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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Shop For Your Star Sign: Style Horoscopes January 2019 Are Here!

By Bryanna Brown

edit seven shop for your star sign january 2019

This year we’re ready for significant changes! If you made any resolutions this New Year’s Eve, you might find that the solar eclipse on the 5th will help you keep them or adjust. We start the year in hard-working Capricorn, ready to take on the world! We gain some clarity once we enter Aquarius season on the 20th. Scroll down to see what’s in store for you and your star sign this January!


Shop For Your Star Sign edit seven zara boots

The solar eclipse on January 5th will definitely churn up some change for you, Aries. This first eclipse strikes your tenth house of career to help you make better work habits for yourself in 2019. Luckily, your ruling planet Mars is here to help you regain your momentum as he spends the whole month in his own sign. On January 6th, Uranus moves direct in your sign, so get ready for liftoff! On the 25th, Mars trines with Jupiter, bringing up your energy and helping you to focus on the bigger picture. When you’re building your confidence sometimes, you need a little pick me up to help you carry yourself in a new way. These lace-up booties from Zara will help you feel like you can kick ass without sacrificing your pain tolerance.

(Zara Lace Up Booties 149.00 CAD)


Shop For Your Star Sign edit seven mango tortoise bag

You could be heading on an unexpected trip soon, Taurus, The first of this month’s solar eclipses will move through your ninth house on the 5th of January, creating opportunities for you to expand your mind! If you’ve been aching to move up at work, your career planet Uranus will help you to get things going once he goes direct on the 6th. This planet is ready to help you create some fantastic changes in your work world, so why not treat yourself to something that enhances your confidence! This tortoise print bag by Mango is equal parts retro and powerful. Add it to your look to amp up your outfit game.

(Mango Tortoise Bag 139.99 CAD)


Shop For Your Star Sign edit seven realisaton par leekley dress

The first solar eclipse of 2019 will put finances at the forefront of your mind, Gemini. Your eighth house will be illuminated on the 5th of January, revealing any outstanding debts that you need to take care of. Don’t shy away from your finances, but attack them! The combination of the solar eclipse with a new moon will help you to begin building up your relationship with cash again. On the 21st, we have our first lunar eclipse which will readdress any loose ends. In between these eclipses, Venus makes her way into your seventh house of relationships. When the planet of love is in her own house, she helps you to shine! If you’re down to shop, buy something that you’ll get more than one wear out of, like this beautiful Realisation Par dress, fit for winter, spring, summer, and fall.

(Realisation Par Leekley Dress 195.00 USD)


Shop For Your Star Sign edit seven apple watch series 4

Cancers in committed relationships may find themselves taking their connections to the next level on January 5th. A strong solar eclipse in your seventh house. The moon, your ruling planet is going to help you discover new beginnings to help your relationship grow. Single Cancers will find that working on themselves is priority number one before moving into any commitments. Let Venus guide your habits on the 7th when she conjoins with Jupiter. The planet of luck also helps to get your juices flowing, so build a beautiful new workout habit this month to support your goals become part of your daily routine. Get a little help with a smartwatch that keeps you on track!

(Apple Watch Nike+  649.00 CAD)


Shop For Your Star Sign edit seven mary young bra set

A new year is all about creating a fresh start, and the upcoming solar eclipse will help you build one that will help you succeed this year, Leo! On January 5th, a solar eclipse in Capricorn will illuminate your sixth house. This house is responsible for helping you to manage your responsibilities to your household and your body. Build yourself from the inside with a new set of lingerie to help you remember your inner power before you leave the house! Leos will be feeling the love on the 20th when the Sun makes his way into your seventh house. Thank your body for existing and dress it up with this sleek set by Mary Young.

(Mary Young Bra 78.00 CAD and High Cut Bikini 57.00 CAD)


easy tiger conch shell earrings

It’s time to have some fun, Virgo! You’re continually re-organizing and reducing frivolity from your life, but now is a time to take in all of the inspiration you can handle! On January 5th, the sun will enter his first solar eclipse of the year in your fifth house. This house is responsible for managing your sense of creativity, so when it has a solar eclipse and new moon occurring in it, the possibilities are endless! Nothing is off the table for you to try, so why not express that through adornment? These conch earrings by Wasted Effort are mirror nature but are made with resin.

