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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Shop For Your Star Sign: Style Horoscopes July 2018 Are Here!

By Bryanna Brown

shop for your star sign edit seven july 2018

Summer, we’ve been waiting for you! Mars is in retrograde until August 27th, so if you’ve been working extra hard, it’s time to chill, but also keep your goals in check. With two eclipses in motion, we need to be on our toes. Read below to soak up the sun (in the most stylish pick for your star sign) before mercury in retrograde hits on July 26th!


lululemon effortless jacket edit seven 2018 toronto

Last month you were slammed, and this month is busy in a different way. You need to take time working on your family life on the solar eclipse of July 13th, by making “me time” that suits you, which is usually adventurous. During the lunar eclipse on July 27th, it’s time to bring things back to home base. Grab something that can handle both home and away.

(Lululemon Effortless Jacket  138.00 CAD)


Ganni Dainty Georgette Wrap dress edit seven 2018 toronto

In June, you were busy passing on knowledge to others. This month, the eclipses of the 13th and 27th call on you to take care of your home and family life. The lunar eclipse on the 27th happens in your career house as well, which could influence changes with bosses, clients or managers. Stay true to your beliefs and hard work ethic, and you’ll come out stronger on the other side.

(Ganni Dainty Georgette Wrap dress 209.00 EUR)


Opening Ceremony Mesh Fanny pack edit seven 2018 toronto

The July 13th solar eclipse shines on your money house, Gemini, which means that you might need to take another look at your spending! That doesn’t mean that you can’t still have fun, you need to be more careful of what you’re spending on. The July 27th lunar eclipse focuses on any vacation plans you might have made, so tread lightly: dot your I’s and cross your t’s.

(Opening Ceremony Mesh Fanny pack 104.73 CAD)


Fitzroy Boutique Dress Rental edit seven 2018 toronto

Are you still raking it in Cancer? Your money house is on fire! This July, you can expect more growth if you’ve been working hard. That’s thanks in part to Mercury flying through your house of material possessions. You’ll probably be spending it on home or family. The eclipse on the 13th of the month happens in the sign of Cancer, signaling a need to chill. The lunar eclipse on the 27th will help shape and change you into the person that you’re meant to be, so why not experiment with a dress rental? Low commitment, high style stakes!

(Fitzroy Boutique Dress Rental 90.00 CAD)


Jaquemus Bomba Hat edit seven 2018 toronto

You’ve been soaking up the sunlight, as a Leo does, but you might need to take some much-needed downtime. The solar eclipse on July 13 hits you in your house of spirituality, and the lunar eclipse on the 27th will test your relationships, business or romantic related.  We’ve picked out a sun hat that befits your sign, and your needs to recharge and relax.

(Jaquemus Bomba Hat, 294.00 USD – get on the waiting list, this hat is as iconic as you are!)


Re/Done Shorts edit seven 2018 toronto

Solar eclipses? Never heard of ’em. That’s you, sailing through the relative upheaval that everyone else is experiencing. Be a friend, offer a shoulder to cry on, but most importantly, enjoy this peaceful period.  The lunar eclipse on the 27th may change up your career situation, but never fear, the A type of the zodiac is always prepared! Chill out in these classic jean shorts by Re/Done.

(Re/Done Shorts  195.00 USD)


L'intervalle Collette Bag edit seven 2018 toronto

You took care of your health last month, Libra, which will set you up for success when the solar eclipse on the 13th rocks your career house. You can still relax this summer, but you need to be aware of all possible angles, even more so than you usually are. The lunar eclipse on the 27th will touch on your creativity, bringing you a new perspective on how you handle your business or job. Back up every file that you care about as Mercury in retrograde approaches on the 26th!

(L’intervalle Collette Bag  158.00 CAD)


Topshop Green Suit edit seven 2018 toronto

Just like Drake (and fellow Scorpio), you like to keep your special projects under wraps. It’s going to pay off on the 22nd of July when your career house kicks it up to 11!  The solar eclipse on the 13th of July is going to do great things for you, so keep things in motion by working hard, keeping your cards close to your heart, and focusing on your goals. The lunar eclipse on the 27th of July will have you focusing on the family since thing will be career heavy. Let them ground you with love! Make money moves in this green suit.

(Topshop Green Suit 202.46 CAD)


J.CREW Vintage short-sleeve pajama set edit seven 2018 toronto

Brace yourself, Sag. Change is coming for you during the solar eclipse on the 13th in your house of sex and rebirth. You may have some weird dreams, but it’s better to go with the flow than fight them. The lunar eclipse will affect the way that you communicate, and getting the best sleep possible is all part of that.  Get comfortable and make sure you have the best possible snooze with these comfy pajamas.

(J.Crew Pajama set, 112.00 CAD)


Free People Carina Espadrille Wedge edit seven 2018 toronto

You’ve been more social than ever this year, and the solar eclipse on the 13th  is coming to test those new relationships built with love and friendship. Make sure that you’re spending your time with people who genuinely value your time. The lunar eclipse on the 27th will rock your finances a tad, but as the mountain goat of the zodiac, you’re sure to find your footing.

(Castaner Espadrilles 171.60 CAD)


Corey Moranis Earrings edit seven 2018 toronto

You’ve been calling the shots lately, thanks to Mars hanging out in your sign since May 16th.  Your career may be affected on the 13th thanks to the solar eclipse on the 13th, due to outside forces. Keep an eye out, for the lunar eclipse on the 27th will have you re-evaluating yourself and your recent choices.  Embrace the chaos and remember that change is growth!

(Corey Moranis Earrings 145.00 CAD)


Oak and Fort Bikini edit seven 2018 toronto

You’ve taken time to reflect, and you’re ready for what the universe has in store. Have you been paying attention to your health? The July 13th eclipse will set you straight on a path towards self-care. Now that we’ve got your body taken care of, the Lunar eclipse on the 27th will work on what you believe, higher powers, and ultimately your self-value. Spend some me-time at the beach, meditate, and wear lots of SPF, my little fish!

(Oak and Fort Bikini – Bottom 26.00 CAD top 30.00 CAD)

Happy Shopping!



(Story by Contributing Editor, Bryanna Brown)

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