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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Shop For Your Star Sign: Style Horoscopes September 2018 Are Here!

By Bryanna Brown

edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping september

Summer may be coming to an end, so let’s finish it off with a bang! Virgo Season calls on us to pay attention to detail, so let’s get down the nitty gritty in your closets! When you look great, you feel great.  Mars is still out of bounds until the 24th. The challenges presented by this movement will prepare us for anything to come our way in the next two years. Mark your calendars for September 8th, when love planet Venus squares warrior planet Mars. It’s bound to be one eventful Saturday–our love lives will undoubtedly be jolted. When Libra season arrives on the 22nd, we’ll be able to make time for our friends and socialize. If you’ve been waiting to hang out, the cooling temperatures will open up our schedules.


edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping september mango red boots

One of the best parts about changing seasons is shopping for fun new fall clothes. While everyone usually tends to stick to basic black, why not take your look to the next level? Venus is going to be moving into your house of regeneration on September 9th. She’s going to channel her energy into changing your perspective. Western boots are going to be a significant trend come autumn. We think that you would be representing your sign in these spicy red heeled boots from Mango. You might not believe they’re your style now, but they could become a signature piece that wows the crowd.

(Mango Leather Cowboy Boots, 199.99 CAD)


edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping september

Hard working Taurus is going to be able to mix business with pleasure in September! Thanks to Mercury, your money planet. Get ready; he’ll be making his way through your 5th house from the 6th to the 22nd. The sun is spending the beginning of the month in your home of pleasure. This delightful combo will offer you the opportunity to have fun at work. Brainstorm on the wildest work ideas you have, and prepare to make bank! We think that you should consider diving into one of falls hottest trends, the prairie dress! Designers Batsheva and Brother Vellies teamed up on creating this cool iridescent version. Throw on a slip or your favorite lingerie set when it’s time to go out! You’ll be the bell of the ball this month in your social circle, get dressed and give them something to be amazed by! Venus, your planetary ruler, stops by your 7th house of relationships giving you the ability to pull off anything.

(Batsheva x Brother Vellies CD-ROM Dress, 425.00 USD)


edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping september

How has summer been treating you Gemini? You’ve had a busy year and Virgo season is asking you to make sure that you’ve been keeping an eye on essential details. A crucial aspect you need to focus on is your home life. Thanks to the Sun lighting up your house of home and work until the 22nd, you’ll be ready to take it easy. If your mind has been racing, prepare for the 9th’s new moon by meditating. Think about how you can simplify your life. This new moon may inspire nostalgic feelings. Channel this vibe with a vintage style. High necklines will be everywhere soon, and this eyelet top will fit in the right with your basic jeans and booties. You’ll be feeling and looking fresh as you enter fall.

(J.Crew Point Sur Eyelet Top, 144.00 CAD)


edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping september

Your work-life has been a bit weird lately, but it looks like you’ve gotten your sea legs. All of this change is attributed to Mars’ current position! Your career planet is out of bounds, but don’t let it bum you out. Unforeseen challenges and opportunities are equally in the mix. What an excellent way to grow! The planet comes back into its regular rotation on the 24th of the month. Take all of the lessons you learned this summer and use them to rule the roost! Nothing goes better with a power pose than a patent leather midi skirt. Paired with a fresh button up or cool sweater, you’ll be giving off crucial low dominatrix vibes. Command respect and inspire creativity!

(Hilary MacMillan Vegan Patent Leather Skirt, 190.00 CAD)


edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping september

Your ruling planet the Sun is treating you well! He passes through your house of finances until the 22nd, giving you an air of richness. Your money making messenger planet Mercury speeds through your sign until the 6th of the month. Combine these energies to help you grow your business or succeed at work! Your natural charisma will crank up, attracting your targets like bees to honey. Enhance your natural glow with a chunky mixed metals Necklace by Par Ici Jewellery. This stunning piece will work for you from t-shirts to blazers.

