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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Shop For Your Star Sign: Style Horoscopes June 2018 Are Here!

By Bryanna Brown

style horoscopes june 2018 - edit seven

It’s been a wild spring so far, and with temperatures rising it’s time to get ready for our long-awaited summer with these fiery lewks. Keep reading for how to shop for your star sign this month with our guide to your Style Horoscopes for June 2018!


You’re go-go-going as fast as you can Ram! It’s time to slow down and enjoy the season. Get in the mindset of relaxing with this quirky romper. It’s impossible to wear it and be in a bad mood when you’re with your friends at the park or beach!

style horoscopes june 2018 edit seven

(Sugarhigh Lovestoned Drop Dead Romper, USD 280.00)



If you’ve wanted to share your skills this month, consider banking on it! You could earn a bit of cash while exploring your intellectual side. You’re getting down to business, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! Emulate the powerful and cool persona with this clear tote in black.

style horoscopes june 2018 edit seven

(Style Mafia Plastic Tote, USD 85.00)



Consider this as an official sign to add some sparkle to your image, Gemini! When you take care of your image, you present the most confident version of yourself to the world. Think about picking up the “it” bag of the summer, a beaded tote that reflects your fashion and sense of humour.

style horoscopes june 2018 edit seven

(Susan Alexandra The Parfait Bag USD 245.00)



That independent spirit we talked about last month? It’s attracting friends like moths to a flame, and your social calendar is busy! If you’re attached, this means that you’ll need to prioritize your romantic relationships when you can, but don’t stress out if things are tense. You can get through it! Finances are good this month, which means it’s cool to splurge a little.

style horoscopes june 2018 edit seven

(Pixie Market Valentina top USD 125.00)



You’ve got a prosperous month ahead Leo! You should nab something that enhances your Leo-ness, or at least makes any skeptic believe in auras. This colour shifting reflective coat is the perfect addition to your fiery personality. It will stop people dead in their tracks, and we know that you not-so-secretly love it when that happens.

style horoscopes june 2018 edit seven

(Therma Kota Aurora Hooded Raincoat CAD 499.00)



Still working on some career goals? This is the perfect time to give it all that you’ve got! You’re going to be feeling very independent, so remember to take this time to focus on yourself! Slip on this no-brainer a-line sundress and spend your time getting shit done!

style horoscopes june 2018 edit seven

(Reformation Rou Dress, USD 98.00)



You need to take a look at your health, Libra. Is work draining? Have you scheduled enough time off this summer? Pick up a cute bather to get you excited about socializing and being active with your closest friends poolside.

style horoscopes june 2018 edit seven

(H&M One Piece, CAD 39.99)



If you’re single this month, you might spark up a romantic interest in someone you wouldn’t usually go for! Draw them in with this beautiful bias cut dress from Aritzia that can switch from formal to casual with a few well-placed accessory changes.

style horoscopes june 2018 edit seven

(Aritzia Babaton Kilroy Dress, CAD 88.00)



When you take care of your body, you take care of your mind Sag! Get out of your own head and get physical to release stress and in touch with your purpose. You’ll feel way more confident to get started in some new gear if you’ve been inactive till now.

style horoscopes june 2018 edit seven

(Outdoor Voices TechSweat leggings, USD 85.00)



You’ve been killing it all year on the career front, and it’s time that you tend to your social obligations. It’s beautiful out, and your favourite people want to see more of you! Flit around your social circle in this leopard print skirt by Realisation Par. Everyone will be asking where you got it!

style horoscopes june 2018 edit seven

(Realisation Par The Naomi Skirt, USD 180.00 – Worth getting on the waitlist for!)



This June, you’re going to be happiest hanging out at home! This doesn’t mean that you can’t entertain – bring the party to you! Slip on these colourful slides that will tickle and delight friends as your enjoying your patio and favourite summer cocktails.

style horoscopes june 2018 edit seven

(Aldo Peppermint Slide CAD 35.00)



It’s a time for you to reflect on your purpose, Pisces. It’s time to let go of what isn’t working in your career and move onto the next chapter. Process your internal thoughts and pick up this charming mood ring by Mondo Mondo. We promise it won’t turn your fingers green!

style horoscopes june 2018 edit seven

(Mondo Mondo Mood ring, USD 170.00)


Happy Shopping!



(Story by Contributing Editor, Bryanna Brown)


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