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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Shop For Your Star Sign: Style Horoscopes August 2018 Are Here!

By Bryanna Brown

edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping august

Summer’s intense eclipses have us blowing off steam! We choose to do so with some educated online window shopping. We want to start off August on a positive note in how you can actively dress your best so that you feel stellar! Mercury is in retrograde until the 19th, so continue to slow down as we approach Virgo season. It will be time to get organized in different ways for each sign, read below on how to act accordingly and shop for your star sign during the month of August:


zara short dress with ruching edit seven toronto 2018

Did you know that your personal planet of love and cash is Venus, Ram? She’s taking some time to herself with a solstice this month. From the 5th to the 9th, she’ll slow down and change directions. When she does this, it symbolizes that you will too! Re-evaluate how you spend your money and your emotions. On the 11th of the month, you might have a breakthrough! This is thanks to a solar eclipse occurring in your 5th house of creativity. Use this combination of movements to stoke your fire. With a fresh outlook, you could create something fabulous! Try on this spicy and unexpected ruched dress. You’ll be sure to create a rubberneck situation wherever you go.

(Zara Brown Ruched Dress, 129.00 CAD)


mango lace up boots edit seven toronto 2018

You’re always focused on finances, Taurus. Your financial planet, Mercury is partially responsible for this. While it goes into retrograde 3 times per year, you’re encouraged to reassess how you earn best. How has this changed your spending? Keep a journal and look back at it after the retrograde has cleared on the 19th. Hold off on spending anything frivolous until then, if possible. It’s honestly the best way to avoid regretful purchases! This way, you won’t have bring your 3 AM final sale item persnickety consignment store. If you can save your pennies until the 19th, spend it on something you know you’ll love when fall hits. These lace-up booties will look amazing with printed wrap dresses, jeans, and shorts.

(Mango lace-up boots, 149.99 CAD)


province apothecary custom face serum edit seven 2018

Mercury in retrograde is always an exciting time for you, Gemini. This planet rules your sign, along with all things related to your family and home. When Mercury goes retrograde, it asks us to slow down and examine details. These are a few of the amazing and overlooked perks of this time! You could find old jewelry you were looking for, and get organized around the house. Organization is essential! The upcoming solar eclipse on the 11th will affect how you come across to others. Use this “spidey sense” and awareness to attack any paperwork with gusto! Get down to the nitty gritty with Province Apothecary custom face serum. They’ll tailor it to your specific skin type.

(Province Apothecary Custom Face Serum, 40.00 CAD) 


mejuri small hoops edit seven 2018 toronto

The solar eclipse on the 11th will occur in your house of finances, Cancer. Not to worry! Eclipses are fantastic for sorting out what is or isn’t working your life. If you’ve been overspending on fleeting trends, it’s time to resist the lust for compliments. (Fresh likes on a new outfit post get me every time). Now is a time to recognize what you need to do to accomplish your financial goals for the rest of summer. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop, only that you’re aware of what’s going on. Slip on a piece of timeless jewelry that reminds you that you’re good as gold when you want to reach for your credit card.

(Mejuri small solid gold hoops, 62.00 CAD)


realisation par the vivienne tiger dress edit seven toronto 2018

Oh, sweet Leo, Eclipses are always such an emotional time for you! This upcoming case of “sunblock” will shake you as it occurs directly in your sign. Mark your calendar for August 11th, because deep introspection is on the menu! This eclipse will offer you the opportunity to look at all parts of your being. It’s time to remove what isn’t serving you. On the 19th your financial planet, Mercury will be going direct. You’ll be able to calm down when it comes to managing your money, so why not use the last days of Leo season to glow up? We know that your sign is the lion, but you need to embrace your inner and outer tiger. Animal prints do taking off in a big way this fall and you’ll be ahead of the curve. You’ll pull off this out-of-control dress like no-one else.

(Realisation Par Vivienne Dress in Tiger, 250.00 USD)


staud clothing daphne skirt lilac stone toronto edit seven 2018

Solar eclipses are so exciting, Virgo. We say this because their nature is very akin to yours. Eclipses help us look at the world in black and white. This is your innate ability. As this eclipse enters your house of spirituality on the 11th of the month, you may face a new perspective. Let yourself be open to new concepts, and see where it takes you. Have you been waiting patiently for your season to begin? As the sun enters your sign on the 22nd of August, you’ll be feeling sensual and bright. Combined with your new viewpoint, you’ll be irresistible. Slip on this silk lavender skirt by Staud to magnify your sense and style.