(Par Ici Jewellery 2 Tone Hinge Necklace, 549.00 CAD)                            


edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping september

It’s your season, and everyone knows it, Virgo! You have that “je ne sais quoi” look about you as the sun sets the spotlight on your first house. While everyone else is tripping over themselves as you pass by, you’re focused on taking care of your home. On the 6th of the month, your ruling planet sashays across your ascendant. Mercury also rules your career zone. He will be placing your attention on your work projects. Balance both worlds by picking up a luxury item that fits both areas. This dreamy silk top by Horses will amplify your confidence so that you can get everything done right the first time.

(Horses High Collar Blouse in Red Peony, $395.00 CAD)


edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping september

If you’re single, navigating the web will be weird for dating. Mars, your love planet is having too much fun going out of his usual realm. When he returns from being out of bounds on the 24th, you’ll be back to normal. In a relationship? If you’ve been feeling off, you can look forward to a new normal! Manage the ups and downs. When the sun enters your sign on the 22nd, you’ll be energized and ready to get what you need. Wear your heart on your sleeve with this sexy silk top by Realisation Par. This heart print is playful and sexy – pair it with denim and your favourite pair of heels for a killer night out.

(Realisation Par Kaia Top, 180.00 USD)


edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping september

Do you spend most of your time planning out your next move, Scorpio? We both know the truth! This summer has been especially eventful for your career, and it’s time to hit pause! As the Sun spends the first part of the month in your house of work and health, you may need to re-work your physical activity. When you restore balance in your life, you’re able to get back on the road to success! Add a little sting to your workout wardrobe to keep things interesting. Have you ever worked out in a bodysuit before? This longsleeved Joe Fresh piece is anything but retro.

(Joe Fresh Active Bodysuit, 24.00 CAD)


edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping september

Your career is calling, Sag. This month will offer you ample opportunity to have your ideas heard by the right people. Mark your calendar for September 6th! Messenger planet Mercury moves into position to enhance your communication skills. Pitch your ideas with confidence, and you’ll have them in the palm of your hand. Pick up a pair of comfortable penny loafers so that you can glide through your meetings in style.

(Everlane Modern Penny Loafer, 185.00 USD)


edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping september

Your planet of home and family is out of reach for a little while longer! Mars will be out of bounds until the 24th, throwing you and your nearest and dearest through a little bit of a loop. Restore tranquility by staying calm and communication your concerns. You’ll be able to seize money-making opportunities until the 9th of the month. Venus, your career planet will be charged up thanks to Virgo season. Create balance by seeking comfort. This cool velvet smoking jacket feels equal parts cozy and fashion.

(100 Percent Silk Shop Velvet Smoke Coat, 475.00 CAD)


edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping september

It’s time to pace yourself, Aquarius. Mars moves into your sign this month on the 11th. The warrior planet is going to ignite a fire in you! Be careful not to go too fast as you could get worn out. Maintain the vibe of speed with these ultra hip meteor sunglasses by J Zhong. These laser cut flames are so next-level, everyone will want to ditch their skinny sunglasses for them. Aquarians are the natural trendsetters of the zodiac, so embrace your power and get weird!

(J Zhong Eyewear Meteor Sunglasses, 95 USD)


edit seven toronto 2018 style horoscopes shopping september

You’re an emotional being, Pisces! That’s partly in thanks to your assigned love planet, Mercury. He travels around the world so fast it makes your head spin! He joins your house of health and work house for the first week of September. You’ve been doing double time lately, and if you’re single, a colleague could become more. If you’re not interested in that kind of thing, keep an open mind! Virgo season could be making you a little bit more judgemental of your options. If you’re attached, you may feel yourself being extra ornery. Let yourself feel free and light.

(Christy Dawn The Quinn Dress in Terra Plaid, 270.00 USD)



(Story by Contributing Editor, Bryanna Brown)

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