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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Shop For Your Star Sign: Style Horoscopes February 2019 Are Here!

By Bryanna Brown


This February, we’re moving into a new realm of open-mindedness! On February 7th, lucky Jupiter and the Sun will form a sextile that helps everyone to understand each other more clearly. If you’ve been itching towards making a positive change, Uranus and Mars will aid you from the 11th to the 14th as they conjoin. On the 17th, Neptune, our planet of innovation will conjoin with Venus our planet of charm and beauty. If you’re due for a shopping extravaganza, this is the day to revamp your closet! We enter a full moon in Virgo on the 19th which puts us into organizational overdrive. Pisces season arrives on the 20th shifting our focus from big ideas to big feelings. On the 27th, Mars is sextile with the Sun. This will end the month on an amped up note! 

Keep reading for what to buy for your star sign this month!


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If you’ve been plotting your next big move, Aries, messenger planet Mercury will help you to make your voice heard on the 7th when he sextiles with Mars! You’re ready to make your mark on the world from the eleventh to the fourteenth when Mars and Uranus conjoin. Uranus is a planet of innovation while Mars helps to add fuel to your fire! You’ve got the goods – it’s time to get to work! Pick up a new pair of jeans that will support the rest of your wardrobe. These pinch waist pair by Agolde is the silhouette of the moment so that you never feel dressed down.

(Pinch Waist Kick Jeans Agolde, 178.00 USD)


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You may feel like dropping some bills on the 7th, Taurus. Your personal cash planet Mercury sextiles with Mars. If you’re going to buy a big ticket item, consider a few things. Is this a sustainable purchase? Will I want it next year? How much wear will I get out of it? If It checks those three boxes and sparks some serious joy – you’re good to go. Mars will also have you moving forward in your career from the 11th to the 14th, while he travels with Uranus. The planet of innovation also manages your professional life. If there’s an opportunity that comes along during those days, snap it up! Find a piece that makes you feel powerful, like this dress by Rightful Owner.

(Self Portrait No. 3 Dress by Rightful Owner 290.00 CAD)


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Have you felt stuck in a rut lately, Gemini? Mercury, your planetary ruler, is going to sextile with Mars on Feb 7th, bringing the power of action to your words! Make sure that you plan well before this day. Mercury makes nice with Pluto on the 18th, conjoining their energy. Pluto is the ruler of mystery and secrets, so keep an eye for loose lips on this day! If you’ve been seeking truth from someone who has been withholding, they may let the cat out of the bag for you. Make sure that you’re wearing something sparkly for them to fixate on while they spill the tea.

(Pixie Market Pearl Barrettes, 16.00 USD)


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How do you fit into the world, Cancer? If you find yourself considering the broader meaning of life on the 7th, you’ll have Mercury and Mars to thank. The messenger planet – your personal spiritual ruler, is forming a sextile with your career planet, little red. Do you need to get away from it all for a while? Think about what drives your more profound sense of meaning in your pursuit of harmony. Mars will check on your progress when he conjoins with Uranus from the 11th to the 14th. Now is the time to innovate and act! Take yourself out of your comfort zone and find inspiration.

(Hayley Elsaesser Socrates Sweater 45.00 CAD)


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It’s time to start talking about how you feel about your finances, Leo. Mercury, your personal planet of investments will sextile with Mars on Feb 7th. Take advantage of their favourable positioning by being honest with yourself and others about what you need. Both single and attached Leos will experience a wave of bliss from the 11th to the 14th when Uranus and Mars conjoin! Innovative Uranus is your personal planetary ruler of love, while Mars helps to heat things up. If you’ve been going through a dry spell, these days will get you back on track! Say yes to new experiences, and have fun!

(Adam Selman Sport Dress 1354.95 CAD)


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If you’re single, you could catch someone’s eye (or vice versa) at work! Mars, Virgo’s planet of sexuality is forming a sextile with Mercury on the 7th. The messenger planet is responsible for moving your career along, so make sure that you’re smart about who you get involved with. The heart wants what the heart wants, so let yourself figure it out in time! If you’re attached, being busy at the office could stir up a fire in you. Bring that vibe home to your honey!

(Horses Atelier Cropped Jacket  395.00 CAD)


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Let love light up your life on the 7th, when Mercury is sextile with Mars! The communication planet helps to manage your luck, while the action planet helps you in your relationships. It’s an excellent day for singles to open up to new potential partners, and for attached Libras to find deeper connections. Innovative Uranus travels with your love planet Mars from the 11th to the 14th, bringing new people and ideas into your realm of romantic relationships. Dress up in shades of red to let people know that you’re ready for anything.

(Hilary MacMillan silk Slip dress 110.00 CAD)


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If you’ve felt constrained lately, Scorpio, a Mercury-Mars sextile will help you to air your concerns with ease. The communication planet will boost your co-ruling planet’s energy to get your goals back on track on the 7th! Uranus, your personal planet of home and family, will begin to travel the sky with Mars on the 11th until the 14th. While these two heavenly bodies are vibing off each other’s energy, you should invest your time in creating a harmonious home. Wear something comfortable and cute while you’re getting organized! If you’re in something that that isn’t pilled and frumpy, you could get turned off and lose your momentum.

(Daily Sleeper Loungewear dress, 250.00 USD)


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This month you’re going to get a whole new attitude when it comes to taking care of your well being, Sagittarius! On February 3rd, Venus, your planetary ruler of health and work moved into your financial house. She will spend the rest of the month beautifying your routines, at the office and the gym! Pick up a new matching set to take to your workout so that you can walk in and out of the studio with pride!

(The Upside Bra 94.95 The Upside Leggings 149.95 CAD)


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If you’ve been struggling to find peace at home, Capricorn, you’ll be happy to hear that two of your ruling planets are working together to bring it back! Mars your ruler of home and family is moving into a sextile with Mercury your ruler of health and work on February 7th. It’s easier to move past conflict when they are in a positive aspect with each other. You’ll be able to see some real change at home happen in a positive way when Uranus conjoins with Mars from the 11th to the 14th. Add a new element to your home with incense.

(Rush Home Ceramics Incense Eye, Easy Tiger Goods 80.00 CAD)


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You could make some significant changes this month, Aquarius. Uranus, the planet of innovation and your sign’s planetary ruler, will conjoin with action planet Mars from the 11th to the 14th.  If inspiration strikes, you should too. Start small and keep going! The fiery planet is here to help your ideas become a reality. If it’s working with your hands or creating something out of nothing, you’ll want to be ready.

(Carhartt Overalls 109.99 CAD)


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Trying to get your voice heard, Pisces? Everyone will be listening on the 7th when Mercury is sextile with action planet Mars. If you’ve got a home improvement project piling up, you’ll be best advised to confront it head-on with your whole family present. Mercury helps to rule your home and family sector, so make use of his power to clarify the confusion. Uranus will conjoin with Mars, your personal planet of cash, from the 11th to the 14th. This period will help you to innovate the way that you think about money! Wear something that makes you feel powerful.

(Zara Leather Mules 129.00 CAD)

Happy Shopping!



(Story by Contributing Editor, Bryanna Brown)

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