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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Shop For Your Star Sign: Style Horoscopes April 2019 Are Here!

By Bryanna Brown

Edit Seven - Style Horoscopes April 2019

Are you ready to shed your winter skin? The spring weather helps us to get back in our flow thanks to Mercury’s direct movement late last month. While our messenger planet moves forward, three planets go retrograde in April, helping us to reassess our luck, structure, and attitudes towards change. Take the opportunity to revisit your wins this year when Jupiter, the planet of opportunity goes retrograde on the 10th. Being aware of your blessings can help you seek out silver linings in every situation. Venus, our planet of charm and beauty enters spicy Aries on the 20th, getting us out of our fashion comfort zones. If you see a trend that sparks your interest, go boldly where your fashion fam has not gone before. A full moon in Libra arrives on the 19th, marking it as an excellent Friday to link up with your besties. The Sun enters money minded Taurus on the 20th, helping us to refocus our attitude towards our finances. Consider the changes that you’ve gone through this year as tiny Pluto goes retrograde on the 24th. Strict Saturn turns retrograde on the 29th, taking our training wheels off – it’s time for everyone to be more accountable for our actions.

Keep reading for what’s in store for your sign and what to buy in this month’s Style Horoscopes April 2019!



Edit Seven - Style Horoscopes April 2019

You’re living your best life this month, Aries. Your ruling planet, the Sun is helping you to self-actualize the lessons learned over the past year. A Mercury Neptune conjunction on the 2nd will assist you with connecting your intentions to your daily duties, giving you a fresh new perspective. A Jupiter retrograde on the 10th helps you to look back on your learnings and the places that have shaped you. Charming Venus conjuncts perceptive Neptune on the 19th, helping you to think outside the box when it comes to matters of the heart. Single rams could find themselves attracted to people who aren’t their type. Go with the flow, and see where it takes you. The Sun leaves your sign on the 20th and opens the doors of your 2nd house of material possessions. He’ll help you to think creatively about what you need and what you want. Your career ruler Saturn begins retrograde on the 29th, creating a stricter rulebook for work.

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style horoscopes april 2019

Earning and learning go together on the 7th when Mercury and Saturn sextile, Aries. When these two planets are working together, you could have the opportunity to level up your skills with travel or education. If you’re itching to make some money moves, wait until the 16th when Mercury enters fiery Aries. Any chats that you have about cash will work in your favour. Get ready to soak up the spotlight on the 20th, when the Sun shifts his gaze to your first house. When our star lights this area up, he helps you to gain confidence and give you an inner glow. On the 24th, your love planet Pluto goes retrograde. Our furthest planet moves backward for about 6 months every year, which helps you to re-evaluate your romantic relationships. If you’re single, this can help you to set better boundaries to protect your heart. Create a new set of rules for yourself on the 29th when Saturn, your personal planet of travel and learning goes retrograde. Get a more precise view and try on some new shades to protect and refine your perspective.

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Edit Seven - Style Horoscopes April 2019

Getting back into the swing of things takes a little work, Gemini. Messenger planet Mercury helps out as he moves direct! He sextiles with Saturn on the 7th, influencing you to strategize your speech more carefully. Lucky Jupiter, your romantic planetary ruler, begins retrograde on the 10th. After this day,  you’ll be able to look back into your relationships with a clearer understanding. It’s an ideal time for singles to inspect what they really need. Embrace vulnerability when the Sun moves into your 12th house on the 20th. Look at your day to day schedule and readjust when Pluto begins his retrograde on the 24th. Wear something that gives you confidence, like this bodysuit by Kathryn Bown.

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Edit Seven - Style Horoscopes April 2019

The Sun lights up your 10th house of career for the better part of the month, Cancer. Enjoy every minute that you can while our star illuminates your public image to the world. If you’ve been looking to switch careers or set a goal, the time to act is now. The moon begins anew in Aries on the 5th, helping you to set intentions that will stick until the moon is full in Libra on the 19th. It’s time to take a look at your schedule’s structure as your personal planet of daily duties – Jupiter goes retrograde on the 10th. Make adjustments and changes that improve your quality of life, rather than your ability to be productive. Life is for living – work can wait. On the 20th, The Sun makes his way into your networking 11th house. Make time to connect with people that haven’t drifted off your radar yet. Uranus’s move into your 11th house last month will bring you new and exciting faces. Slip on some shoes that will be sure to start some conversations.

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Edit Seven - Style Horoscopes April 2019

You’re exploring new territory for the first 19 days of the month, Leo. The Sun, your ruling planet lights up your 9th house of expansion and travel, helping you to think outside of the box that you’ve put yourself in. On the 7th, Mercury and Neptune conjunct, marrying your financial priorities with your responsibilities to your well being. Give thanks for your opportunities on the 10th, when Jupiter our planet of luck goes retrograde. You could have a professional breakthrough on the 10th when Venus and Neptune conjunct. The Sun brightens your 10th house of status on the 20th, helping you to receive the accolades that you so deserve. Pick up a new shirt that says both business and pleasure.