(Staud Daphne Skirt, 190.00 USD)


you babe before anyone else valentina jumpsuit terracotta edit seven toronto 2018

You’re a natural born people-pleaser, Libra but that doesn’t make you a pushover by any stretch. The solar eclipse on the 11th will highlight your friendships and may test a few of them. Tap into your core foundation of zen, and act on what you believe is right. Now is not the time for indecision. Single? Be extra careful with any dating apps! Your relationship planet Mars is both out of bounds and in retrograde. Translation: wildcards enter the scene. If an ex pops up on your Bumble or Tinder, don’t say we didn’t warn you! Proceed with caution! Do something for yourself and rock clothes that make you feel powerful.

(Before Anyone Else Terracotta Jumpsuit 189.00 CAD)


lululemon bike shorts women 2018 edit seven toronto

Work is foremost in your mind at the moment, Scorpio. When you take a peek back at the summer’s events, do you notice any patterns? The eclipse on August 11th is here to change up everything career-wise for you, yet again! You are a born strategist, so use this day to take notes on what you’ve done to accomplish your goals.  Check in with yourself, and see what you need to do to mark them off your list. Make sure to watch how you’re treating your bod, buddy. This level of excitement can put your health at risk. You’re most useful when you are healthy, and it doesn’t hurt to have an extra pair of bike shorts kicking around the house.

(Lululemon Bike Shorts 74.00 CAD)


ASOS DESIGN blazer in cord edit seven toronto 2018

If you’ve been waiting to get your career to the next level, August 19th is going to be your day! Your personal planetoid of career, Mercury will be going direct. An added bonus to this movement in the heavens is an unexpected perk of Virgo season! The sun moves into your career house on the 22nd. Use the beginning of this month to line your ducks up in a row, and shoot ‘em all down! You’re known for being one of the more fashion forward, and fearless signs. We’re offering you this corduroy blazer. It’s fresh and unexpected, just like you.

(Asos Design blazer 115.72 CAD)


Zara Leopard Print Maxi Dress edit seven toronto 2018

Feeling a little itchy, Capricorn? Restless energies have been building for a while now. The solar eclipse on the 11th has something to do with this as you may be already sensing the effects. Your 8th house of regeneration will activate, inspiring you to face your fears. The great news is that you will come out on the other side, a whole new sea goat. We say that with love as you’re tough and persistent! Your sign is a beautiful metaphor: you can survive an oppressive ocean AND the scale highest mountains. Spend time before the eclipse to think about how you give meaning to the world and to yourself. It’s a big ask, but you’re up to the challenge. Wear something witchy! Anything that gives you air and makes you assume the world more deeply will enhance your senses.

(Zara Leopard Print Maxi Dress, 79.90 CAD)


with jean isabelle dress daisy green edit seven 2018 toronto

Last month you may have dealt with your fair share of drama with your job Aquarius. The stars are asking, no demanding that you work on your romantic relationships. If you’re attached, the solar eclipse will be affecting the ones that you love and how you perceive them. Mark August 11th in your iCal to schedule time with your loved one. You’ll need to listen to your partner and exercise patience. If you need to explore issues, work them out until you’re both satisfied. If you’re single, grab the biggest red marker, find your calendar and block off the weekend of August 25th and 26th. The moon will pass through your sign inspiring smooth sailing. If you’re in a relationship, this weekend is a great one to patch things up. This cute green sundress by With Jean will stir your partner or potential partners up.

(With Jean Isabelle Dress 179.00 USD)


Everlane Oversized Button-up shirt edit seven 2018 toronto

It’s time to get working, my little fishes. Last month you took care of your body so that you can succeed. This August 11th, the solar eclipse will occur in your house of health and work. It doesn’t sound like a significant change, but it’s the natural flow of the wheel! As one of the most empathetic signs, you might notice that your co-workers are going through a tough time. Professionally or personally, you need to put on your blinders and stay focused on your personal goals. Lucky Jupiter is your planet of career and has been giving you positive vibes since July. It’s a great time to make a move or find a new job. If you’re happily employed, don’t burn yourself out if you find a side gig! If clothes are the last thing on your mind, grab more workwear basics. Choose something that you can wear off duty too to keep your eye on the prize. This oversized button up works in and out of the office.

(Everlane Oversized Button-up shirt 60.00 CAD)



(Story by Contributing Editor, Bryanna Brown)

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