD)

Happy Shopping!



(Story by Contributor, Bryanna Brown of The Star Crossed)

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