(Wasted Effort Conch Earrings 110.00 CAD)


pixie market plaid trench coat edit seven shop for your star sign

Finding balance is your superpower Libra. January will be wrought with change, but it’s nothing that you can’t handle. On the 5th, a solar eclipse in your fourth house will reveal an issue at home that needs your keen eye. Whether it’s a crack in your foundation or a family rift, you’ll be able to put things straight thanks to the new moon that wanes from this eclipse. A lunar eclipse in Leo may reveal a new job opportunity on the 21st  – stay hungry! If you’re ready to hit the interview machine, do it in a coat that screams both style and structure.

(Pixie Market Trench, 219.00 USD)


bees and bones silk lyla set

Work life could have some surprising changes in store for you Scorpio. The 5th’s solar eclipse in your third house could create some “ah-HA” moments at work in regards to your communication style. Is it time to re-think how you come across to your employer or employees?  Don’t act until after the 13th when a Neptune Jupiter square takes place. When the planet of dreams opposes the planet of luck, we can all get a little carried away with our fantasies. On the 20th, you can breathe a sigh of relief! The Sun is making his way into your fourth house, helping to support your home and family zones. With all of the confusion going on this month, you’ll be able to find solace in your living space. Get cozy at home in this lounging set by Bees and Bones.

(Bees and Bones Silk Set 130.00 CAD)


reformation bailey top edit seven shop for your star sign

This year it’s time to start proactively thinking about your cash! The solar eclipse of January 5th shakes up your second house, helping you to confront any outstanding issues you have with money. Start a new savings account as the new moon wanes and let it grow. You’ll increase your confidence in the 7th when Venus enters Sagittarius. The planet of love and beauty is here to help boost your bravado! Just watch what you promise around the 13th when Jupiter and Neptune square each other. When these two planets clash, we tend to exaggerate. You’ll be able to communicate clearly after the 20th when the Sun moves into Aquarius. He’ll be inhabiting your third house so you can get your ideas across quickly.

(Reformation Bailey Top 68.00 USD)


The spotlight is on you this month, Capricorn! The Sun is illuminating your first house of self until the 20th, helping you to do some tough self-work. On the 5th, a solar eclipse in your sign helps you to re-evaluate your romantic relationships. If you’re partnered up, this could be a great time to discuss your shared goals for the rest of the year. If you’re single, this weekend should be spent getting in touch with your deepest needs. The Sun moves into your second house of finances on the 20th, just before the lunar eclipse on the 21st. The eclipse will occur in your eight house, helping you to confront any debts or taxes you need to take care of. In need of a new wallet? Get rid of your busted zippers and make money dealing moment of pride.

(J. Crew Wallet, 208.00 CAD)


american apparel maxi dress edit seven shop for your star sign

You’re entering the new year with a spiritual mindset, Aquarius. The sun is occupying your twelfth house of spirituality, as will the solar eclipse of January 5th. This eclipse could bring up any problems between partnered Aquarians, but you can work through them thanks to the waxing new moon. If you’re single, it may be a good day to remain inside with family and friends, but not anyone that you’re interested in dating. Solar eclipses are emotional days for everyone but can affect you more thanks to the Sun and Moon being two of your dominant planets. On the 6th, your ruling planet goes direct, helping you to regain your strength! On the 20th, we enter your season. Celebrate in something ethereal!

(American Apparel Maxi Dress 20.00 CAD)


Lunya Washable Silk Pant Set

You’ve been spending extra time with friends, thanks to the Sun inhabiting your eleventh house, Pisces. The solar eclipse of the 5th may help shed some light on any potential rifts brewing. As one of the most emotionally charged signs, it can be difficult for you to embrace confrontation, but if any events near the solar eclipse call for it, you should enter conversations with compassion. Keep your ears open at work on the 13th, when Neptune and Jupiter square each other. Lucky Jupiter manages your career, so when he is up against your ruling planet, misunderstandings are more than likely! Let the day be a write-off and focus on your own work rather than discussing big-picture concepts. Bring your attention back to self-care on the 20th, when the Sun moves into your house of spirituality. Center yourself at home by tossing those old leggings and slipping on a silk set.

(Lunya Silk Set, 238.00 USD)

Happy Shopping!



(Story by Contributing Editor, Bryanna Brown)

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