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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Shop For Your Star Sign: Style Horoscopes May 2019 Are Here!

By Bryanna Brown

May 2019 Style Horoscropes

We’re walking a little more carefully this month with three planets in retrograde: Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are moving in reverse. Pretend that you’re balancing their lessons of luck, transformation, and rules on your head as you go about your days–a little mindfulness will keep you on your toes. Our thoughts stay in the material world while the Sun shines his light through Taurus. If you’re making a new purchase for clothing, you’ll want to make sure that it’s practical for your day to day. Think about how you’d like to manifest your relationship with your closet during the new moon on May 4th. This cycle begins in Taurus, reflecting our unconscious thoughts on what financial security looks like. We’ll be slowing our collective roll on the 6th when communication planet Mercury enters practical Taurus. Our conversations will be turned towards shared financial learnings and how to create better habits. Take a break from this somber atmosphere with a Sun-Neptune sextile on the 8th. When these two heavenly planets work together, it’s a grand time to discuss fashion, film and all things dreamlike. Mix it up on the 14th when Mars sextiles Venus on the 14th making it a spicy opportunity to connect. A full moon in Scorpio arrives on the 18th, bringing out our inner detectives. We’ll be sharing our life lessons on the 21st when the Sun brightens up chatty Gemini. Remember to listen as we will all be buzzing with support for each other.

Keep reading for your star sign style horoscopes May 2019!


sandro suede jacket

Where do you find yourself needing more structure, Aries? Saturn, your career planet just started his retrograde at the end of last month, giving you the keys to the driver’s seat. Tighten up your wardrobe with a few structured pieces to take the guesswork out of getting ready. Switch out your basic black blazer for an army green leather jacket by Sandro. It’s sure to spice up any LBD you’ve got, as well as work with denim and more. This stunning piece will stand the test of time, only getting better with age.

Sandro Paris Leather Overshirt Jacket, 895.00 USD


aritzia wilfred slip dress

Enjoy the limelight, Taurus. You’ve got the expertise everyone’s clamoring for while the Sun illuminates your first house of self. If your phone is ringing off the hook, make sure to take some alone time when the new moon enters your sign on the 4th. Think about what you’d like to achieve this year and how to best forge ahead on your goals while Saturn, your planet of expansion is in retrograde. Save your pennies for a unique birthday gift to yourself this month – something that gives you extra confidence. This sweet slip dress by Aritzia is luxurious and affordable, your favourite combination!

Aritzia Christine Dress 128.00 CAD


Pink+s+lat headband

You’re deeply invested in your inner workings this month, Gemini. The Sun is lighting your 12th house of vulnerability while we traverse Taurus season, fine-tuning your quest for deeper meaning. Wear something this month that brings attention to that big brain of yours! This satin headband by Bluetiful Milano will elevate your look and give you the crown you deserve. Turn heads with this halo when the Sun moves into your sign on the 21st.

Bluetiful Milano Satin Padded Headband, 108.00 EUR


gold buckle birkenstocks

Are you zeroing in on a long time goal, Cancer? Get the help of your closest friends to review, promote and collaborate while your financial ruler, the Sun lights up your 11th house of friendship. If you’re in a relationship, don’t forget to make time for your partner while your relationship ruler, Saturn is in retrograde. You’re the zodiac’s caregiver, and people rely on you for support – don’t hide away while you’re making your master plan. Rest easy and meditate on the 21st when the Sun enters your 12th house of spirituality. Get comfortable in these updated silver Birkenstock sandals, so you can slip them on with a dress or wear them on your way to yoga.

Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle 224.65 CAD


brother vellies yin yang boot

You’re kicking ass and taking names this month, Leo. Your ruling planet the Sun is brightening your 10th house of career and social standing. Saturn, your health and work ruler, just went retrograde late last month, entrusting you to take care of your well being until September 18th when he goes direct. Treat yourself to a classic piece with a twist this season – these embossed boots by Brother Vellies will be the conversation starter you’ve been looking for when the Sun slides into your 11th house of friendship on the 21st. Wear them with dresses, jeans, and skirts when you’re off the clock.