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Edit Seven - Style Horoscopes April 2019

Change is inevitable, but it is manageable, Virgo. The Sun highlights your 8th house of rebirth for three weeks of the month, placing your focus on your areas for growth. Be gentle with yourself while undergoing these transformations. Romance blossoms on the 2nd when Mercury and Neptune conjunct. You’re able to express your desires more easily as the messenger planet works with your personal love planet. The Sun brightens your 9th house of travel on the 20th, inspiring you to get out and see the world. Check out destinations that will help you to grow, as well as relax. Saturn takes his own vacation as he goes retrograde the 29th, forcing you to pay more attention to the rules. Treat yourself to a piece of delicate yet robust jewelry as a reminder of your own personal strength.

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Edit Seven - Style Horoscopes April 2019

Relationships are of the utmost importance to you, Libra, especially as the Sun illuminates your 7th house of long-term partnerships. For the next three weeks, you’ll find strength in your tightest circles – honour those bonds by hosting a dinner party or making time for your favourites. Venus and Neptune conjunct on the 10th, opening up your discussions around health and work with your loved ones. If you’ve been feeling frustrated about your schedule, you could have a eureka moment as you talk about it to your most trusted friends. On the same day, Libra’s communication planet Jupiter goes retrograde. You won’t have to worry about getting tongue-tied, but you should examine the opportunities that spoken and written word can bring you. You’re revitalized on the 20th when the Sun enters your 8th house of reinvention. Why not step out in something that helps you stand out the right way?

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Edit Seven - Style Horoscopes April 2019

Putting your focus on your well-being will be your top priority, as the Sun reenergizes your 6th house of health this month, Scorpio. Keep your eye on the prize, and you’ll be ready for whatever life throws you. A magical and romantic vibe blows through you on the 10th when Venus and Neptune conjunct. Venus rules love while Neptune infuses a romantic glow into your day. If you’re single, you’ll be able to make better judgment calls when it comes to spending your time with potential partners. Your career ruler, the Sun trines Jupiter on the 14th, bringing you an extraordinary windfall. It might not be raining cash, but keep your eyes peeled for money-making opportunities. On the 20th, the Sun makes his way into your 7th house of long term partnerships – both business and romantic. Paying attention to non-verbal cues will help you to manage your relationships and gain trust and love. Cozy up in a chic cardigan, one of 2019’s up and coming trends.

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Edit Seven - Style Horoscopes April 2019

The spring season brought the Sun into you 5th house of pleasure, which you can enjoy until the 20th, Sagittarius. Get creative, meet new people and insert yourself into new and exciting situations! This is an excellent time for singles to get out of their comfort zones and expand their social circles. Lucky Jupiter goes retrograde on the 10th. Your sign’s planetary ruler may be moving backward, but there’s nothing to fear – when he moves in reverse, you gain a better understanding of the universe’s gift’s. Be ready for lightning to strike on the 14th when Jupiter trines the Sun. Be on the lookout during this lucky day. Take care of yourself on the 20th when the Sun enters your 6th house of well-being. Pick up a whimsical new handbag while you’re living it up!

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Edit Seven - Style Horoscopes April 2019

Home and family come first for the majority of the month when the Sun inhabits your 4th house of home and family, Capricorn. Take care of your foundations for the first three weeks of April – The Sun’s illumination will help you with everything from renovation projects to relationship building. Ask for what you want on the 7th when Mercury and Saturn are sextile. This favourable position connects the messenger planet with Capricorn’s planetary ruler. A Venus – Neptune conjunction on the 10th inspires your creative side at work – follow your intuition. Venus is your personal planet of career and professional growth, so listen to your gut on the 20th when she sashays into Aries. On the same day, the Sun moves into your 5th house of pleasure. Mix business with pleasure and have fun at work!  

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Edit Seven - Style Horoscopes April 2019

You’re sharp as a tack for the next three weeks, Aquarius. The Sun, your personal love planet lights up your 3rd house of communication until the 20th, helping you to speak your mind with clarity and intention. If you’re dating someone new, they’ll know exactly where your head’s at. Listening skills will be enhanced, helping you to understand what your partner needs and wants. Your focus shifts to home improvements on April 10th, your home and family planet Venus conjoins with money-minded Neptune. On the same day, The Sun squares rule oriented Saturn creating rifts around expectations. Understand the difference between going with the flow and bending to someone else’s will – you’ve got this. The Sun shifts his gaze to your 4th house of home and family on the 20th, bringing your attention and affection to your foundations. Add a pair of sparkling Susan Alexandra Merry hoops to your outfits this spring to remind you of the importance of listening.

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Edit Seven - Style Horoscopes April 2019

We are living in a material world, Pisces. The sun spends the first three weeks of the month in your 2nd house of possessions, helping you to take stock of what brings you joy. Before you whip out your wallet, consider the reasoning behind your spending. Are you attempting to fill a hole? Work on healing your need before you go shopping. It’s ok to want things, but it’s better to understand your purchasing habits. Lucky Jupiter begins his retrograde on the 10th, giving you the opportunity to consider your career blessings. Have you been using your resources to your advantage? You’re full of confidence on the 16th when your love ruler Mercury enters fiery Aries. Is it time to treat yourself? Invest in a new bag to take out on the town. This petite orange number by Jaquemus is chic and humorous.

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(Story by Contributing Editor, Bryanna Brown of Star Crossed Style)


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