Brother Vellies Ying Yang Doodle Boots, 995.00 CAD


I.Am.Gia Cobain Pant

Getting out of your comfort zone is a conscious effort you need to make this month, Virgo. How else would you find inspiration? Your 9th house of expansion is gleaming with the Sun’s energy, helping you to connect with your search for inspiration. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride while you’re soaking up new information at school and on the road. Focus on comfort, and opt for a modern silhouette like these high waisted pants from I AM GIA. They’ve got just enough attitude to take your natural look to the next level. Remove the chain and pair them with heels when the Sun enters your 10th house of career and social standing for a more polished off-the-clock feel.

I.AM.GIA Cobain Pants, 104.00 CAD



Writer Junot Diaz once said, “It’s never the changes we want that change everything.” Think about the challenges that have taken place in your life since the Sun entered your 8th house of transformation last month, Libra. You’ve got a little way to go in your journey of self-discovery, so make every moment counts. Get ready for a new adventure on the 21st, when the Sun enters your 9th house of exploration and expansion.  Chill out in comfort and be prepared for anything with these fantastic sustainable pieces by Girlfriend Collective. All of their fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles!

Girlfriend Collective Periwinkle Paloma Bra, 38.00 USD & Periwinkle Compressive High Rise Leggings, 68.00 USD


par ici earrings

It takes two to tango, Scorpio, but you’re working with a conga line right now. The Sun, your planetary ruler of career is traversing your 7th house of partnerships for the majority of the month, putting your focus on strengthening your professional relationships. Attached Scorpios will also feel more attention drawn to their partners. Turn your morning routine into a ritual with these delicate square studs by Par Ici. Stunning as they are simple, remember to present your best self while building both your professional and romantic relationships.

Par Ici Square Studs 139.00 CAD


Nike React Element

It’s time to take care of yourself, Sagittarius. When was the last time you upgraded your workout wear? The Sun is lending a hand to your 6th house of health this month, so use his Taurean influence while you can to re-evaluate your gym-go to’s. A little self-care goes a long way and will build you up for the 21st when the Sun switches his gaze towards your 7th house of partnerships. The 7th house is less about romance and more about business, so keep that in mind the next time you bump into your boss. It may be time to set better boundaries with them, and get your time back so that you can work to live, not the other way around.

Nike React Element 55, 175.00 CAD


Everyone wants to know your secret, Capricorn. You’re a bundle of fun with the help of the Sun’s light in your 5th house of romance and entertainment. If you’re single, this is an ideal time to put your best face forward and take a chance on getting to know someone better. Whether your attached or not, take every opportunity you can to get gussied up and enjoy all that spring has to offer. This unexpected top by House of Sunny is a fun way to express how warm and fuzzy you feel on the inside. Let loose a little while Saturn is in retrograde and banish your usual uniform in exchange for colour.

House of Sunny Pink Cardigan, 89.00 USD


Topshop tie dye dress

Home is truly where the heart is, Aquarius. This rings especially true for you as the Sun is your personal planetary ruler of love! He’s making his way through your 4th house of home and family for most of the month, placing your priorities on building up your foundations. Spend the month tinkering with home improvement projects, and you’ll be satisfied with your progress by the 21st when the Sun enters your 5th house of pleasure. Celebrate this new season by inviting your friends over to check out your hard work, and hit the town. This of the moment tye dye slip dress by Topshop is as joyful as you are.  

Topshop Tie Dye Slip Dress, 80.00 CAD 


The Sleeper Linen Set

Listen carefully to others this month, Pisces. The Sun, your personal health and work planet is highlighting your third house of communication at the beginning of the month. Saturn, our cosmic taskmaster, has gone retrograde, leaving us to our own devices. People are setting down new rules while the ringed planet moves in reverse, so why not make a few of your own? If you get the chance to speak up about your deepest concerns, don’t shy away! You can handle delivering news to the parties who need to hear it. Take a page out of Cancer’s book by focusing on your home and family when the Sun enters your 4th house on the 21st. Get comfy in this matching set by Daily Sleeper.

Daily Sleeper Linen Lounge Suit 220.00 USD



(Story by Contributing Editor, Bryanna Brown)

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